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I want to be alive

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 21, 2011

Mummy realized my little girl can gives impressive answers nowadays.

Liz:”What is hell?”

Mummy:”Mmm… As mummy told you about heaven, heaven is a nice world after death with lots of happiness. That’s for all the people who do lots of good deed when they are alive. Whereas hell is the opposite of heaven. It’s a place where we stay after death if we were bad when we were alive. So, it’s full of suffering or punishments and lots of bad people. So do you want to go to hell or heaven?”

Liz:”Er… (with serious thinking look) I want to be alive.”

Wow! That’s absolutely a brilliant answer. 😛


Little Elizabeth had pulled out the key from the inside of the toilet door and stuck it in the outside key hole. Then, she was trying to lock the door of course.

Granny:”Don’t lock the door! Why you lock the door?”

Liz:”I just want to learn how to lock a door. I don’t know how yet.”

Granny:”Never ever try to lock the door as you might mistakenly lock yourself in a room and not able to come out if there is no one came to the rescue.”

Liz:”Look! I am not in the room now. But, you are. So, I am safe.” Hahahahahahaha…….

Granny just laughing out load once this answer came out of little Liz mouth. Cheeky girl! LOL!

Looks like you are quite quick minded; Logical as well.  May be you can be a great lawyer next time fighting for justice like those mesothelioma attorney. LOL!


I am a good reminder

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 3, 2011

We were shopping at Gurney Plaza on Monday. When mum was about to walk out from the door and want to go straight to the car park.

Liz:”Mum, you forgot to pay your parking ticket.” I reminded her in the nick of time. Clever aye? 😛


Mum promised to take me to the mini market to buy biscuits and chocolate for me on our way home from my school on Tuesday noon. Then, she straight away she drove home.

Liz:”Mum, I thought we are going to mini market?” I reminded her right in front of our gate before she managed to enter the house. No cheating, mum! Hahahahahaha………


As usual, mum was reading for me on the bed before I sleep last night. She was reading to me the words “choose, choosing and chose”. Then, she continued with the sentence.

Liz:”Mum, it’s chose. C…H…O…S…E, chose. See… choose is C…H…O…O…S…E. So, it’s choose, choosing and chose. Not choose choosing and choose, ok?”

Mum:”Oh! Did I say choose for chose just now? Not again! Sorry, baby. You are good.” :)

Yeah… I am good. That’s what I am good at — correcting mum’s, granny’s, daddy’s reading mistakes. Ha!

Also, don’t worry. I am sure I can take good care of you. Hahahahahaha………


How is my performance before rehearsal?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 26, 2010

 Liz:”Mum, I want my hair pin. I want to look pretty today.”

Today is a big day. I woke up so early in the morning, drink my milk and brush my teeth very quickly. Then, I get myself changed and make sure I look pretty. Oh mum! I am ready to the concert rehearsal now. 😉

I was so excited since yesterday night. I love rehearsal. I love every chance of performing on the stage. Thus, I was busy practising my short story and the group friendship song last night. Look!

So how was that? Is it a great performance? Am I look cute? How is my smile? Sweet? Am I look fat? Oh mum! I need your best weight loss supplement now! Hahahahahahahahahaha………

See… these questions might just pop up from next year onwards. Mummy can foresees that. As I know my girl. She’s a real vain pot. Ha!

Anyway, mummy is truly glad that you are so into it. That’s a sense of responsibility and the beginning of maturity. 😛


I am 46 months old

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2010

It’s my 46th month today. I wondered mum already start planning my birthday party. Anyway, I told mum I want a birthday party in school. And, I want a Minnie or Daisy birthday cake. 😉

Anyway, guess what’s the thing I can do best now? It’s this.

Surprise? Yes! I can read quite well now. I can read many common simple words. I love to read story books and I can read them quite fluently. That makes me feel so proud. Thus, I started to do well in school. Ha!

