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Anything Accept Coffee Shop

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 25, 2011


Once upon a time, you were so comfortable eating at hawker stalls. Somehow, this mummy’s girl don’t bite lips and lie on the chair with bare feet in the hawker stall like this. So, mum thought it’s time for some advise. Thanks God. Since then, it never happen again. :)

But not long ago, when we were out on the road, you said:”Go anywhere you like except coffee shop (Hawker stalls)”.

Mum:” Why not?”

Liz:”Cause it’s boring and dirty.” (Mummy admitted that hawker stalls can be very dirty at times.) :)

Ask you what you want to eat — mostly Japanese food. You love nice restaurants. So, Mummy kept nagging about there are also delicious food at hawker stalls.

Finally, you has no problem eating at hawker stalls any more cause you started to love their food.

What a relieve! As we are living in Penang — the hawker food heaven, it’s hard to live without those yum yum hawker food. LOL!


Are you really that hungry?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2010

I learn to accept more types of food after I took lunch at school since August. I am drinking some Chinese herbs tea as dessert after I had my meal at school. I especially enjoy eating pasta at school. It will always be 2 bowls. That was since 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Then, I was almost taking 2 bowls for every meal in school now since this week. I will surely took 150ml of milk too once I get up to the car and leave the school everyday.

Obviously, my tummy will grow so big like it was going to burst any time after I had lunch. Guess what? Mum gets worried.

Mummy:”Don’t you feel is too full? Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Are you really that hungry?”

Liz:”Nope. I am fine.” :) (Gosh! In mummy’s mind, is every kids taking that much too? Or may be she needs appetite suppressants that work for kids now?)  :(

Mummy:”Why do you eat so much? Are you really that hungry? Or you just want to show that you are clever? But, over eating is not healthy. Thus, not a clever deed too.”

Liz:”I just want to grow taller.” 😉

OMG! :roll:


This is absolutely not safe

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 21, 2010


Look at this. What do you call this? Adventurous, sporty or naughty? Hahahaha……

At this age, when there is no stress and hair loss problem, life is just great! 😛

And, you are cheeky, talkative and playful little one. You certainly can’t hide your true nature. Then, just be yourself! As being too reserve will certainly kills you. Hahahaha……

However, always watch out for your safety. Frankly, this is absolutely not safe for a 3 years old girl like you. :(


No more McD

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 18, 2010

Today, I am not going to school again. Sick! Runny nose and slight fever. I guess my immune system went low because I slept quite late every night, but wake up so early to go to school every morning.

This is because daddy always busy working and came home late, but I want some time spent with daddy. Last Thursday is especially wonderful! Daddy brought me to McD at 11pm. I am the only kid enjoying the playground and french fries at McD in late hours like this.Cool!

 How about McD again? That’s what I thought last night. But, mummy insisted that no more McD. Otherwise I have to take medicine. 😯

No way! Don’t mention about medicine anymore. It’s ok, mummy. I am ok. Gosh! It’s not ok, baby! Take medicine, please… *Sob Sob*


Can I wash my hands now?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2009

It was the Thursday art class time.

Teacher:” Today we do painting with our fingers, ok?”

So, teacher let little Elizabeth choose her own preference of color. One at a time. Putting them on her fingers. Then, she was happily dabbing. 5 minutes later…

Liz:” Teacher, I want to wash hands.”

Teacher:” Wait until you have finished your drawing, ok?”

She did nod her head. Then, about 5 minutes later…

Liz:”I want to wash my hands, teacher.”

Another 10 minutes later…

Liz:”Wash my hands now?”

Another 10 minutes later…

Liz:”I wan to wash my hands now.”

Teacher:”Alright! Wash your hands first, then only we continue drawing, ok?”

Liz:”Ok.” 😀

Somehow, as teacher put some colors on her fingers again, immediately she said:” I want to wash my hands again.” As soon as she has made the first few dabs. Then, keep making the same request within every 10 minutes until the paper is full and the drawing considered complete. Hahahaha……

Wow! Anyone will think that may be teacher has beautiful Grohe faucets in the toilet. Thus, making washing hands a wonderful experience. Or may be little Elizabeth just can’t stand the mess. Kind of. But it’s more of her strange hobby of enjoy washing hands all the time actually. Kakakakaka……

Even if mummy was the one who used the WC when we were outside, still she wants to wash her hands. The water and hand soap are simply too irresistible, aye? 😉


I cannot Talk

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2009

It’s Friday again. So, what’s the plan for the next 4 days holiday? We finally make the move to visit A’ Famosa Animal World Safari. Baby Elizabeth… Your dream has come true. How about that? 😉

And, lucky little Elizabeth also get to watch “G Force” in GSC last night. It’s a Premium Class treat. Chewing popcorns, have some drinks and 3 of us sitting together until the end of the show. This really makes this little clingy girl so happy. Thanks to daddy.

