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I run, You walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2011

I was playing with mum just now. We had running competition. I was so glad as I was twice the winner. Somehow, I lost for the third round. But, I want to be the winner. So, I am thinking while we were walking to the starting point.

Liz:”Mum, how about I ran, you walk?”

Mum:”No… That’s cheating! I don’t want.”

Liz:”Alright! We both walk.”


So I won again cause I actually run a little bit. Ha! But, I lost again for the next round. No way!

Liz:”Mum, this time you run, I will cycle cause I like cycling.” :)

Mum:”This is not fair, baby. Both must do the same.”

Liz:”Ok. We walk then.”This time I was a bit slow. But, I will never give up. I quickly overtook mum by jumping to the finish line in the nick of time. Yeah! Yeah! I win! I win! Hahahahaha……

When I was a bit tired later on, I even move the starting point to the front a bit to cut short the distance, clever aye? :)

Mum was laughing the whole night and can’t stop telling dad how witty I am.

Hey, girl! That’s a form of creative thinking too. Quickly thinking can always help you to solve your problem or make you the winner. That’s good! Just make sure you don’t break the rules. Hahahahaha………


But someone’s car is in front of you

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 25, 2010

While we were on our way home from little Elizabeth’s school this afternoon……

Liz:”Mum, I want milk milk!” *Sob Sob*

Granny:”Ok. Ok. I am racing fast back to our house now. Drink at home, ok?”

Liz:”Weyn………” *Crying loud*

Granny:”Don’t cry. Don’t cry. The car is going very fast. Vroom… Vroom… It’s like Formula 1 now. See! You are going to win already. Oh… Yes! I am the winner!”

Little Elizabeth suddenly stop crying and replied:”But, someone’s car is in front of you, you know?” :roll:

Yeah… Obviously, you are not the winner, granny. Hahahahahahaha……. I think granny just need more than that to fool her. Hahahahahaha…………


I got Pimples

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 19, 2010

One fine night when little Elizabeth hop onto the bed and getting ready to read, suddenly she said:”Mummy I got pimples.”

Once my head was up, I saw her upset face. And she just keep touching both side of her cheeks.

Mummy:”Are you sure? Let me check first, ok?” (I know is impossible. :) )

Once I touched it, ah Ha! I feel like laugh out loud. It’s rashes! Hahahahaha……. But, I just smiled and said:”Don’t worry, honey. It’s just rashes. Mummy will apply soothing cream for you now and it will be gone by tomorrow morning, ok?” :)

Liz:”No! It’s pimples!” * Speak lauder and sternly with a cute frown. Hahahahaha……

Mummy:”Alright! Alright! I will get you the best acne treatment. Satisfied?”

Liz:”Mm!” 😛

But, it’s still the same old Buds Rescue Lotion that you are using that the time, my dear. Never mind. Whatever it is. As long as you are happy. Hahahahahahaha………….


I brush my teeth every night

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 10, 2010

I always sleep so late. Even though I was forced to get up to the bed on 9.30 pm. But I can still roll and play on the bed until 12am. Hahahaha……As a result, I refused to wake up earlier together with mummy when daddy is still on the bed. LOL! Thus, mummy will only wake me up after she had brushed her teeth and changed until last month.

Things changed since the beginning of this month. Well, I still had dark circles under eyes. As I still sleep at late hours. However, I like the offer of brushing teeth together with mummy now. And, I finally make it a routine to my brush teeth every night too.

Anyway, it all began with this Koala Pals Toothpaste. The Koala bear, the green packaging and the fresh and sweet apple taste simply matched all my likings. Moreover, it becomes icy cool as mummy place it in the fridge. That’s a wonderful experience. Thus, I like brushing teeth now.  😛


New year is over, baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 17, 2010

Liz:”I want to go “Kai Kai”.”

Mummy:”New Year is over, baby. Let daddy go to work. You stay at home and mummy play with you, ok?”

Liz:”No. I want to go “Kai Kai”.”

So, mummy tried my best to have fun with her. We were playing with IQ games, then daddy’s sunglasses and the camera. Look at this.

Yeah… It’s such fun! One thumb up. Hehe……

You look exactly like daddy when you put on his sunglasses. :)

Alright! Daddy can go now. Thanks, baby. Thanks for your understanding. Mummy is so proud of you. Well, enjoy your afternoon nap now. Daddy is going to take us out again in the evening when he come back. :)


Happy marry go round

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 1, 2010

It’s CNY season. Mummy was busy shopping. Shop for cookies, clothes, food, decoration items, flowers and so on. You are busy enjoying all the nice decorations in the malls for CNY too. Somehow, this is still your favorite!

That’s the marry go round in front of “Komtar”. And, that’s what we did last Sunday night while you are still having fever. Ha! As no medicine is better than happy mood, right? In fact, this is a trick to make you take the paracetamol before you go to bed. Unfortunately, we fail. Hahahahahaha……

Luckily, you don’t mind to take it when mummy mixed it with thick mango syrup. LOL!


It’s Hello Kitty

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 19, 2009

We were heading to “Kek Lok Si” in the afternoon. But, there were so many cars on the way. Eventually, we turned back and dropped by a pet shop. So that’s it? You refused to go home. So, we went to Gurney Plaza again. LOL!

Once in the mall, mummy just can’t stop looking here and there. Eventually, mummy spotted something nice for you. Thinking may be carrying a nice school bag might make you more willing to get back to school when the holiday ended.

Like it? I remembered I used to said something like this to grandma when I was still a little one: “Mummy, you keep buy and buy and spend all the money. Do you keep some for me?” I wondered when will you asked mummy the same question too.

