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I am working hard to make my own money

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 3, 2011


This cutie rabbit was a present from CNY Auntie Jen. It has Jellies in it was it first reached my hand. I was told that I can save coins in it once I finish the jellies. That’s a good idea! :)

So, I eagerly ate all the jellies. Then, I pour some coins of mine from my other coin boxes into it. Now, I was working so hard to earn my own money. I tried my best to complete all the works given by mum everyday.

I did lots of coloring, writing, maths equation, cut and paste, board games and so on since 2 days ago. It all began on the beginning of this march.What a great beginning! The harder I work, the more I earn. For the moment, it’s such an interesting game for me.

I am determined to fill up this rabbit as soon as possible. Ha! Last night, it was 2 twenty cents. The day before was a 50 cents. Mum was so surprise that I can work so hard for money in this age. But, I really enjoyed making my own money. :)

Keep it up, honey. I am sure one day you will get your Ferrari. Ha! Most importantly, this is an awesome way for you to learn how to save and work hard for your living. Thanks to Auntie Jen and this cute big rabbit coin box.  :)


“Cooking” seriously

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 26, 2010


Alright! Guess what am I doing? Look so serious aye? Of course! I am busy cooking! Cooking or playing with the computer? Em…… Both! Cause it’s the cooking games. Hahahahahahaha…………

Frankly, mum had never seen her working so seriously while she was doing her homework. LOL!

Anyway, This little cheeky is always allowed to use any of the computer or laptop at home. Partly because she’s quite careful and never simply explore the unknown icons on the screen. We certainly can trust her on handling it even if the laptop warranty was over. Ha!

Also, mummy can always trust her for the time spend on the computer games. After a few times of warning from the beginning, she will leave the computer within an hour by herself now. She will also leave the computer earlier if mummy said so. Mummy’s good girl. I am so proud of you. 😛

Just like yesterday, this little princess didn’t even mention about computer games but was patiently doing the paper work given by mummy for more than an hour. Thus, she was rewarded with some cartoon watch later. Hehe……

In fact, mummy will make sure she had some fun after she do her work cause I want my girl to enjoy happiness not pressure. Also, Elizabeth was so glad that she get to prepare real food at school today as today’s program is cooking. 😉


I finally learn to keep an eye on my work

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 28, 2010


This is what happened on Monday night. I was watching Barbie cartoon in youtube. Then, mum came over and said something.

Mummy:”Liz, I will put your work on the table. Please come and check it out and do it by yourself once you finish your cartoon, ok?”

I heard that. But, I made no response, but just continue watching. Also, mum just step out of the room. Then, I just walked to my table and started doing my grammar and vocabulary work once I finished the cartoon. That was a great surprise for my dear mum.She was so happy that I finally learn to keep an eye on my work even though I was still talking, skipping or moving around after every single word I wrote. Ha!

Then, dad said:”You should learn to trust your daughter.” 😛

Yeah… May be I might just turn to be so quiet or even decided to pick up a accounting finance jobs. Anything is possible aye? 😉


I am a sexy school girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2010


Wow! Sexy School Girl! So cute!  😉

Today, I enjoy playing pretend about going to school. It’s such fun! But, I don’t want to wake up so early and go to school every morning. I want to stay at home!

I cried again this morning.

Liz:”I don’t want to go to school.” *Woo…Woo……*

Mummy:”Oh, girl. Don’t cry anymore. You need to go to school everyday. That’s your work.”

Liz:”Today got no school, mummy.”

Mummy:”Oh, Liz. Quickly brush your teeth and get up to the car. You have been really naughty. I think you become Elizabeth lazy bone now.”

Liz:”I want to go walk walk.”

