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Fish Ball

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 14, 2008

My girl loves to eat fish balls now. In fact, I realized it about a month ago during Chinese New Year time. That’s the first time I let her tried fish balls. And, she keep asking for more once she has tried it. It seems fish ball is truly yummy to her.

Of course, I cut this small balls into even small pieces as I don’t want my little princess to get chuck. So I will always cook soup with fish balls in it. And, at least 10 of the fish balls has been reserved for this little cutie as she can take about 5 for each meal. Sometimes, I will cook the fish balls with tofus and carrots as Elizabeth like tofu too.

A dish of mix tofus, pork, fish balls, mushrooms and carrots

By the way, mummy is glad that her little girl can eat “Lok Lok” together with mummy and daddy now as she can take her favorite fish balls or the tiny bird’s eggs.



Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Daddy has left. He went to “Poh Poh” house tonight, sleep there and straight away departing to Port Dickson by tomorrow morning. But before he leave, he bring me to seven eleven and buy me 5 packs of Yakult. I love Yakult!

Since the first time mummy bought me the first pack of Yakult, I straight away fall for it. That’s something irresistible! So yummy! 😛

And, this is what happened for the second time I get Yakult?

I guess at that time, I am only about 10 months old.

Daddy, wish you have a safe journey and see you on Sunday night. Mummy is going to miss you! :)


Little Milk Addict

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 13, 2008

Nowadays, little Lizzy prefer to eat rice compared to porridge. So, mostly she will eat rice with soup. Of course, she can get bored wit it too. For instance, she rather take fried fish instead of rice and soup. So, she end up take one whole small fish and no rice. May be it’s kind of too pampered. But… seriously think of it, even we adults can be choosy sometimes. So do baby! 😛

However, baby Elizabeth is kind of addicted to her milk now. She will surely ask for milk before she go to bed, when she wake up in the morning and sometimes even in afternoon.

Anyway,it’s good for baby to have milk rather than other junk food. After all, there is nothing to worry about milk addiction. There is no need to treat this addiction too. Only drug addiction that need addiction treatment.


Some fruit paste, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 1, 2008

We all know that fruits contain all types of vitamins and other minerals as well. Thus, I still make sure my girl will take enough fruits everyday. However, I seldom blend fruits for her. Oh! Lazy mummy!*slap forehead*

I always buy ready made can type fruits paste for her. And, I have to admit that my little princess loves fruits so much. 😛 But, previously it was this. Then, now I try this too.

Still she likes it. I think partly she is attracted by the packing too. But, it’s good to see her learn how to suck from the pack. 😉

Anyway, they are all organic. Yes! I am still buying organic stuffs for her including her formula milk. But, I think the best is still making the fruits paste from fresh fruits.

Thus, I plan to start making fruits paste for her but certainly not from organic fruits. They are overprice. :roll:


Biscuits is better than bread

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 24, 2008

Little Elizabeth likes bread and biscuits so much. Thus, I’ve bought many types of mini biscuits for her before I go to Hong Kong. Just to make sure she still have something go into her stomach when she is hungry or while her mouth needs something to bite. haha…

However, I find that she won’t stay on with one type of biscuits for long. She likes to try something new. OMG! Like mother like daughter. Mummy is quite like a “dustbin”, anything can go in as long as it’s not the same all the time. LOL!

In fact, I think she is in the growing stage where she gets curious with all new things now. She learn to make her own choice. That’s obvious since she turned one. But, giving her breads is certainly better than biscuits. I said so as I certainly need vacuum cleaners almost everyday to keep my carpets clean if she is holding a piece of biscuit every now and then. :roll:


I am too fat

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 21, 2008

Now mummy thinks I am too fat. Mummy is busy finding out what’s wrong with my diet. Am I eating too much? Anyway, I don’t even start taking meat. I am only taking soup or porridge that cook with meat. So, may be it’s Bonmil.

Anyway, it’s a bit difficult for baby Elizabeth to slim down as she is just a toddler. If we adults gain weight, we may have many options to slim down including taking diet pills. However, it is not suitable for toddler. And, It ain’t easy to train her to exercise everyday either.

In fact, she walks in the house all the long. I think she is having adequate exercise. So, it’s pretty obvious that she has over ate. :(


Japs Style Baked Fish

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 6, 2007

This is another of my secret recipe for my baby. 😆

To prepare it, it is just as easy as the previous recipe of spaghetti.


1) A piece of Cod Fish. ( split it into 2 if it’s a big piece) Defroze it. And, make some cuts on the fish ( use the knife to make lines). In this way, it’s easier for the marinated source to sip in. Also, this is to make sure the inside of the fish is well cook too within that short baking time.

2) A slice of garlic. Chop it into very tiny pieces.

3) A bottle of Terriyaki source.

How to cook:

1) Marinate the fish with 1 1/2 teaspoons of Terriyaki source. ( it all depends of the size of your fish actually) Just don’t put too much to keep the taste lighter as it is for babies.

2) Spread the tiny sliced garlic on top of the fish.

3) Bake it for 5 to 10 minutes.