Anyway, I read books in the afternoon and the time before I go to bed. I can read about 4 to 5 books in one shot now. Mum and dad was so happy to see me love books so much. Granny was surprised that I can even read words like “immediately” and “forbidden”. Hehe……

And, I always wanted to walk in whenever I saw a bookshop now. Thus, mum and dad just keep on buying books for me. Hooray! 😛

Really great job, honey! Mummy is glad that you finally build a strong base in English. Keep it up! But, I think it’s time to brush up your mandarin a bit too. Hehe……


I will work hard when you die

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 16, 2010

Mummy will always give little Elizabeth some English grammar, Chinese writing and Maths calculation paper work to do at home recently. Hoping she will get use with homework and won’t feel pressure when she is in Primary 1 later. As her current montesorri kindy has no homework at all.

On the 15th……

Mummy:”Liz, why you so lazy recently? You don’t want to do paper work at home at all.”

Liz:”Never mind lah. I will work hard with daddy when you die.” :)

Mummy:”What?” 😯

Liz:”Or I will work hard myself when daddy and you die. For sure I will.” 😉

Mummy:”Good. You really got to work hard when mummy and daddy is not around. But you still have to work hard to strengthen your capability while mummy and daddy is still around and managed to teach you.”

What an excuse! But, it’s something unexpected and unforgettable as well! LOL!

Out of curiosity, mummy has one more question, “Aren’t you feel scared when mummy and daddy die?”

Liz:”No I am not scared!”

Mummy:”Wow! Brave girl!”

But, when mummy and daddy fall sick today and getting more serious at this late hours, she cried. Hahahahahaha………


I can write today’s date

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 9, 2010

Recently, mummy leave me quite free at home. I gets more time on my own. So happy! 😉

But instead of doing lots of coloring and drawing, I prefer writing since this week. For instance, as I draw a man with glasses, I will try to spell the word of “grandfather” beside. Even though I can’t get the full spelling most of the time. But sometimes I can get half of the alphabets in the blend correct.  😛

Also, I will request for a big piece of paper and start writing on the floor for an hour sometimes. And, mum was so happy when I practise writing the date of the day. especially when I wrote it nicely like this. :)


Your writing skill has improved. Keep it up, baby! Mummy is so proud of you.


I can read with my own words

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 30, 2010

This is what happened when mummy is busy or too lazy to read for me. I will read on my own. I can do it! Wow! that’s too many words. *Tink* Never mind! I can come out with my own words. Make my own story. That would save me lots of effort. Ha!

Yes! She really can read now. Somehow, she still prefers to just flip, enjoy the pictures and just add in her own words like what we seen on top. Most probably, she is too lazy to follow word by word. After all, we know how much patient does this little girl has. Hahahaha……


I love daddy so much

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 19, 2010

Liz:”Daddy, I want 613. I want to watch cartoon.”

Daddy:”The remote control is spoiled.” (because daddy took out one of the battery inside. Hahahahaha……)
So, you just keep press and press and press. Finally, you gave up and said:” Mummy, I love daddy so much. But, I want to watch cartoon.” Guess what? You win! Daddy switch it to channel  613 immediately after you said that.


Mummy:”You like mummy more or daddy more?”

Liz:”I like daddy and mummy more.”

Mummy:”No, you can only choose one.”

Liz:”Nolah. It’s ok. I like daddy and mummy.” (Gosh! You start using a lot of “Malaysian English” with lots of lah and woh. :roll: )


Liz:”Mummy, I am a little bit sick. I must drink your vinegar.”

Mummy:”Oh! Ok. Ok.” After a few sip……

Liz:”See… I am as strong as hulk now.” Hahahahahahaha……

Cute aye? Looks like you have grown up to be a sweet talker. Great social skill! I think you can be good in sales. Somehow, a few aunties mentioned that you can become a great lawyer. Oh! Fighting for divorce compensation, inheritances dispute or disability appeal. Like it? 😉


I buy for you, ok?

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 18, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, you want to eat ice cream? I buy ice cream for you ,ok?”

That’s what you said when you want to eat ice cream.


Liz:” Mummy, you like lipstick? Pink lipstick is so nice, you know? I buy lipstick for you, ok? When I grow up, I can use pink lipstick, huh!”

Alright! Mummy’s little vain pot is crazy over lipsticks now. No problem, my dear. You can have lipstick, eye make up, blackhead extractor, perfume and so many more when you grow up. I won’t stop you from using it even if you don’t buy for me. Ha!