Mummy:”No more walk walk today. Cause you get up late and wasting all the time on crying and throwing tantrum. That’s it! Mummy won’t pampered you anymore. Mummy never really force you to do anything. But, schooling is the only thing you must do everyday. You already grown up. Stop crying. You must learn to follow certain rules and regulation now. Do things that you might not like, but you just need to do it willingly for your own good. ” *Mummy raised up my voice and starring at you at the same time*

Wow! She is truly angry this time. 😯 Better don’t challenge her. I kept very quiet and stopped crying. LOL!


You know that’s not safe, don’t you?

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 1, 2010

Recently, you always like to lie down on the sofa and watch TV. I think that’s the process of growing up. You just started to get lazy, isn’t it? LOL! Sit up, baby! Sit up!

Alright, mummy!Wow! you really sit up. Good girl. But after a while……

How about that? You will always have new idea, don’t you?

Mummy:”Is that so fun?”

Liz:”Yes. It’s very fun.”

Mummy:”But, you know that’s not safe, don’t you?”

Liz:”It’s ok, mum.” :roll:

That’s challenging! But, don’t do that please, baby. Also, lying down while watching TV is going to destroy your vision. Wearing glasses is nothing like wearing the safety glasses too. You just can’t take it out and put it aside after you have finished your job. Once you are shortsighted, the glasses will have to follow you for life unless you want to take the risk to go for laser treatment.  :(


I think you should say excuse me

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 17, 2009

We were at the pasar malam (night market) about 8pm just now. As we passed by a baby girl…

Liz:”Mummy! I think you knocked her. “

Mummy:”Did I? But, I didn’t feel it.”

Liz:”Ya! You knocked her. “

Mummy:”Ok. Sorry, baby.”

You get silent for a while, then…

Liz:”I think you should say excuse me to her.”

Mummy:” Oh! Ya. Mummy is kind of rude this time, right? When we knocked on someone, we should always say sorry or excuse me, right?”


Mummy:”I will remember this next time. I promised. Thanks for your advice, baby.”

Hahahahaha…… Cute aye? Very polite and very clever! I like it! Good girl. 😉

However, the heavy rain just stopped. We were all wet as we tried to get into the car, which was few minutes walk away. Unbrella seems useless as the rain was too heavy. But, you still insist that you like raining. You said, you like to see the water flowing everywhere while raining. LOL!


Mummy is back

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2009

Mummy was resting in the room as I am sick and tired. So, I leave you to granny and kak Sue.

Then, you ran into the room……

Liz:” Mummy, I want to watch TV. And, don’t say not too long, ok?”


Immediately, you ran out of the room and out of my sight. Happy, aye? :roll:

It’s time to get back to your flash cards, cooking stuffs, drawing, tracing the alphabets and so on. Mummy is back. I have regain my energy. No more sitting in front of the TV whole day long.

I am sure you will still enjoy yourself walking around the house, hanging a bag on your shoulder, then pretend that you are shopping, paying and buying things. Sometimes, you will include calculator. And, the calculator is more like the cashier machine to you. Er… Looks like you have missed out the barcode scanner, baby! Hahahaha……


Come out!

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2009

Mummy:” We will wait until you are stronger then only we go to school, ok?”

Liz nod nod.

Mummy:” We also stop going to music class and right brain class. May be 2 to 3 weeks. So that you can have proper rest.”

Liz:” No! I want to go drawing and story and music class, ok?”

Mummy:” You mean you want to continue music and right brain class is it?”

Liz nod nod. Mummy smiles. Amazing! Mummy was so grateful as she showed her dedication to all the extra lessons. So what did she do everyday? Eat, sleep, play, read, paint, draw and watch DVDs or TV cartoons. Quite balance, aye? 😛

Yeah… But, she practically chased a girl who is trying to play in the play house with her away. She was shouting at her. So loud! Extremely rude! But, that’s a public playground in Queensbay Mall, girl? Also, the “Jie Jie’s” daddy is just right there watching.

Liz:” Mummy! Mummy! Jie Jie come out! Come out! Come out!”

“Stop shouting! Stop crying! This is shopping mall, ok? You are not at home. Stop chasing Jie Jie away! This play house is not yours. Learn to make friends! Share share, ok?”