Just one thing…..

Liz:”The G Force blar blar blar…… hahahahaha”

Mummy talking so soft:”Ya. Gentle. Laugh softly, k?”

Liz:” The G Force blar blar blar……”

Daddy keep the voice so low too:” Sho…… Don’t talk. Stop.”

Mummy:” Eat popcorn, k?”

Liz starts being more gentle:”No. I want to talk.” Kind of disappointed. But, very obedient. Hahaha…..

Then, this morning when little Elizabeth was chit chatting with mummy while we are on our way to her school…

Mummy:”Did you talk a lot in school?”

Liz:”No. I close my mouth. I cannot talk.”

Mummy:”Teacher said cannot talk in school?”


But, mummy never heard her said something like this before. She must be confused. Most probably is because of what happened in the cinema that made her said she cannot talk. Hahahaha……


I want to sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 15, 2009

Yesterday, she was perfect in school. However, she cried so loud this morning while teacher was taking her out from the car.

Liz:”I want mummy……”

So, mummy come down from the car and carry little Elizabeth.

Teacher:”Why? Yesterday you were ok. What happened?”

Liz:” I want to sleep……” (Yeah… mummy too. Wake up so early just ain’t easy, aye? :( )

Teacher:”Ok.Ok. We go inside take pillow and sleep on the floor, ok?”

Liz:”No…… No……” (Ya. Why on the floor? The floor is so hard and so dirty! At least should have bed wedges . How about that? Hahahaha……)

Liz:” I want mummy……” (So, that’s the real thing in her mind. LOL!)

Teacher:” Come, I’ll take you in to see dog dog. You like dog dog, isn’t it?”

Liz:” No! I want mummy take me see dog dog!”

Mummy:”Oh! School is for children only, my dear. How about bread and butter? You didn’t have your breakfast yet. Let’s go in and have breakfast, ok?”


Mummy and teacher try all ways for about 5 to 10 minutes. Nothing work! Finally, mummy has to pass her to the teacher, then just leave. So sorry, baby!

Mummy realized you are good at making excuses now. Hehe…… Anyway, mummy was so happy to see you smiling again while picking you up after school just now. 😛


Clean my hands, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 11, 2009

Does she sounds like a baby? That’s ok. She is just in the mood in pretending to be a baby. But, she will make a request to clean her hands immediately every feed just like what you have seen in the video. That’s not ok. :(

I told you she don’t like to bathe. But, she is very particular about cleanliness now. Thinking back, she don’t really put things in the mouth either since young. Once upon a time, she will never step on the floor bare foot unless it’s in the house.

Worst still, she will insists her toys or books has become dirty when they are touched by others (except daddy and mummy) since last month I think. Could it of granny and mummy keep chanting in her ears — “Don’t touch, it’s dirty!” all the time?

Now instead, mummy is working so hard in telling her almost everything is clean and safe. Hahaha……

Anyway, may be this is a sign of future doctor. Who knows? If that’s so, looks like mummy should catch up a little bit with medical knowledge and know more about medical equipment. 😉  Hahahaha……


Where is the Ribena?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 25, 2009

As most of the aunties out there keep bombarding that it is not right to let Elizabeth drinks Ribena all the time. “That’s too sweet.” Even Poh Poh said that.

Alright! So less Ribena Syrup. Just about a teaspoon into about 8 to 9 ounce of water. (Ha! Absolutely tasteless! :P)

And, this is how it goes as she drank it.

Liz:” Where is the Ribena?”

Mummy:” Er… It doesn’t taste and look like Ribena anymore, right?”

First, this only happened in the house. So instead of Ribena, she starts asking for Soya bean milk or orange juice while at home. Plain water? Sure. Just one sip at a time. :roll:

Now, the teacher is complaining that she will cry and refuse to drink water whenever she was asked to. It’s Montessori school. Choices are given. No forcing. And to certain extend, free will is respected. So, mummy just got to think of a way and work together with the teacher to make little Elizabeth drink water again. 😛

But, how?

Mummy:” Why you don’t want to drink water in school?”

Liz:” I don’t like water bottle.”

Mummy:”So, how about we change it to milk bottle?”

Liz:” Mm!”

Mummy:” Alright! Mummy will let you bring the milk bottle. So, promised that you will finish the water in it, ok?”

She did nod her head. But, mummy heard no words of  “pormised”.