That’s it. The yummy “Marinated Terriyaki Cod Fish” is done. Elizabeth likes it. You can try it for your baby too. 😛

However, I only have the picture of the raw fish which already marinated with Terriyaki source. As I want to snap the finish product ( the cook fish), my maid already took it out from the oven and immediately smash it into small pieces. I am just too late. it’s not nice anymore. :sad:


Spaghetti for her

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2007


See what I’ve got here. I am going to cook spaghetti with traditional tomato source for my girl. This is just a simple baby food recipe that I created myself. And, it’s really easy to get it serve as most of the ingredients are readymade.


1) Organic Spinach Spaghetti

2) Prego traditional Spaghetti source

3) Broccoli

How to cook:

1) cook the spaghetti ( about 5 sticks) with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in boil water for about 20 to 30 minutes.( I want it to be really soft as it would be easy for my baby to consume. )

2) Add the broccoli into the boiling water 10 minutes before you take out the spaghetti.     ( Make sure it’s still green so that it’s still nutritious.)

3) Once it’s done, take them all out. Cut only the broccoli flowers out and leave the hard stem aside. (That’s what I always did for my girl.)

4) Add only 1 or 2 teaspoons of the readymade tomato source.

5) Cut the spaghetti into very small pieces. And , serve it.

It’s delicious. She loves it. 😛

However,  I am still learning through some cookbooks and family recipes online. Hopefully I can make my own source soon. So that my little Lizzy can enjoy a healthier meal. :)


Bread! my favorite

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 26, 2007

Do you like bread? My baby Elizabeth just love it like nothing else. And, it’s quite safe to let a 10 months old hold the bread with her own hands and try to eat on her own too. Shoppingmum advised me to train her to eat on her own. No more feeding.

In fact,I’ve tried. But, not very often as it will turn out very messy. I don’t really like it and surprising she hates it too. Yeah… my girl. She don’t really like to hold the food. She will start looking at her fingers and try to get rid of the stickiness I guess, by moving her fingers. End up, she will throw the food away. LOL! Hold on, baby. Hold on. I guess she must be very particular about cleanliness when she grow up, aye?

Anyway, she just won’t throw the bread away as she really like breads. All sorts of bread. She starts eating bread when she was 7 months old. Simply delicious. Can swallow very well too. :)

Mmm… Yummy! :slurp:


Bye Bye BM

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 20, 2007

Elizabeth has stop breast feeding completely since I was back from KL. Actually, I only feed her once on BM since her 3rd week of her 6th Month. And, she started taking formula milk from the beginning of her 6th month. I thought she’s allergic to cow’s milk? Yeah! Once upon time, she was allergic to cows milk. But, she seems alright now. No more allergy problem! I did found the right formula for her! Huray!

I’m truly ( may be it over?) concerned about her food once she was detected with allergy problem. Just as I mentioned in my previous post, she’s almost a fully organic baby. And,Why I’m so into organic food?

First of all, babies are not suppose to expose to too much chemicals. So, in this case, organic baby food has become my first choice. And, it so happened that during my 7th month of pregnancy, one famous local franchise organic shop — Just Life, suddenly open somewhere in my neighbourhood area. Yeah! Very near to my house. So, should I say, Elizabeth is just lucky? (Because her lazy mummy definitely won’t drive 30 minutes or 1 hour just to get her some carrots or pumkins.) :)

Other than fresh vegetables, right from her formula milk to her ready made baby food like fruits purees, and even her syrup are all organic. Most of these baby food are from Babynat. To me, Babynat is highly recommanded for all the babies , especially it’s formula milk. Elizabeth is taking it’s cow’s milk formula now. And, it does impressed me that Lizzy has no allergic reaction at all. She’s just fine, yet, she manage to poop everyday too. Why is it so good? I think most probably because, Babynat do mix it’s cow’s milk formula with substantial amount of vegetable oils. Thus, even baby that allergic to cow’s milk like Elizabeth is still safe to consume. By tasting this formula, you would certainly find out that it’s not that rich in cow’s milk. Yet, all the nutrients needed by babies is added. And, most importantly, Elizabeth do like it! :)
I am very happy to find a formula like this. Really!

For the fruit purees from Babynat, I found it very professional as it will clearly states in the label the percentage of certain fruit and where does this fruit come from. For instance, if it’s the “Apple and Blueberry”, under the Ingredients, it will states : Apples from Italy 80%, blueberries from Sweden 20%.

Why I don’t make the fruit puree my own from organic fruits. I did sometimes. But, only for avocado because it’s good for baby, yet, is not in the Babynat range. Otherwise, fresh organic fruits are very expensive. And, ask me if I prefer to get the ordinary fresh fruits (which were filled with many types of chemicals) to make my own purees, or rather get the ready made organic purees, I certainly prefer the ready made.

There is another concern on why ready made. I don’t like to process Elizabeth’s food using blender, to me, vitamin C would easily oxidize, yet, because of the heat, some other nutrients might have gone too. Thus, not much differences from the ready made. Yet now, the ready made is organic, certainly better than just homemade.

Haha…… I sounds like owning one organic shop, don’t I? Frankly, I am still looking forward for the organic poultry. But, I think I just can’t get it in Penang, at least for the moment. However, no doubt that organic is good, just it’s mostly over priced. Don’t you think so?