So, you will offer to buy us anything that you are aiming. Hoping that we feel so sweet and agree to buy it for you. Cheeky little princess! LOL! But, mummy really don’t understand. Where do you learn this? 😯

Is it inborn? Or from the ways we used to trick you? Anyway, sweet talking really makes you sound so cute. :)


Because Harry got no hands

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 8, 2010

Just because you stopped going to school for 1 whole week, today you start crying again while you woke up. You don’t want to brush teeth. And, mummy’s gaggle tricks just don’t work anymore. Oh my! :(

Luckily, you stopped crying once mummy said:”Only good girl can go to right brain class later.” LOL! In fact, mummy had all sorts of great memories on your brushing teeth moments. And, it’s especially impressive to hear something like this:

Mummy:”On! Elizabeth is a good girl. You brush your teeth every morning. Look at Harry. Harry naughty boy. He never brush teeth. His teeth become so yellow and dirty. Yikes!”

Liz:”Ya. Because Harry got no hands. Cannot hold tooth brush. So, he cannot brush teeth.” ( So, who is Harry? Harry is our pet dog. But, mummy sounds like Harry can even use netbooks. That’s ridiculous! Hahahahahaha…………)

Mummy really sounds so stupid when you react cleverly like this. LOL! :)


How much am I?

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 14, 2010

Yesterday while we were driving home from your school……

Liz:”Mummy, I how much?”

Mummy:”You mean how much is Elizabeth?”


Mummy:”Oh! Elizabeth is priceless. You have no price cause you are not for sale. Understand?”


Today while we were on our way home from school too.

Liz:”I will show you my expensive panty, very expensive you know?” You just took your spare panty and dress outfrom your school bag.

Mummy:”Ok. Ha!”

Liz:”This dress also very expensive. But, the baby wipes so cheap only.” Hahahaha……

Grandma:”So expensive, aye? How about your backside? How much is your backside? Expensive or not?”

Liz:”My backside got no price.” Wow! Clever! Looks like you really get what mummy trying to tell you yesterday.  Great! :)


I can spell my name

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2009

Time flies. Her 3rd birthday is just 2 months away. At this age, she still can’t speak clearly. The pronunciation for any words which started with “L” is especially difficult for her. The “L” sound will mostly sound like “W” when it came out from her little mouth. :)

Somehow, she is kind of proud that she can spell her name now.

She should be proud. As “Elizabeth” is kind of long. Just don’t ask mummy why “Elizabeth” among all the other fantastic baby girl names. At least, it is a popular name. 😉

She is getting more sociable too. she will answer every question being asked by strangers. She will talk to strangers too. Just in a softer voice tone. What a big move that certainly worth cheering! Of course, she will be more talkative if  it’s a kid in her age, especially boys.

In fact, she always said she is a boy now, if being asked weather she is a  girl or a boy. Ya! She is kind of rough sometimes. So, boys made good companion to this active little girl. And, her imaginary friend is always John. Again, it’s the baby boy names. Luckily, she still got her feminine side. As she prefers to wear dresses and feel like a princess lately.  *Sigh*

Besides, she loves to use the word “Because” and “I forgot”. I guess she can easily use up to 20 times a day in her sentences. So, can she build good sentences? Strong vocabulary but wrong sequences all the time. So, only mummy and daddy will understand what she means most of the time. Hahahaha……..

Lastly, she is good at watching others now. Anything we did wrong, she will point it out with the frowning look. LOL! And, kind of good in reasoning too. She will accepts all the reasons that mummy gives quite well. On the other hand, she will find all sorts of excuses (lots of creative one) to get what she wants. :roll:


Mummy so Clever

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2009

We were in the car and an Ambulance past by.

Mummy:”Ambulance go where?”

Liz:” Er… Ambulance go airport?”

Mummy:”Huh? No… Ambulance go to hospital.”

Liz:”Mm! Mummy so clever.”

Yeah… Mummy so clever! Hahahahahaha…………

Yesterday, while we were at the post office…

Liz:” Mummy… Hospital.”

Mummy:” Did you say hospital?”

Liz:”Mm! Hospital.” *Pointing at the post office.

Mummy:”Er…Does this place looks like hospital? But it’s post office, girl!”

Liz:”Post office.”

Mummy:”Yeah…” 😛

Your grandma teaches you fumigation. You know stingray and can differentiate leopard and cheetah. You know how the butterfly was “born”. You can also recognized “Taj Mahal”. And, you already started playing pretend as a cashier, calculating on calculator and asked us to pay certain amount. Besides, your dance got so many styles.