Mummy:” Ok. Come! I show you. Mummy puts more Ribena inside, ok? But, promised to drink all the Ribena in the bottle, ok?”

At the end of the school, the bottle was empty. Gosh! How come she is so addicted to Ribena? Is there any drug rehab plan that helps to get rid of this Ribena addiction? LOL!

May be it’s not the Ribena. It’s the sweetness. She fall for sweet things. OMG!


No more “Don’t Want”

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 16, 2009

It’s Thursday. Finally, little Elizabeth stopped crying as she woke up and getting prepared to school. She even let the new kakak to brush her hair and put on mosquito repellent. Hooray!

In fact, she treated the new maid nicely only for the first day. For the past 1 week, she was very rude. Keep shouting “Don’t want kakak!” whenever the new maid goes near her. On Monday, she even started to beat kakak. And, she also throws the bottle away whenever kakak tries to fill in Ribena or makes milk for her.:shock:

This is terribly rude. Something unexpected. So, mummy was the one who bathe, prepared lunch and dinner and play with her. Once daddy is back, he will takeover. But last night, she even insisted that daddy have to wipe her body and put on clothes for her after she bathe. Somehow, daddy is working so hard in the toilet. Hahahaha……

She just keep shouting for daddy. Keep crying, rolled on the floor, and pulled her hair. She said:” I don’t want mummy.” Wow… This is insane. She suddenly became like a barbarian. So, mummy and daddy decided to say “no” and avoid her together when she was too forceful.

Mummy:” Baby, look at mummy. If you keep acting very rude, keep saying don’t want this and that, or don’t want kakak, don’t want mummy or don’t want grandma, that’s it! You are all alone. Mummy is going to leave you alone. So do daddy. No one is going to be with you, talk to you and play with you.” 😯

*Sigh* It seems working well this morning. Hooray! 😛


Bye Bye, mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 1, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, “Kakak” went out shopping with my mum after little Elizabeth fell asleep. But, this little girl woke up before the maid come home. She cried. Keep crying for “kakak”.

Mummy then carry her into daddy’s office to see the fishes in the aquarium. Still, she was rolling on the floor, kicking and pushing mummy and the sofa. Well, mummy don’t want her to torture herself, neither the office furniture.

So, the same old trick. Mummy have to carry her walk around the house, showing her every corner, then explained to her slowly that even if she cry, “Kakak” can never hear it as she is not around.

It works like all the other times. Thanks for being so thoughtful,  my dear! But, she still asked for the maid every now and then. Since the maid is leaving next week, mummy decided to talk. Try to explain that the maid is leaving.

Mummy told her something like, the maid is not part of the family. She just work here. She will be going back to Indo next week. Then, new “Kakak” will come and replace her work. Little Elizabeth keep quiet while listening to mummy.

“Mummy, we go Indonesia.” replied little Elizabeth after mummy stop talking.

“But, we don’t have house there, we can’t stay there for long. Only “kakak” stay there with her family.” I try to explain again.

“Er… I go Indonesia with “kakak”? ” Asked Elizabeth.

“You want to follow “Kakak”?” asked mummy.

“Hmm.” replied Elizabeth.

“Then, you will not see mummy and daddy again. Is that ok?” mummy asked.

She keep quiet for 1 or 2 minutes.

“I go Indonesia. Bye bye!” That’s her final answer.

*Sob Sob* Mummy want to cry now. Frankly, tears nearly burst out from mummy’s eyes. And, a bit worried what’s going to happen next week when “kakak” is not coming back anymore. Hopefully she likes the new maid. :roll:


Too many Conettos

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2008

Last night, I heard my girl cough while having her sweet dream. I know why. Pretty sure it’s the ice that cause her coughing. Too much cold drinks, baby! Also, stop taking a few mini Conettos each day. :(

We as adults will think that joining the wine of the month club in this holiday season has so much fun for celebration. But, ice cream is a real temptation to kids.

Someone helps! I need to clean my mouth and hands immediately!

Well, this is messy! But definitely very lovely. And, it’s a great prove of how much this little cheeky loves ice cream! LOL! As mummy can only spot such mess while Elizabeth is eating ice cream. She hates to mess up herself. I know that!

Thus, mummy really got no heart to stop her from eating this icy cold thing.  After all, chocolate ice cream is really so yummy! Hahaha…..

But, you got to help yourself to stop the cough, baby. Just learn to limit yourself as you got that kick of eating this icy cold thing. Deal?