She just keep shouting :” Come Out! Come out!”

Gosh! Immediately, mummy was breathless! Speechless! And, deep in my thoughts: “Daddy! Help!” So, mummy called daddy. And, leave all the mess to daddy. Hehe……

Well, is this my girl? *This is so… Ridiculous!*

And, only school with lots of school and classmates can help. LOL!

By the way, this shameful scene happened on last Sunday.


Miracle happened on the 14th day

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 2, 2009


Unforgettable… Unforgettable……

hYou might ask what’s so unforgettable? It’s my girl’s first time in uniform! 😛

And once she put on this magic uniform, she stop crying. I wondered how. But, it just happened. So unbelievable! May it because she was touched. As mummy try to look into her eyes and keep hugging her, showing 2 thumbs up last night, while trying to convince her to become a brave girl who will never cry in school? So, she finally decided to be as brave as Bumble Bee. Yes! She loves TRANSFORMER! Ha!

Or may it because the uniform makes her feels as the same group with her friends in school. Sense of belonging I mean. Or it just simply means ” I like the uniform”. Hehe…..

Anyway, mummy was so touched. Tears nearly burst out just because of this simple occasion. Cause it really means so big to mummy. May be all the while mummy appeared to be so cruel. Just keep sending her to school even though she sheds tears.

The truth is… mummy is not cruel at all. Not as tough as it seems too. Mummy actually feels so sorry and upset, each and every time sees her crying. So worried! But, I have to pretend nothing big and just be persistent. As that’s the only way to help little Elizabeth understands that there is always something we need to obey even though we don’t really like it. Also, she just have to learn to be independent.

And, you did it! You did it great! Mummy is so proud of you, darling! And, you really look great wearing the uniform. So pretty! Just keep up with that sweet smile. Love you! 😉


Only some Movie Trailers

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 5, 2009

Since May, she was trained to live without TV. Of course, we will still watch a movie together once in a while. It’s just another family time. :)

Anyway, the training is quite success. She never ask for TV in the afternoon anymore. She will only spend less than an hour in front of the computer for some movie trailers and phonics programs. Yes! Movie trailers is a good choice to switch her from watching too much TV. As the trailers normally will last less than 3 minutes. Creative huh? Hahaha……

And, I realized there are also fantastic free learning programs for toddlers online. All of all, thanks to the internet. As we can buy books, food, fashion, almost everything, even ceiling fans online.

Also, thanks to your cooperation, baby! Mummy is so proud of you. 😛


No more TV

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2009

“She has to stop watching TV. Once toddlers are addicted to TV, it’s very hard for them to concentrate in their studies after 6 years old.”

That’s the comment mummy get from most experienced early childhood specialist. Alright! Mummy is not taking the risk anymore. Busy cutting down her TV time. You will have more TV time after 6 years old. Mummy promised! :)

In this case, little Elizabeth has to go back to school in June. The timing should be right now. As this little girl is hunger for friends now. Most importantly, nursery has good preparation for everyday activities compared to your home sweet home. Also, it’s good join your peers and learn some team work. 😛


I got Punished

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 6, 2008

My fever is only around 38 degree yesterday. Save mom from lots of worries, I knew. Thus, she even went to the market to buy vegetables. And, spend time in settling the auto insurance quotes. Then, drive straight away to the post office to claim the goverment reimbursement for petrol.

But, she insisted that I need swapping when she was back. I cried! I shouted! I kicked and struggled! Immediately, I got punished from being tantrum. Mom put me at one corner in the room. Then, just keep swapping wihtout concerning my terrible temper.

Innitially, I cried louder. And, keep shouting for “kakak”. Slowly, I cried softer. Finally, I stopped. And, I surrendered to the swapping. :(

The good news is… I have no more fever now. And, I am going to Tesco later. Let’s shopping! Hehe…

Mommy will never beat Elizabeth. As I think that’s torturing and hurtful. But, she definitely needs some minor punishment like this, setting her up at a corner and just let her cry. At least she can learn that she had did something wrong.