So… Who is clever? 😉

But, there is still so much more to learn. For example, what is manufactured home? What’s the scientist job? How to play piano and so on. So, keep it up, baby! 😛


Hello, Poh Poh

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 22, 2009

 2 days ago……

Liz:”Can we go to “Poh Poh” house?”

Yesterday, “Gong Gong” called. She was so happy. She wanted to answered the phone. Usually, she will just listen. And, surpirse! For the first time, she started to respond while daddy was hinting her at the side.

“Hello, Poh Poh.”

“Hello, Gong Gong.”

“I miss you, Poh Poh.”


But, in a very soft voice tone, as soft as the mouse making noise. Hahahaha……

Good try! Happy for you, baby! Anyway, “Poh Poh” is leaving to Bangkok soon. May be we will visit “Poh Poh” tomorrow for one last time before “Poh Poh” fly. 😛


What did she say?

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2008

Mummy enjoyed my motherhood so much these days. Elizabeth is so cute now. She started to talk. And, mummy will surely see her sweet and lovely smile when she said something new.Then, she will keep repeating it for a while. I guess she is proud of herself too. 😛

She will be very happy to say “Hi” and “Bye”. I can see that she really like these 2 words. Somehow, she will mostly say “Hi” to the insects or animals, and “roar” to the people when she first meet them. Er… It should be the other way round, baby! Hahaha……

I also heard her said “dance” today. Finally, she can pronounce her hobby correctly! Congrats, Honey! And, mummy were super duper impressed when you answered me:” OK!”

Why did you said so? Oh! Mummy said : ” Don’t take, ya.”, when you want to grab something on the table which belongs to one of the bank officer. So, you answered me :”Ok!” . Immediately, the bank officer laughed. Of course, mummy is smiling too.

Oh! In fact, she can also say “Where did it go”, “take”, “drink”, “eat”, “egg”, “dog”, “cat”, “car”, “ball”, “tree”, “two”, “three”, “four”, “ten”, “moon”, “star”, “owl”, “nana (banana)”, “nonald (McDonald)”, milk, “bound (playground)”, book, bird, daddy, mummy, “mah”(granny — my mum), “poh” (granny — my MIL), “gong” (grandpa), “cho” (great granny), “Gu” (uncle — my brother) . That’s all mummy can remember by now. But, there are actually more… 😛

Mummy is so proud of you, baby! 😛



Posted by Everyday Healy on September 2, 2008

Good news! She said: “Mi”, “Ma” and “Cho”! What’s that mean? Simple! “Mi” means mummy. “Ma” for “Ah Mah”, which is grandma. And, “Cho” refers to great granny in Hokkien.

She started to call “Cho” and “Ma” last week. My granny was happy. But, My mum was very excited! Truly happy. Thus, keep chasing Liz, bagging her to call “Ma” all the time. LOL!

When did Liz call “Mi”? That’s the big news! Yeah… That’s the sweetest word mummy ever heard. She started calling “Mi” about 2 weeks ago. Mummy afraid she might stop calling after a week like what happened previously. So, let’s wait and see.

Now, mummy confirms that this is my new name, specially created for and call by little Liz. “Mi” is good enough. And, it’s really so touch and extremely precious. When I first heard the loud and clear “Mi” came out from Liz’s tiny little mouth, that moment… “Smoke gets in my eyes”. Tears that cherish my happiness!

“Mi” loves you, darling! 😛

How about “dad”? She called “Pa” at first. “Pa” means daddy in Mandarin. But, daddy prefers “D”. So, daddy keep teaching her “D” for the last few days. He did it! Now, Liz called “D”. 😛

By the way, she can pronounce “Poh” ( granny in Mandarin) which refers to my MIL. And, she calls her uncle Bill “Gu”, that’s uncle in Hokkien. Somehow, she just can’t voice out the word “Gong”, even though she tried so hard. Poor Liz, she likes her grandpa so much. I am sure she wanted so much to pronounce that. Don’t be upset, girl! It’s ok. You are doing great.