Don’t worry! Besides some reserves for you, mummy and daddy will make sure we have enough retirement fund and complete Medicare supplement insurance too. How about that? Hahahaha……

By the way, you were happily sharing with your close friend who is also your schoolmate about your new school bag when you met her at Gurney Plaza.

Liz:”See… My bag. This is a Kitty Cat. So nice! And, this house is so cute! Haha!”

Looks like mummy is right. I am sure you are looking forward to share with your other schoolmates too. Hehe……


No more Baby Chair

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 24, 2008

Now, I no longer need baby chair. I have grown up. I want to sit on the same chair as mummy and daddy. I promise I will behave. 😛

Oh! How nice if little Elizabeth can make such a promise! Hahaha…

Somehow, this little naughty actually will sit down quietly if we placed her on the normal chair. Daddy will always stack 2 chairs together to make it higher. It’s just nice for Elizabeth to reach the table.

Besides, there is a trick. At the same time we can give her an empty bowl with spoon or empty cup with straw. So that she can play with them. She enjoys playing pretend. She will act as she is drinking or eating. If this trick is not good enough, then we will put some plain rice in the bowl or plain water in the cup for her. This normally work so well.

If it doesn’t work, then just let her down. Hahaha… Luckily I have Fia to take care of her.
Frankly, having a maid is really the best solution to get peace of mind as we have baby. LOL!

Sometimes, Elizabeth is very polite. She likes to clean the table for us too! 😆


Special MILO

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Elizabeth is sleeping soundly now. As she is sick, it will be helpful if she sleep more. Bare in mind that sleep is always the best medicine for flu. As we sleep, our body get a chance to heal itself.

Besides, mummy is feeding Elizabeth with warm water within these 2 days. Somehow, warm water can speed up the recovery of flu. Anyway, she just took her Piriton. I think that’s the cause of her sound sleep. 😉

It took mummy almost half of the day to think of how to feed her Piriton. She hates medicines. She will spit it up immediately whenever she was forced to take medicines. As a result, mummy make her a little bit of delicious Milo. However, that’s not the ordinary Milo. There is 3 ml of Piriton in it.

Somehow, she finished the Milo. You really like chocolate drinks, don’t you Lizzy? 😉


I am like mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2008

“Mummy… Can you please stop working in front of the computer?”

“Mummy, carry me!”

Oh! Little baby always need mummy. It’s normal to be clingy.  Poor girl!  :(

You don’t know my girl. She’s just being tricky. She will watch mummy from far. Once she sees mummy get up form the chair, she will come to the chair, climb up, start pressing the keyboard, touching the screen, moving the mouse, laughing and clapping hands proudly. That’s my naughty Elizabeth! :roll:

Elizabeth will always come to mummy while mummy is working in front of the computer. Simply because she loves to imitate mummy. She feels proud whenever she got the chance to “use” the computer like mummy. LOL!


Just put me in the car

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 14, 2008

In this hot afternoon, my little girl is screaming every now and then insisting she wants to go out. Oh! That’s too much. As mummy just bring her to the wet market this morning. :roll:

So, my maid is forced to take her into my car and let her play in it. This is the usual trick mummy used to tease my little naughty whenever she insisted to go out. This can actually make her quiet. May be she assumed that she is going out.

Each time, Mummy really glad that she stop screaming. But, mummy is a bit worried that she might “destroy” my car.Whenever little Lizzy is inside the car, she will press this, pull that, hit this, kick that. That’s a real mess. And things get worst when she was not satisfied with this “dead” car.

She will ask mummy to start the car, then she will start laughing and enjoying the fun of seeing there are things moving or lights turning on and off when she press and push those buttons and control panels in the car. 😯

In this case, mummy will need to replace the engines or transmissions of my old car anytime from now. Luckily, there is midwest auto recycling.


Vain baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2008

Little Elizabeth is getting very vain now. Girls are girls. She started asking for mummy’s face cream to apply on her face about 2 weeks ago. LOL! So what mummy is going to do? The various cream is certainly not for baby. Mummy just can’t apply them on Elizabeth face!

So, mummy pretended getting some cream from the container and showing her quite some distance away. Obviously, Elizabeth can’t see clearly. Thus, she assumed there was cream on mummy’s hand. Finally, all mummy got to do is just tap her fingers on Elizabeth’s face and keep telling her :”Oh, mummy apply the cream for you!”

That’s how mummy’s girl got trick! In fact, she really stand still and raise up her head to let me do the job. That’s very cute and amusing, isn’t it? Anyway, since she is so vain, mummy suddenly got an idea that may be Elizabeth can become a beautician and doing great with spa jobs too just like her granny.

At that time, mummy should be the happiest. As mummy will be pampered by getting free professional facials or spa services all the time.


I drive

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 25, 2008

Look how far she has enjoyed herself while waiting to see her paed! It seems like she is interested in driving now. Daddy, do you think we should get a car for her? 😛

I am afraid that even I get one for her, she will get bored within days. So may be we shouldn’t buy fore her. And, it’s the best idea to let her look forward to this little “toy car” in the hospital, so that she will be happy to see the paed. Ha!

Yesterday I took Elizabeth to her paediatrician for injection. I have forgotten weather this time it’s polio or chicken pox. I guess kids nowadays just can’t get rid of all these injections. Little Elizabeth has injection almost every month since born and it will only slow down after she turn 2 I guess.

I am concern as these days she starts to cry every time she sees her paed. Poor girl! Luckily she will stop crying once the injection done. In fact, I am lucky to have this little one who seems don’t cry terribly most of the time. Tough girl! 😛