Daddy! Please don’t get mad with mommy, ok? LOL!


Terribly Tantrum

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 25, 2008

Oh! My new hair style. Mummy did it. With this hair style, I look exactly like daddy. Either like daddy or mummy, I am still pretty. That’s what mummy said.

“But, stop shouting and crying, Elizabeth! Enough!” 😯

“I will start shouting loud and crying if you don’t obey!” That’s little Elizabeth command.

Since this morning, she has been crying and shouting, about every 20 to 30 minutes once. Besides, one moment she is stacking these wooden dolls happily, lining them up too. The next moment, she is throwing them just because she can’t put them back together!

Mummy stopped her, immediately “Waaaa……”. She is crying and shouting loud again! How am I going to discipline her? Out of a sudden, she got such bad temper. It all begins this week. What am I going to do?

By the way, she cried for daddy. She shouted: ” D! D!” and even pick up mummy’s mobile phone and called: “D! D! ” Don’t expect daddy to “save” you! 😯

Oh… how about daddy taking care of Elizabeth in this Raya Holiday and Mummy just pack my luggage, buy ticket, travel insurance and leave for a vacation? Oh Gosh! Mummy really need to escape if you continue your kicking, struggling, shouting, crying, rolling on the floor, and pulling kakak’s hair!

Anyone? Some advises on how to discipline this tantrum baby?


Elizabeth wants coins

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

My girl is interested with coins more than paper money. May be it’s more visible. Daddy always place the coins on mummy’s dressing table whenever he is at home. And, Elizabeth will try her best to reach them.

She will ask mummy to get her onto the bed. As the dressing table is placing side by side to the bed, she will lean on the table side as she climb up the bed. Then, she start looking for coins.

She knows that she is not allowed to pick up the coins. As mummy insists that coins are dirty. Still, she will stretch her hand out to reach the coins if she sees them. Toddlers just won’t follow instruction, don’t they? :roll:

May be daddy should put his remaining coins in some other places. Hide it. As she won’t look for it, if it is not seen. Mummy just want to make sure that she won’t fall from the bed again because of a few pennies. :(

Mummy is interested in coins too. But, not these pennies. I like US Mint Coins. That’s precious! Valuable! 😛


Stop Roaring

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2008

Elizabeth is getting very fierce since last week. She will “roar” like tiger or lion when she gets mad. Mummy hates that! That’s irritating. :roll:

Obviously, mummy can see that she is a hot tempered type. Mummy is worried. But, what can mummy do to “tame” her? Anyone has any good suggestion? :(

Somehow, mummy must first stop “kakak” from roaring at her. Didn’t she understand that roaring back to Elizabeth whenever she did it first will make things worst? That will make Elizabeth think that it’s ok to roar like this. LOL!

Both “kakak” and Elizabeth! Stop roaring!


Don’t forget your cigarretes

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 13, 2008

Elizabeth learn so fast these days. She is kind of quick sometimes. Show her once, she might not perform immediately. But, it’s in her mind. Usually, she will give mummy, daddy or granny a big surprise. She will do it when we are not expecting it. 😛

After all, you will never expect your 1 year old girl to bring your pack of cigarettes together with the lighter for you when you are about to walk out of the main door, don’t you? That’s what Elizabeth did to daddy. 😯

Daddy is a smoker. And, he is trying so hard to avoid smoking in front of our little princess. But still, she knows that daddy will bring along his cigarettes and lighter everywhere he goes.

In this case, mummy is worried that she might learn how to smoke in the future. May be it’s time for daddy to consider drug rehabilitation!


Just draw

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 11, 2008

Elizabeth loves pen these days. She can hold a pen nicely. Once the pen is on her hand, he will start drawing. Thus, mummy taught her to draw on papers or books. Otherwise, she will draw on other things.