Her 10 Words

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 9, 2008

Elizabeth has learned to speak more single words now, including

  • Dog
  • Duck
  • No
  • Milk
  • Throw
  • Ball
  • One
  • Two
  • Star
  • Bye

Not bad. All together 10 words. But, non of it was “mama” and “papa”. 😥

Mummy seen vast improvement on her language development since last week. Half of the vocabularies were actually spoke out in last week. Looks like this cute little one finally starts speaking. 😛


Please Speak

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2008

Elizabeth is 10.6kg now. She has gained 400g weight within a month. I think it’s quite a lot. Somehow, mummy is still happy with it. Gain a little weight is always better than loosing weight.

However, mummy is worried of her speech development. She is a bit slow. She only start speaking single words now. She is 17 months now, but she can only speak less than 10 words.

She says: dog, ball, “kakak” (means sister) , throw and star. In fact, I only heard the “star” and “ball” once. Where as “kakak, dog and throw are the 3 frequent words. When mummy asked her, she can point to a lot of things accordingly. Somehow, she just can’t voice it out! LOL!

Elizabeth, keep trying! It’s time to speak in proper words like mummy and daddy. Don’t just hide behind the curtains, and expect mummy to say “Peekaboo”. Next time say it with your own voice to surprise mummy, ok?

According to her paed, this is the consequences of spending too much time in front of the TV! :(


Crawl more

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

I have learn from my friend that baby who crawl on the floor a lot before he or she started to walk, learn to speak earlier. I think it’s true as my little princess just started to learn to speak a few single words, even though she is already 15 months old.

Elizabeth seldom crawl as we used to carry her, instead of letting her crawling on the floor. And, she started walking exactly when she reached 11 months old. That’s quite early, isn’t it? Once she was walking, she stop crawling completely.

So, better let your baby crawl more to make sure he or she can speak fluently in a faster manner. I wish Elizabeth can speak in sentences now. Is that means I have to tease her to crawl on the floor again more often from now?

Anyway, mummy should be patient as every toddler learn at their own pace. I just can’t expect my girl to pronounce Vacaciones Hoteles correctly, don’t I? After all, she is only 15 months old. :)


There are Pros and Cons

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 2, 2008

Now… I have learn something from Lena. I actually sign up for it’s newsletter. And, this is something I want to share with you:

New study finds baby DVDs and Videos may hinder infant language development

Rather than helping babies, the over-use of such productions actually may slow down infants eight to 16 months of age when it comes to acquiring vocabulary, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Frankly, I think it’s quite true as my girl is always on Brainy baby, Barney and  Baby Einstein.  And I felt she has been bubbling for too long. Her vocabulary is quite poor. However, She learned lots of actions and she is very friendly and responsive.

So, it’s up to you to decide weather you want your baby to expose to the educational DVDs like what I’ve did.



Posted by Everyday Healy on January 29, 2008

Elizabeth “p” on the floor this evening. It’s usual to see this situation as mummy had stop using nappy. So, most of the time little Lizzy is only wearing panty. Somehow, mummy were so shock to hear Elizabeth shouting for “ka”, “kaka”, “kaka” after she had “p”.

She just stand still and keep shouting for “kaka” after she “she she”. It’s cute. And, at this point, does it means she already reach an understanding that my maid is working for us? Or she is being closer to my maid recently? As she don’t ask for our help, but hers! 😯

Somehow, I can confirmed that she knows how to call “Kakak”. That’s a good news. And, she has learn to ask for help as she gets wet. Hopefully soon she will inform us before she wants to “she she”. 😉

I’ll be even happier if she is willing to sit down on the potty when she wants to “poop”.

“Elizabeth, please get rid of your bad habit as soon as possible! No one will stand when they want to “poop”!”

“So weird! Just “poop” into the potty, will you?” That would save mummy from spending on toilet rolls or disposable gloves that use to pick up her smelly “poop”. :roll:

In fact, she used to poop or “p” into the potty. I really had no idea since when she changed her mind! Naughty girl!


She calls me Mama!

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 30, 2007

After a few days of observation, I confirm now that my baby knows how to call me. She calls me “Ma Ma”. Starting from few days back, I already heard she called me ” Ma Ma”. However, I just want to make sure is she really refer to me. So… I just wait for a few days and observed carefully.