Please don’t look

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 22, 2008

Mummy brought her to Nando’s today. We had our lunch there. Initially, she was happy. Not until a nice black lady who seated at our next table smile to her. Immediately, she cried out loud. Gosh! We were in the middle of Gurney Plaza. It was a bit embarrassing for mummy. Weren’t you, daddy? :(

This is what happened since last month. Little Elizabeth becomes so sensitive to strangers now. She will hide and close her eyes, then “Wa……” cry it out loud. SOS! Please don’t look into her eyes, dear strangers! Hahaha…….

When are you going to get over it, baby? They are just trying to be friendly. Are they really so scary? *Scratching head*


No more Biting your own Foot

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 31, 2008

Mummy is proud that Elizabeth can dance well. And, she is kind of creative, friendly, and funny. That’s lovely! However, human being just can’t be perfect. Elizabeth started exhibiting certain bad habits.

Nowadays, She scratches people on the face. She might slap people on the face too. Also, she will show her temper by shouting or crying, then rolling on the floor. Most surprisingly, sometimes she will bites her own hand and fingers or foot and toes out of a sudden, when she get mad. She will did the same thing when she is bored. 😥

Frankly, this habit is a little bit insane for mummy. Why are you biting your own foot, baby? That’s disgusting! Mummy thought you are quite vain. Don’t you know that once people see you biting your own foot, you just won’t look great anymore even if you put on sexy costumes. :(

Mummy really got to think of a way to stop little Elizabeth from biting her fingers or toes! :roll:


Big Sandal

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

Elizabeth actually try to do a lot of things on her own now. I guess this is the common development for an 18 months old. My little princess is going to turn 18 months in another 11 days time.

She is trying to find her own bottle of water when she was thirsty last night. Eventually, she climbed up the cabinet. 😯 She can even pull the clothes out of her hands. But, she just don’t know how to wear her own shoes. But, she put on mummy’s sandal instead! :roll:

One for you and one for me, mummy! 😉

I better walk slowly, it’s quite loose. 😀


I want the bear

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 21, 2008

Mummy thought after we came back from KL, mummy will print out some of Elizabeth’s nice and cute photos. And, it’s shameful to tell that mummy had never print out any of Elizabeth photos since she was born. There were thousands of photos, but all just kept in the CDs. Terrible, aye? hehe……

Mummy promises I will print out some of them to display in the album this time. In fact, mummy misses all Lizzy’s baby looks. So, mummy wants to own this photo album as mummy can enjoy flipping it every night before I sleep.

Mummy planed to place the printed out photos in a cute and sweet album, which in purple cheques and a pink bear in the middle.

But, look what has little Lizzy done?

I think she likes the bear so much. So, she decided to tear it out. How dare you? :roll:


My Tiny Umbrella

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 15, 2008

Now is raining season, so Elizabeth need an umbrella too!

“Ok. Ok. Mummy will give you an umbrella. But, don’t carry it outside of the house, especially when it’s raining.”


See… Now you know why. It’s a handmade fabric umbrella. It’s tiny, cute and beautiful, isn’t it? But, if you bring it out into the rain, you will surely get wet. hahaha……

Mummy knows Elizabeth likes umbrella since young. so, mummy bought this back all the way from Hong Kong. Mummy thought that I can still make it a decorative items at home, after Elizabeth don’t play with it anymore. :)

Anyway, Elizabeth loves it.

She will carry it, kiss it, turn it around and also……

“Why must you do this, Elizabeth? Don’t you understand that this umbrella will be spoiled if you keep stepping on it?”  😯

Stop it…….


Just put me in the car

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 14, 2008

In this hot afternoon, my little girl is screaming every now and then insisting she wants to go out. Oh! That’s too much. As mummy just bring her to the wet market this morning. :roll:

So, my maid is forced to take her into my car and let her play in it. This is the usual trick mummy used to tease my little naughty whenever she insisted to go out. This can actually make her quiet. May be she assumed that she is going out.

Each time, Mummy really glad that she stop screaming. But, mummy is a bit worried that she might “destroy” my car.Whenever little Lizzy is inside the car, she will press this, pull that, hit this, kick that. That’s a real mess. And things get worst when she was not satisfied with this “dead” car.

She will ask mummy to start the car, then she will start laughing and enjoying the fun of seeing there are things moving or lights turning on and off when she press and push those buttons and control panels in the car. 😯

In this case, mummy will need to replace the engines or transmissions of my old car anytime from now. Luckily, there is midwest auto recycling.


I fall again

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Can you imagine I jump over the the hand rest of the sofa and straight away fall to the ground in the upside down position? That’s sounds truly, serious isn’t it?

That’s something truly scary to mummy, I guess. Of course, I am upset too. There is a red spot immediately appear on my forehead. Thus, I cried out loud. Just for a while.

