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I want to go to Shirt Class

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 13, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, I can’t wait any more. Can we go to McD now?”

Mummy:”Alright. Let’s go!”Liz:”But, I don’t know how to change. I need you to change for me.”

Mummy:”Oh! Ok. Ok. I am coming!” πŸ˜›

As mummy was changing for my little princess……

Liz:”Mummy, I want to go to shirt class, ok?”

Mummy:”What? Shirt class?” 😯 *Puzzled*

Liz:”Yes. I want to learn how to change shirt.” Waahahahahahaha……

Mummy:”Now I understand what you mean, baby. But, I am so sorry. There is no shirt class. Mummy will teach you how to do it at home, ok?”

Liz:”O… Ok. How about swimming class? Got swimming class or not?”

Mummy:”oh, sure! But, I think you are too young now. Somehow, we can give it a try during the year end school holiday, ok?”Liz:”Ok.” πŸ˜‰

Wow! Looks like my curious littleΒ cheeky is so keen on learning now. Or is it because she was so contented to attend classes since young. Somehow, nothing to loss if she loves attending classes aye?Β Β At least she already understand that attending classes is to learn something that we don’t know.

By the way, I think mummy will send you to learn swimming by year end holiday. No more delay. As that’s what happened yesterday.

Liz:”Mummy, how can I swim without the float? Mmmm…… (thinking)”

Then she take out her float, and immediately she just get down to this 4 feet pool by herself. 😯

But surprisingly she managed to grab the steal ladder and get her head up by herself before mummy grab her. Stunning! but, very dangerous as well. Mummy just got to watch her more closely this time. Of course, she should know how to float on her own as soon as possible too. :)


Curtains, Blinds or Shutters

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth likes to hide behind the curtains playing “Peekaboo” now. In fact, as long as she is having fun, I really don’t mind she hide under any cloth as long as it’s clean and safe. However, mummy wash the curtains a few months once. Thus, I don’t think they are clean.

Mummy hates washing the bulky curtains. As mummy need to climb up and down to take the curtains off and hang it on again after cleaning. The whole process is always a mess. And, it’s hard to find place to hang it till dry. But, mummy just won’t spend on a dryer just because of the curtains. In fact, mummy is thinking of changing it to country wood blinds.

It’s nice and it suits our overall home design which major in woods. Blinds are easy to clean. At least mummy don’t have to take it out and fix it again. Just fix it for once, then clean it by wiping it with wet clothes everyday. That’s practical and hygienic.

However, the blinds will slap on her face when she try to hide behind it. In this case, there is no point even if I choose the normal PVC blinds. Luckily, there is polywood shutters.

This real wood shutter looks great! It’s classic and neat, isn’t it? And, this shutter itself is a window. It’s not another piece of blind that we hang like the curtain. So, there is no space for Elizabeth to hide behind it. So, this is the best for us! πŸ˜›


As long as it’s safe

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 3, 2008

Elizabeth just fall asleep. Elizabeth is getting very active now. In fact, she is curious about the things around too. She is more like an inspector now. She will inspects almost everything that kept in the house.

Thus, mummy actually sealed all the sources of electric supplies in the house that we are not using. Somehow, mummy still let her explores and digs all the things which supposed to be safe for her, especially when mummy is busy. πŸ˜‰


Cut nails

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2008

I realized my girl had grown up a lot. Her long pants getting shorter. And, I still remember it’s quite hard to cut her nails before she turned 1. However, it’s so much easier now. I guess she started to understand that she might get hurt if she is moving while mummy was cutting her nails. πŸ˜›

Her nails grow so fast. Mummy got to cut her nails every 2 to 3 days. And, the scissors type nail cuter is exceptional useful. Easy to use and safe too. This type of nail cuter is specially designed to avoid us from cutting the little ones finger.

