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Let’s Pray

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2008

It’s Friday again. Last Saturday, we were at the Siamese Temple before we went to the beach and Toy Museum. Why temple? Cause little Elizabeth likes to pray. Want to look at how little Elizabeth pray?

How about that? For mummy and daddy, that’s very cute! 😛

In fact, she will pray whenever she saw a temple by the roadside. She knew that months ago. I wondered how she recognized it as temple. She just did it. It’s quite amazing!

By the way, She also pray when she saw anything burning, either fire or smoke. Thus, baby Elizabeth actually raised her hand high up and started to pray to all the candles that mummy lighted up when our house was out of electricity on Tuesday night. Hahahaha……. That’s what I called “lovely”. 😉

I think this weekend should be “Poh Poh and Gong Gong” house. No more toy museum, temples or seaside.  Are you happy, Elizabeth? I think you miss “Gong Gong” so much, right?


Let the chair become my stage

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2008

What is this, baby? Fever dance? Hahahaha……

You don’t like the dance, Mi? How about a song? 😛


Ops… Mummy just want to make sure you don’t fall! LOL!

This small chair is supposed to place at the telephone table. But, it’s best to take it away from the table when little Elizabeth trying to climb up. Something she alway did for the pens, mobile router and phone on the table. She is a demolition baby. So keep her away will save mummy from spending more on buying new mobile routers, fixing the phone or at least save the table from more pen marks. Hehe……

However, this small chair will become her performing stage when it is not around the table. She really can act! Hahahaha……


Stop calling “Erg…”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2008

These days, little Elizabeth keep calling me “Erg……” That’s the sound I taught her how to “poop”. And, she understand what it means so well. Thus, mummy really don’t get it. For weeks she has been calling “Mi”. All of the sudden, mummy become “Erg…”. May I know why, baby?

Worst still, I have never heard she call me “Mi” for the whole last week, no matter how hard everyone in the family trying to correct her. She will point to me, but call “Erg…” , when she was asked where is her mummy. Funny!

She just keep calling her “D” (daddy) and “Mah”(granny). LOL! I am envy! Call mummy! Otherwise, I won’t be friend with you anymore! 😥


I never get Bored

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 29, 2008

It’s Monday again. But, It seems not a boring Monday for Elizabeth. She was happily woke up, bathe, taking her lunch, playing hide and seek and now she is laughing at the Little Einstein Cartoon Show. Mummy is glad you are happy.

At least, this little baby won’t mess up the house. Hahaha……

Look what she have done when she was bored!

This is the box which mummy keep nice plastic or paper bags for daily use. So, the bags will have to be all over the floor before she can get in there. When she was out, then she took out all the books from the bookshelves  one by one, and squeezed them into the box instead of putting back all the paper and plastic bags!



One after another

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2008

“Staying at home everyday is simply boring, mummy!”

“Alright. How about drawing? You like to draw, don’t you?”

To be precise, she is learning how to close the pen cap. Of course, she also starts making lines and circles. And, she likes mummy to draw faces or anything else for her too. Obviously, she got new skills now.

But, not all that good either. As she actually draw on her own hands and legs. Her dresses, pants and shirts were “under attack” too. Not just that. Our sofa has became another victim of this new form of art. I am afraid even our walls are in danger too. LOL! Hahahahaha……

“Stop it!”

“Affirmative, Mi. I will stop it. Now… Let’s start the plastic bags party, “kak”!”

Gosh! One after another. Elizabeth………. *shout*

So sorry, “kakak”. :(


I want real Organ

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2008

Today, teacher was not around. So, she canceled the class. No music circle. Now, Elizabeth is watching TV. Mummy is not really in a good mood today. Thus, I am not sure are we still going out.

Mummy feels like washing car. I am sure you don’t mind joining mummy, right? Or you prefer to play your small piano or dancing together at home. Somehow, your little piano obviously is not attractive anymore. You prefer to play the big organ in “Poh Poh” house. right?

Look at this girl. She really enjoyed playing the organ in “Poh Poh” house last weekend. So proud too. LOL! 😛

Frankly, an organ is just like the commodities trades in futures trading for me, a total stranger. I know nothing about it! Ha! But, one thing for sure. Elizabeth just don’t know how to play a song yet. Thus, mummy is not going to spend on an organ. Ha! Luckily, “Poh Poh” house got one. Lucky Elizabeth! Hehe……


I love Cap

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2008

Before daddy leave to Beijing, he wanted to buy cap for Elizabeth as a gift when he is back. Mummy stopped him. As it’s hard to estimate the right size for Liz. Somehow, we are looking for a nice cap to suit Liz now.