I am so brave, didn’t I? Nope! I miss out something. Mummy manage to catch my leg before I fall. But, her hands finally slip away. So I did fall, but just not as bad as you imagine cause I fall slowly. And, the redness disappear after a few hours. No serious injury at all.

So just as what you think, I am truly lucky this time. But, I think it’s wise for mummy to prepare some home medical supplies at home. As I truly enjoy jumping, hoping from one end to the other, climbing and running! 😛

No jumping around, please baby! :roll:


Poor Spider

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2008

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Elizabeth use her little fingers to pressed on a tiny spider. The spider was killed! My girl had killed the spider. That’s scary! So sorry, little itsy bitsy spider! 😥

Will she kills ants or cockroaches as well? And without my knowledge, she might put her fingers in her mouth after killing these little insects. That’s even more scary! 😯

Mummy is so worried about Elizabeth’s habit of picking up some dirts from the floor and even put them in her mouth sometimes. Mummy gets so afraid as mummy is aware that eating dirts might be poisoning. For example, dirts might has traces of methane.

In fact, methane gas is everywhere and worst still it really can cause serious poisoning. Oh! It’s seems that methane gas detection is needed for everyone health and safety.


Kiss too Hard

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2008

I seldom play with my baby anymore. I know it’s new. But there is nothing much for me to look forward to. :(

However, mummy just can’t forget about how I kiss my baby.

I love you, Baby. So… Come on! Let me praise you with a light kiss!

Oh! One more, ok?

Oh! How about a bite?

Love Bite???  Of course not. This is my third kiss! I enjoy biting people after 2 kisses, even mummy said “no”. hahaha… 


I want money

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

As you all know that I have a granny with very bad memory. So, she will count her money a few times a day. I really don’t mind how many times she has been counting her money. But, “Can you please don’t let little Elizabeth touch the money, Granny?”

However, no matter how many times I had reminded her, she just keep allowing my girl to hold the money in her hands ( Of course she won’t listen to me as she just can’t remember what I said). *Slap forehead*

Sometimes, granny will even propose to give the money to little Elizabeth. Oh! What if she has kept some precious gold or silver coins and finally decided to give it to my little princess as well? That would be wonderful! As even the silver coin is so valuable nowadays. hahaha…

Anyway, I know she is being very kind to my little princess. However, money is always full of germs. Thus, it is not suppose to be in the hand of a little naughty girl who will continuously put her fingers in her mouth every now and then. :(

What to do? Just wash her hand more often. 😛


We don’t like marketing

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 1, 2008

Oh! Mummy is late for marketing again. Mummy always wake up late when she promise to go to market early in the morning. Partly because mummy sleep quite late at night. But, mostly is all because mummy don’t really like marketing.

Since young, mummy don’t like market, especially the fish and pork market. Everywhere is wet and the smells is horrible. Anyway, this is a bad habit. Unfortunately, like mother like daughter. Elizabeth hates marketing as well.

Every time mummy bring her to the market,  she will show her grumpy face. :angry: OMG! *slap forehead*


This is ridiculous

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 25, 2008

Most of the time I try not to be over protective. But, our baby does need our close protection sometimes. There are many ways we can protect our baby. For example, Daddy buy insurance for her future education. And, some parents will have mortgage life insurance to protect their kids future living even if they are not around.

Besides, I am concern about her daily activities that need close supervision. Lizzy, can you please stop running around mummy’s bed? It’s dangerous! :roll:


Her new “Tomato Head”

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 25, 2008

Elizabeth, do you know that you are a typical soft toys princess since 8 to 9 months old? Make sure you don’t fall in love with guys just because of a few soft toys, ok? LOL!  I think it’s a bit too early to discuss this topic with you. Silly mummy! 😛

Actually there was funny scene that really amuse mummy and daddy in Wednesday. It’s a public holiday because of “Thaipusum”. So, daddy and mummy bring you out to “Kai Kai”.  Mummy certainly knows you like soft toys. Thus, we walk into a soft toys shop together.

I guess there is something mummy just realized at that time. Elizabeth has grown up and become smarter. You are so excited to see all the soft toys. You want to grab them all. So mummy and daddy quickly take you out from the shop. But, you have struggled hard and insisted to go back into it. In and out trice.

Finally, mummy gave in. I let you choose among 2 soft toys. One square and one round. You quickly grab the round cuttie and run out from the shop immediately. 😯 OMG! I can’t believe my eyes. That’s embarrassing. Baby, do you know that this act can be considered steeling? LOL!

At last, mummy quickly grab you and take you to the counter. End up, Daddy paid for another soft toys again.

Anyway, mummy and daddy have fun though. You are so cute! Unbelievable! 😛

I wondered how many soft toys will you have until you are 5?