I better be hard working. If I don’t cut her nails, the long nails will cut her skin as she scratches her backs or legs. She scratches almost her whole body. Damn good at scratching! :roll:

Anyway, granny is still the one who always remember to cut her nails. Careless mummy! :(


Elizabeth wants coins

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

My girl is interested with coins more than paper money. May be it’s more visible. Daddy always place the coins on mummy’s dressing table whenever he is at home. And, Elizabeth will try her best to reach them.

She will ask mummy to get her onto the bed. As the dressing table is placing side by side to the bed, she will lean on the table side as she climb up the bed. Then, she start looking for coins.

She knows that she is not allowed to pick up the coins. As mummy insists that coins are dirty. Still, she will stretch her hand out to reach the coins if she sees them. Toddlers just won’t follow instruction, don’t they? :roll:

May be daddy should put his remaining coins in some other places. Hide it. As she won’t look for it, if it is not seen. Mummy just want to make sure that she won’t fall from the bed again because of a few pennies. :(

Mummy is interested in coins too. But, not these pennies. I like US Mint Coins. That’s precious! Valuable! πŸ˜›


Fell from the bed

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

Oh, God! Can you make mummy more alert and make sure mummy manage to grab her next time. Please protect my girl. Mummy really can’t take it anymore! It’s terrifying to see her fly off and get hit badly as she fell down from the bed to the floor. πŸ˜₯

She was about to sleep actually. We were rolling on the bed, kissing each other and laughing happily. Suddenly, she stood up. Running to the conner of the bed and stand by the dressing table as usual. I guess she was about to grab something on the table. But, she slipped.

Somehow, mummy was quick enough to get her. She was save. That’s the first time. Then, she did the stunt again later when “kakak” came in. She flew straight off the bed like being thrown out. Her leg get stuck half way. Thus, she came tumbling after. At last, her forehead went knocked on the floor.

What a tragedy! That was so hurt! She cried! Non stop for about 15 minutes. As she was terrified. Mummy’s heart was breaking as I see her so pale on the face and her hands and body was shivering a bit.

She is asleep. But, it’s not over yet. There is a big bump on her forehead now. Poor girl! Careless mummy! Hurtful baby! πŸ˜₯


I hate chairs

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Little Elizabeth likes to climb up the chairs now. She will climb up the chair which mummy placed in front of mummy’s computer once mummy is away. As she was curious about the computer.

Besides, she will climb up the mini chair which mummy placed it in front of the telephone table. As she wants to talk through the phone or made a call! πŸ˜›

She even enjoy running on the sofa in the TV room. That’s why she fell badly from this sofa twice. In this case, she will run run run till the end of the sofa and fell over straight away. It’s very dangerous as she might get her neck twisted or get a big bump on her head.

In fact, mummy should custom made a sofa that can fully take up all the space between the 2 walls. There should not be holes between the sofa and the wall. That would be safer and surely can prevents Elizabeth from falling from the sofa or bump at the wall.

On the other hand, mummy should stop buying any chair with knobs. Especially like those in the house now that have knobs on top of both sides. As Elizabeth playing with her uncle on the bed yesterday, She accidentally bang on the knob of the chair. Immediately, one of her eyes get scratched and was swollen. Today, that side of her eyes is still swollen. :(


Open the door

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

What will your kids do when you close the door? Will he or she made a request to open it again? My Elizabeth certainly will, especially when daddy or mummy shut the door and leave her outside the room. She will cry out loud and keep on bang the door, if we don’t open the door and let her in immediately.

“Please stay outside with the maid for a while, girl!Mummy wants to bathe…” πŸ˜†

As she learn to open the door on her own, she always flip the door in and out. That’s dangerous as she might hurt her fingers or tows accidentally. Now, she became smarter. She knows that she must push the dummy door lever to get the door open if the door was initially close up tight.

Somehow, she plays with the dummy door lever very often now, even when the door is widely open. :roll:

In this case, mummy should change some of the old dummy door levers at home to a new and better one. As their gold plated is coming out.