Liz started to like cap. She always wear daddy’s cap recently. She will even post nicely when the cap is on her head. That’s cute and cool! 😛

Like daddy like daughter. I am sure Elizabeth loves cap because she sees daddy always wearing it.  Mummy wears cap too, just not very often. Obviously, we are family! 😉


Dance along the foutain

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

We went out for breakfast and morning walk last Saturday, Elizabeth were so excited. She always loves Gurney Drives. As we walk through Evergreen Laurel Hotel, there is a nice fountain in front of it. And, this is what happened…

Oh! My favorite fountain! It’s high. What a great stage. Shall I dance?

Come on everybody! Let’s move your body! 😉

And… Shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum…


Oh… No… no… no. No more shooting my pictures. That’s enough, mummy! 😯

Lovely! Great styles! Thus, mummy even placed the 2nd picture on top as my desktop background. May be daddy want it to be in his laptop too? You are so hot, baby! Mummy and daddy are so proud of you. Just keep dancing. Hahaha……


I am a Winner

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 12, 2008

Did you hear my maid shouting:” Cannot! Cannot! Cannot!”? But, she just keep climbing. Slowly but Steadily. Surprise! Surprise! Little Elizabeth managed to walk up such high stairs all on her own. Fantastic!Last Sunday, we were still at Eastern & Oriental Hotel for a while after our lunch. Why? Cause little Elizabeth wants to play! 😛

She was running around the seaside corridor chasing after other kids while daddy and mummy were having our lunch. My maid were watching instead. Then, we all walk into the lobby again after we made a few shots outdoor.

We got to stop moving once this little princess spied the stair cases. Immediately, my little princess insisted to step on the red carpet as she supposed to. hahaha…

She really had so much fun! She even show it off, waving and laughing joyfully to her daddy who was sitting below, while she was high up. But, it’s truly well done! If you are in a toddlers stair cases climbing contest, then I think you certainly deserved a trophy or engraved plaques, my dear! 😉


Let’s exercise together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

I guess if we can start exercise since toddler, our figure will certainly looks fit and in good shape. Our body should be healthier too. So, let’s start exercise, little princess! 😛

It looks like little Elizabeth is more on playing rather than exercising. hahaha…

We should trained our baby start exercise since young (may be around 18 months). May be they are not doing all the stretch properly. At least they stretch. And, we as parents can build their interest on sports if we get them involved since young.

Mummy really don’t want little Elizabeth to be like me. I am such an idiot in terms of sports. May be mummy might need legal steroids, if I want to build up my body now. LOL!

Mummy really have to set a good example from now. Luckily, there is still daddy. Elizabeth can actually watch basketball games and play balls with daddy. 😛


I need skin care

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008

Little Elizabeth really likes to play. And, she is always funny!

Sometimes, anything can be a toy to a toddler. Elizabeth likes to play with mummy’s skin care set. she actually applied some of mummy’s whitening body lotion on her face this morning.

Mummy was shock to see her doing that. I thought she still don’t know how to take off the cover. Somehow, she made me laugh! Her face was full of cream and she just don’t know how to spread and rub it. She just let it be instead. She is more like a clown at that time! 😆

Anyway, luckily it’s not acne treatments. As It is good for pimple skin, but definitely too strong for baby skin. At least body lotion is mild. So, should mummy spare baby lotion specially for her to apply?

It’s better to make sure she can never reached all my skin care set anymore.


I like to be on stage

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2008

Mummy’s 17 months old is getting very playful nowadays. I think slowly she shows her own characters too. I realized she really can act. In fact, this little baby even likes to be on stage.

She actually enjoy standing on the bench or stairs and dance on it. I think she will be singing too, once she can speak. Cute, right? Will she wish to become a movie star or singer later when she grow up? Come what may! 😆

Mummy have no problem with her standing on the bench or stairs. But, she is even more excited when she get to stand on the tins or cardboard boxes. That is such a small space. And, they are not stable at all. Any time she can fall. That’s terrifying! 😯

Recently, this is her stage. :(

Looks like Elizabeth is also the adventurous type too! LOL!


Limbo Rock

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2008

Elizabeth watches “Barney and friends” almost everyday. She learned so many tricks from the show. However, mummy didn’t expect her to know the “Limbo Rock” posture position.  That’s funny! Really Cute! 😛

Look at this little naughty! She even raised her feet standing with her toes end!LOL!

Oh, This is fun! Mummy wants to join the game too. So, let’s rock together! *Ouch*  Sorry, girl! I think mummy is a little too old for this. Looks like mummy’s waist got twisted a bit. I will stop now. Elizabeth enjoy yourself, ok? hahaha……


That’s challenging

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 22, 2008

Elizabeth enjoyed being pushed around in her new bicycle. However, she still can’t ride it on her own. Thus, it can be boring sometimes. But, she really can make her life so interesting most of the time!

It’s a bit boring. Boring! Boring! Boring!