Now I am happily announcing it to all of you that when she said ” Ma Ma” , she does mean mummy. How would I know? Once she saw me come out from the bedroom every morning, usually she will straight away hop into my arms since last 2 months I think. But now, before she can reach me, she will call out loud “Ma Ma” first.

Also, every time when she prepared to walk to me, she will call “Ma Ma” too. Then, if she knock on something and feel hurts, she will also cried out loud with the word “Ma Ma” almost immediately. At the same time, she will look for me, or walk to me straight away if I am around.

Actually, it’s rather obvious that every time when she wants me to carry, she will call “Ma Ma” too. Now, almost all day long I can hear her keep calling “Ma Ma”. It’s like “Ma Ma” this, “Ma Ma” that… non stop.

Oh! Dear… Finally… I got your word. I am “Ma Ma”. In fact, she is practicing “Pa Pa” now. But, since daddy always not around, sometimes she just forget. Daddy… don’t get upset, all right? Your time will come. 😉

Anyway, there is a problem here. Just because we also teach her to call her maternal grandma (my mother) “Ma Ma” ( means grandma in Hokkien) since her younger age, it seems she calling my mum “Ma Ma” too. So how am I going to correct it now? There is 2 “Ma Ma” in the house now. I guess I will just have to wait until she manage to call me “Mummy” one day. 😥


Some techniques to encourage language development

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2007

Nowadays, Lizzy just loves to talk, but what she say is just for her own knowledge. She will ca ca ca, ma ma, ta ta ta, gi gi ga ga, ya ya ya. But what’s that baby? what’s that? Ha!

Even though I do not understand her language, but I’ll still respond. I will keep guessing and give her answer. So friends, don’t feel awkward talking back to baby who cannot talk back. In fact, they can communicate before they learn talking. And,babies need to hear words repeated in many contexts in order to understand language. Thus, we are encourage to talk a lot with our babies. Do you know that by talking to them can actually raise their IQ? Please go to here and find out more.

Anyway, this is how we can create an optimal language environment:

  • Talk and sing to your baby while you’re engaged in daily duties, such as cleaning or shopping.
  • Gossip, chit-chat and talk out-loud.
  • It is important to react to pre-verbal sounds like coos or squeals. If your child coos, encourage this by reacting and talking back to him/her.
  • Using picture books that have simple words and colorful pictures, talk about what you see and give your baby a chance to respond.
  • When reading the newspaper, read it aloud with your child to increase word count.
  • By reciting nursery rhymes and songs, you’re creating a fun and interactive environment for your child.
  • Narrate daily activities such as cooking and cleaning.

This is how I get know “Giraffe”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2007

Yesterday, I was out with mummy the whole day. Yahoo! Kakak not around means mummy have to bring me every where she goes. 😉

However, we did not go shopping. Mummy bring me to the market instead. This is my first time in a wet market. I think the only difference between market and shopping mall is the cleanliness. Market is quite dirty and smells like … Er… don’t know. Anyway, I don’t like the smell. But, I like to look at the raw pork. And, looks like it’s fun to cut the meat. Excited! Very Excited! And, Mummy told me the man who cut the meat is called “Butcher”.

Then, mummy bring me to KFC playground to play for a while. I do not enjoy all the big big toys there. I only like to look at the “jie jie” who played in the playground too. Then, we came back and change. Before we fully get ready, daddy was back. So, he too bathe himself and dress up nicely. About 8pm, we went out for dinner together with “wu wu” ( uncle bill) and grandma.

I am pretty impressed once we were inside a cafe called “Northen Beach Cafe” which is exactly opposite Northen Hotel. Oh… waht’s that all? Nice… all so bright and colorful. Auntie, Auntie, may be you can tell me what are they.

Ya! Mummy said they are lanterns. Big lanterns! Very nice isn’t it? I get so excited when I saw them. I wanted to touch them, but mummy just won’t allow me to do so. I want to touch! Mummy! :(


Alright… So, I just stand near by all those lanterns. And, Those above, they are “giraffes”. Yes! Grandma told me they are “giraffe”.She kept repeating it. And , mummy also keep repeating it. As a result, when we are back home, grandma try to open one of my book with animal pictures and ask me where is giraffe? I point it out in no time.

They are big, colorful and bright. Thus, I can remember them almost immediately. So, this is how I learn up the word “giraffe”. 😉