Mummy don’t want the “color” to stick on my girl’s hand as she rub on it. That might be toxic. So, I must make sure it will not eventually goes into her mouth. In this case, mummy is sure that I can trust Schlage.



Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

Many has learn to invest in education plans for the their kids’ future education needs. Parents nowadays are intelligent. Thus, they will buy insurance for their kids’ medical expenses too.

In my opinion, most importantly we as parents should invest appropriate amount on our own life insurance. As we are still alive, we still have the ability to protect our kids. We can still find ways to help them collect their education or medical cost.

If we accidentally leave them, the large amount from our life insurance compensation will be their only dependent. Unless we have great sums of savings and other investments.

Also, there might be cases we or our kids actually meet auto accidents while we do not buy insurance on our own. In this case, we can ask the help of San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney. Just in case we or our kids need to depend on the compensation to live.


No more running on the Sofa

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

This morning, Elizabeth fell down from the sofa again. That time mummy is still dreaming. She was with the maid just like very morning. However, mummy quickly jump out of the bed and run to open the door once I heard a big, loud “bang”.

Mummy reached Elizabeth within seconds. Anyway, once I heard the “bang”, mummy certainly know it’s too late. Anyway, even though she cried out loud but there is no serious injury at all. Not even a blue black bump. That’s miracle!

Somehow, mummy is brainstorming the ways of preventing her to fall from the sofa again as this is the 2nd time she fell from it. But, there is no solution in my mind. I thought she will be afraid after the first fall, but how come she is not? 😯

In fact, Elizabeth still running happily on the sofa, instead of walking or sitting on it, after the first fall. That’s very dangerous! Thus, don’t expect children to learn their lessons. We parents have to be protective in many ways. I think all mummy can do is to make sure she has no chance to run on the sofa again.

“No more climbing up to the sofa, my girl!”


That’s close

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 25, 2008

Mummy now prefer to bring little Elizabeth out as mummy feels that’s when I have less problems from Elizabeth. Elizabeth can easily cause “accidents” while she is in the house. May be toddlers are naughtier at all their familiar places.

I really wish to prove myself wrong. However, it’s very true. Elizabeth has break a bottle of mummy’s sparkling juice this morning. Mummy were so upset. Not because of the sparkling juice of course.

Mummy is so nervous as I am afraid little Elizabeth might get hurt by the pieces of breaking glasses. Luckily, she is safe. But, poor “kakak” have to clean and mop the floor which was covered with this sweet sparkling juice.

This accident happened as Elizabeth pulled this big glass bottle (which is full of yummy sparkling juice) out from the wine rack which is exactly at the corner of our build-in kitchen cabinet. Elizabeth just pulled, the whole thing drop on the floor and break immediately.

That’s close, isn’t it? God bless us as Lizzy was safe. On the other hand, mummy has learned a lesson. Since there is toddler in the house, there should be no more glass items at places where Elizabeth can reach. :)


At the playground

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 16, 2008


Elizabeth enjoys playing at the playground nowadays. But, mummy doesn’t really agree with that. After all, baby Elizabeth is still too young. She certainly don’t know how to queue.At the same time, she can’t handle the slides. Usually, she will climb up the slides from the opposite direction instead of sliding down form high up. It’s either mummy, daddy or the maid that is going to hold her and watch her closely while she is at the playground.

On the other hand, kiddie rides is far more than dangerous than slides and swings in the playground. Especially those that will fly up high to the extend that the parents can’t even reach the kid when they raise their up their hands. 😯

Parents might argue that these games should be safe as the manufacturers should be very careful. They should be aware that if any accident happen, they might get lawsuit. For example, the victim can ask help from Scranton personal injury lawyer to suit the producers, once there is any injury cause by the kiddie rides.

However, we as parents should be mindful on our kids’ safety. In many cases, parents are the person to be blame for the kids’ accidents. In the first place, we should not let our kids involve in any of the activity that might risk their lives.