Oh, this is challenging! Let’s try! 😯

Oh! Look at my new trick. I made it! At least some fun!  😛

Mummy and daddy really have a brave girl, don’t we? That’s very challenging for us too! LOL!


I am on the phone

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2008

Elizabeth is such a big girl now, don’t she?

This little one was first running on the bed. As she grab mummy’s mobile phone, she stopped. In fact, I am sure you see her panting too. I guess it’s tiring for her after some running. 😛

Anyway, It’s wonderful to video tape this scene. Something mummy and daddy should not miss out! She is so cute while imitating the adults at home talking on the phone. This little chicky is always full of physical action and facial expression. LOL!

However, I am sure it’s even more entertaining if I know what she is trying to tell. In fact, I just can’t wait to create closed captioning for all her words and share the joy with all of you. 😛


Hello Monkeys

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 18, 2008

There were monkeys outside the house this morning. They were fooling on the big trees near my house. Elizabeth just woke up. But, she gets so excited to see them! 😛

There is a “mini forest” near my house actually. Thus, there is always animals around, just like a mini zoo. That’s good! As animals are Elizabeth’s best friends. 😛

Anyway, She really so excited! I know my girl is trying to catch the monkey. Actually, mummy should cut the tree trunks and grab the monkeys for Elizabeth! Anyone got festool? hahaha……


Fell from the bed

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

Oh, God! Can you make mummy more alert and make sure mummy manage to grab her next time. Please protect my girl. Mummy really can’t take it anymore! It’s terrifying to see her fly off and get hit badly as she fell down from the bed to the floor. 😥

She was about to sleep actually. We were rolling on the bed, kissing each other and laughing happily. Suddenly, she stood up. Running to the conner of the bed and stand by the dressing table as usual. I guess she was about to grab something on the table. But, she slipped.

Somehow, mummy was quick enough to get her. She was save. That’s the first time. Then, she did the stunt again later when “kakak” came in. She flew straight off the bed like being thrown out. Her leg get stuck half way. Thus, she came tumbling after. At last, her forehead went knocked on the floor.

What a tragedy! That was so hurt! She cried! Non stop for about 15 minutes. As she was terrified. Mummy’s heart was breaking as I see her so pale on the face and her hands and body was shivering a bit.

She is asleep. But, it’s not over yet. There is a big bump on her forehead now. Poor girl! Careless mummy! Hurtful baby! 😥


Don’t forget your cigarretes

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 13, 2008

Elizabeth learn so fast these days. She is kind of quick sometimes. Show her once, she might not perform immediately. But, it’s in her mind. Usually, she will give mummy, daddy or granny a big surprise. She will do it when we are not expecting it. 😛

After all, you will never expect your 1 year old girl to bring your pack of cigarettes together with the lighter for you when you are about to walk out of the main door, don’t you? That’s what Elizabeth did to daddy. 😯

Daddy is a smoker. And, he is trying so hard to avoid smoking in front of our little princess. But still, she knows that daddy will bring along his cigarettes and lighter everywhere he goes.

In this case, mummy is worried that she might learn how to smoke in the future. May be it’s time for daddy to consider drug rehabilitation!


Take me down

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 9, 2008

This is what happened on this Boring Monday night. So, mummy end up has a wonderful night. hahaha…

Obviously, little Elizabeth wanted to come down on her own. But, she is afraid that she might fall. She tried so hard to sort out a way. Run here and there. End up so tired. Thus, laying down for a while.

But, not giving up. Finally, she tried to jump and asked help from her grandma at the other side of the glass. She failed again. “So… Mummy! Please carry me!” hahaha……

Mummy, Elizabeth and “kakak” were together in the study room that night. We have nothing much to play. And, Elizabeth don’t feel like “studying” too. Instead, this naughty girl insisted to climb up the bench. Alright! Go ahead! :roll:

Finally, she realized that’s a terrible idea. hahaha…

Elizabeth always play in the study room as there is air conditioning and carpeted. Thus, it’s a safe and cool playground. 😛


Shower, rain drops, fountain and pool

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 30, 2008

Elizabeth enjoyed bathing together with mummy nowadays. I think it’s easier for mummy too. As mummy doesn’t have to change my shirt as usual when get wet. Also, Elizabeth feel fun. Now she is dancing with mummy in the bathroom again.

Mummy likes to sing for Elizabeth while we were in the bathroom. Mummy loves to see her dancing and laughing. Mummy also enjoyed seeing her walked into the shower. Elizabeth is so brave! As she saw mummy bath under the shower, she was curious. So, she just went under it like mummy.

“But, don’t open your eyes and look up, girl!”