I got a pen and paper now. Where should I settle down to write? :roll:

Don’t disturb me, mummy! I am busy writing! LOL!

Standing too long. A bit tired! Er… May be I can rest against the pole and keep writing. Oh! That’s so comfortable. Keep working. Don’t stop! Just like mummy and daddy! 😛

Luckily, she still don’t know how to operate this “mechanical pen”. And, mummy never show her too. So, everything in the house is still save. She still draw nothing on the paper. And, she can neither draw anything on mummy’s bed.

Oh! Poor girl! Forgive me, darling! But, it’s better to be this way. There are still many things you need to learn. Just forget about pen operation first, ok? 😉


In the car

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 13, 2008

I can hardly sit still in the car. I will demand to sit in the front seat with mummy and I will try my best to drive together with daddy too. Somehow, I will stay with “kakak” or granny at the back seats if I can’t go to the front.

In this case, I will take down the sunshades. It blocks my vision. I enjoy the views outside the car. There are so many things to see! hahaha…

Now, I learn to open the window. It’s easy cause I just pressed on one of the button on the armrest, then it will scroll down automatically. However, daddy never allow me to do that.

Oh, Dad! Please… Once the window is open, I can feel the air or touch the rain with both of my hands out, touch the ventshades, leave my head out and have a clearer look of everything out there.

“No way! Just sit down and stop touching all the buttons including those that control the sound system!” *Daddy Shouting with the both eyes rolling up* :roll:


Lovely Bugs

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 22, 2008

I have bought a few “gold bug” pocket watches from Hong Kong as I like it so much. I think it’s striking and cute. I am thinking Elizabeth will like it too. And, it’s suitable for other kids as well.

Since young I like bugs so much. I called them “lady birds”. I wonder if my girl will like them too just like me? 😛

Anyway, hopefully she is satisfied with “this bug”. Just imagine if she ask for Chopard lady’s LADY BUG happy sport limited edition in the future, I guess I will ask her to buy herself. Or else she will have to go to her daddy. 😆

Somehow, nowadays most parents will try their best to provide the best to their kids if they can afford. Me and hubby have the same opinion too. But at the same time, we will discipline Elizabeth in terms of spending in the future. We don’t want her to be spoiled. At least she has to be smart enough to balance her spendings and earnings.


I am too fat

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 21, 2008

Now mummy thinks I am too fat. Mummy is busy finding out what’s wrong with my diet. Am I eating too much? Anyway, I don’t even start taking meat. I am only taking soup or porridge that cook with meat. So, may be it’s Bonmil.

Anyway, it’s a bit difficult for baby Elizabeth to slim down as she is just a toddler. If we adults gain weight, we may have many options to slim down including taking diet pills. However, it is not suitable for toddler. And, It ain’t easy to train her to exercise everyday either.

In fact, she walks in the house all the long. I think she is having adequate exercise. So, it’s pretty obvious that she has over ate. :(


Do we really need the rod?

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2007

I guess caning kids had never been the culture of my family. Even as early as my grandfather, he never cane my mum. And, of course, my mum never cane me as well. However, we still have cane in the house. But, that doesn’t mean we have to really cane our kids. In fact, the cane is mostly used to frighten the dog.

I will give you a good example why we shouldn’t cane our children. My hubby has been cane by her mum when he was a boy. And, he practically tell me every now and then that he will never do that to his girl. And, as for me, I feel proud of my mum every time when people told me they’ve been cane by their parents during their young days.

Just ask yourself a simple question before you use the cane, if you believe canning can solve the problem.

” Do you like people to cane you?”

“If your answer is no. Then, do you still expect your kids to forgive you for canning them?”

I believe there are so many other ways to discipline our kids. It is not necessary to use cane. I still strongly believe that our kids will appreciate it so much as they grow up, if you never cane them. At least, I did.

I guess that’s it. That’s what I want to share here. Thanks to Judy Chow and shoppingmum.

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