Poor Spider

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2008

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Elizabeth use her little fingers to pressed on a tiny spider. The spider was killed! My girl had killed the spider. That’s scary! So sorry, little itsy bitsy spider! πŸ˜₯

Will she kills ants or cockroaches as well? And without my knowledge, she might put her fingers in her mouth after killing these little insects. That’s even more scary! 😯

Mummy is so worried about Elizabeth’s habit of picking up some dirts from the floor and even put them in her mouth sometimes. Mummy gets so afraid as mummy is aware that eating dirts might be poisoning. For example, dirts might has traces of methane.

In fact, methane gas is everywhere and worst still it really can cause serious poisoning. Oh! It’s seems that methane gas detection is needed for everyone health and safety.


Her lips bleed

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 29, 2008

LOL! My girl just fell down from the one step stair. It’s the first time she fell from the stair since she knows how to walk. This time she accidentally bit her own lips. Thus, it’s so hurt for mummy to see her bleeding! πŸ˜₯

Just because mummy needs some “me” time for blogging or other activities, everyday there will be time when baby Elizabeth is took care by the Indonesian maid. I think my maid is good enough. It’s just that she can be careless sometimes. And, I always keep complaining about one bad habit about her. She likes to do some other works or even walk away for something else at the same time when she was asked to take care of Elizabeth. I hate that cause that’s normally why accidents can happen.

Anyway, daddy is not around. So daddy, if you sees this… Please don’t worry. Elizabeth stop crying quite soon. And, she is sleeping soundly now. Next time be careful with the stairs ya, my dear… πŸ˜›


No more rashes

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 22, 2008

I realized as the weather gets hotter, babies need to bath more often. For example, baby Elizabeth get lots of rashes as she caught flu. And, it’s not because of the flu. But, it’s all because normally when she caught flu, I will skip her bath. I will just clean or swap her body with wet cloth. Once I bathe her more after she had recovered, all the rashes are gone with the wind! πŸ˜›

In short, we must always bathe our baby to keep them clean all the time. In fact, I bathe my little one twice a day. The first time is about 10 to 11 am in the morning. The next one will be around 5pm in the evening. Yet, I will still swap her whole body before she puts on her pajamas at night.

Babies tends to sweat a lot. Bathing is to cool down their body and also to wash away the sticky sweats. Bare in mind the sticky sweats may cause rashes or other skin problems.

On the other hand, we must be careful with those body shop supplies. Certain body wash or soaps that are too acidic are not suitable for babies. Thus, I am still using organic soap free baby wash.


Mummy is getting lazy…

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 21, 2008

In fact, I am back from Hong Kong 1 week ago. Anyway, poor girl! As this blog of hers is left untouched for more than 2 weeks. Frankly, mummy has no time to blog about Elizabeth for the past 1 week. As there are still many things from Hong Kong that mummy wants to post in her other blogs. So sorry, dear… Will you forgive me?

But from now onwards, I am going to blog about my little princess again. That’s what I promised.

First of all, I have left out her monthly development milestone for this month. And, my girl has grown up a lot. She is so cute now. Busy talking to everyone but unfortunately no one understand her. :sad: Anyway, mummy still manged to guess some of her languages.

She still loves balloon like nothing else. Last night, I brought her to Gurney Plaza again. And, she is busy looking for balloon once she saw other kids is holding balloons. I really wish I can took a few pics of the moment she saw the balloons. She is “jumping for joy”, mumbling and smiling with a chicky look. πŸ˜›

Of course if the balloon burst, she will be frighten. And, this time is no longer the helium balloon with thick plastic. This is just the ordinary one. Thus, I choose the smallest one for her. It’s safe as small balloon hardly burst even of she hit the balloon here and there when she is holding it! πŸ˜‰

And, it’s a small red heart shape balloon. It’s sweet, isn’t it? Mummy love you, baby.