I think Elizabeth is curious to see the water pour down from the shower head, just like raining. Thus, she will always raise her head high up with her eyes widely opened. That certainly hurts her eyes! :(

Elizabeth really likes water. She likes to swim in the pool, play with the water in the pale, rain drops, and her pee too! :roll:

Now she is even curious with the outdoor fountains as she sees them. Mummy likes fountains too. They are beautiful, luxury and soothing! In mummy’s opinion, custom build wall fountains are unique interior decoration.

And, fountains are especially helpful when the weather is hot! Even a small table top fountain can make a difference and help to cool down the surroundings.

This is special, attractive and cute! I am sure Elizabeth will likes it. 😛


I hate chairs

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Little Elizabeth likes to climb up the chairs now. She will climb up the chair which mummy placed in front of mummy’s computer once mummy is away. As she was curious about the computer.

Besides, she will climb up the mini chair which mummy placed it in front of the telephone table. As she wants to talk through the phone or made a call! 😛

She even enjoy running on the sofa in the TV room. That’s why she fell badly from this sofa twice. In this case, she will run run run till the end of the sofa and fell over straight away. It’s very dangerous as she might get her neck twisted or get a big bump on her head.

In fact, mummy should custom made a sofa that can fully take up all the space between the 2 walls. There should not be holes between the sofa and the wall. That would be safer and surely can prevents Elizabeth from falling from the sofa or bump at the wall.

On the other hand, mummy should stop buying any chair with knobs. Especially like those in the house now that have knobs on top of both sides. As Elizabeth playing with her uncle on the bed yesterday, She accidentally bang on the knob of the chair. Immediately, one of her eyes get scratched and was swollen. Today, that side of her eyes is still swollen. :(


Open the door

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

What will your kids do when you close the door? Will he or she made a request to open it again? My Elizabeth certainly will, especially when daddy or mummy shut the door and leave her outside the room. She will cry out loud and keep on bang the door, if we don’t open the door and let her in immediately.

“Please stay outside with the maid for a while, girl!Mummy wants to bathe…” 😆

As she learn to open the door on her own, she always flip the door in and out. That’s dangerous as she might hurt her fingers or tows accidentally. Now, she became smarter. She knows that she must push the dummy door lever to get the door open if the door was initially close up tight.

Somehow, she plays with the dummy door lever very often now, even when the door is widely open. :roll:

In this case, mummy should change some of the old dummy door levers at home to a new and better one. As their gold plated is coming out.

Mummy don’t want the “color” to stick on my girl’s hand as she rub on it. That might be toxic. So, I must make sure it will not eventually goes into her mouth. In this case, mummy is sure that I can trust Schlage.


I just pretend

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 19, 2008

Elizabeth is good at pretending these days. And, she loves to play pretend. On the other hand, mummy enjoys seeing her playing pretend. That’s cute! 😛

She knows how to pretend drinking water with an empty cup long ago. I think she first did it when she was only 8 months old.

At that time, I can’t even hold the cup properly.

And I still look like a boy, don’t I? Ha! I just pretend to be a boy. You got trick! 😛

Now, Elizabeth still pretends that she is drinking water whenever we give her an empty cup. But, she also chew like there is food in her mouth even though mummy feed her with empty spoon. As she grows bigger, her skills improve. Sometimes, it seems so real until mummy thought she must have picked up any rubbish on the floor and put it in her mouth. hahahaha…….

It’s just like silicon and saline breast implants, they are so real. I guess we can hardly make sure it’s fake unless she herself choose to tell us the truth. 😛

You really can act, don’t you? Please stop teasing mummy, Elizabeth. Mummy surrendered! 😛


Playing with broom

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 17, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I am not out. Mummy and daddy stay at home with me too. So, I feel like showing them some tricks. I am sure you know that I am good at tricks! 😛

So, Let’s see what can I do? First, I found the new broom.

Mummy said this is the latest invention of broom which can even clean the window, the fan or the ceiling. It is made of light aluminum panel and PU sponge. It’s so light. Thus, I can easily raise it high! 😛

Now… I have a great weapon. Who is going to fight with me?

I can even twist and turn it around like what the monkey god did in the story of “Journey to the West”.

I am a bit tired now. How am I going to put it back?


I am a computer genius

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Nowadays it’s getting difficult for mummy to blog as little Elizabeth always create interruption. I guess it’s all because at this stage, all baby learn through imitation. Thus, Elizabeth feel so proud and happy every time she got the chance to be in front of the computer just like mummy.

Yeah… this is the time to snap a photo. I am so good at computer too. Brilliant, isn’t it? 😛

What is this? Why must mummy keep pressing these keys? How come there is no pictures on the screen? Anyway, it’s fun! 😛

May be I should move the mouse like mummy! 😉

Still, there is nothing appear on the screen. Impossible! :blush:

So, can Sophos help to stop this “little spam” too? LOL! Mummy will be very grateful! 😆