I fell

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 15, 2007

Now, mummy is supposed to continue blogging for my birthday party cause daddy is still waiting for my “stunt”. However, mummy felt so bad today as she let me fell in the toilet and hit my head ( back part) badly. Even though there were no bruise, but I cry like there is no tomorrow for about 15 minutes. Already break record. It’s painful! πŸ˜₯

Mummy nearly cry out loud too. She feels so sorry. As usual, mummy were bathing for me this afternoon and playing with me in the pale. However, I don’t feel like staying in the pale anymore after a while. Mummy feel strange. But, she never get me up. So… I got no choice, but for the first time I “poop” inside my “bath tub”.

So, mummy quickly get me out of the pale. And, she intend to wash my backside with the pipe water. Thus, she let me stand on my own while she is grabbing the pipe. End up I slip as I try to move my first step. Then, my head bang straight onto the floor. It’s like the sleeping position if you try to imagine. Straight away, I cried out loud!

Don’t you think mummy is too careless? Even though daddy did not scold mummy either. But, mummy feels terribly bad! :sad:

Warning: Never let your baby stands alone when the floor is wet!


She asked for it

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2007

This is Elizabeth’s new toy phone that daddy just bought for her this Sunday. She already learn how to talk on a phone about a month ago. Thus, she likes phone. Most importantly, she will ask for something whenever we bring her to a shop. If she has nothing in her hands while when we walk out from the shop, she will start crying. OMG! She might just be another future shopping queen! :roll:

I think by now she can understand perfectly that we buy things from shops and bring them home. So, this is what her father get for her at the mart inside Caltex petrol station, when we stop for fill up. It’s about RM5. Girls are girls. This phone with pearl string seems please her. However, It’s better to cut this pearl string out of the phone, just in case she might swallow the beads if the string accidentally break. πŸ˜›

I guess we just have to get ready that once our baby reach certainly level of understanding, they will start being demanding in terms of material wants. And, I guess at this 11th month stage, it’s just the beginning. πŸ˜†


No Rubber Clogs on Escalators

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 20, 2007

Like this shoes? I just bought it about a month ago from Tree House, Penang. It is so cute and Elizabeth really look so “baby like” when she put it on. I love this design so much. Soft Homemade leader like baby flog. Does this look familiar to you? However, this pair of shoes has no crocodile mark on it. Anyway, the design is still quite similar with that famous rubber flog. Thus, I am quite worried… luckily Elizabeth can’t walk yet, so is still save for her.

I guess some mummies already know what am I worried about. If you still do not aware of the danger of wearing the famous rubber flog. You better wake up now, especially if you are still crazy over it. If you are Malaysian(only for Northern region), quickly grab today’s “The Star” newspaper and flip through it. You might see one big bold header stating CAP (Consumer Association of Penang) : Ban Rubber Clogs in the ‘Star Metro” section. If you are too lazy to pick up the newspaper or you are simply a Malaysian who live outside Northern Region or you might from other countries. Check this out, then you will know what I mean.

This is specially dedicated to all parents. Your dearest baby girl or boy, or even yourself might be wearing the wrong shoes which you might thought it is a great one. Be caution as you might seriously injured or lost your toes just by wearing a pair of highly praised rubber clog.

Crocs + escalators = entrapments

This is what I found out from TheStar.com, ( remember to click into it and see the full detail)

“According to reports appearing across the United States and as far away as Singapore and Japan, entrapments occur because of two of the biggest selling points of shoes like Crocs: their flexibility and grip. Some report the shoes get caught in the “teeth” at the bottom or top of the escalator, or in the crack between the steps and the side of the escalator.”

“Washington Metro’s Lacosse and other escalator experts say the best way to prevent shoe entrapments is to face the direction the stairs are moving, keep feet away from the sides and step over the teeth at the end.”

I might continue to make some updates regarding this topic if there are other serious incidents occurs. Hope you parents always got the right shoes for your dearest little ones.

Have a nice day!