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The problem of too much TV time

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2011

Mum blog less recently. Busy sending granny to check ups and injection. Also busy taking care of me. As Kak Sue has to take care of great grandma sometimes.

Since mum was so busy, I got an idea!

Liz:”Mum, may I watch cartoon, please?”

She said yes most of the time for the last 2 weeks. I just know when to ask. Clever aye? So I watch from 1 to 2 hours a day to almost the whole day. Hahahahahaha……

Then,I became too attached or content to cartoons or movies. I started to request to skip most of the extra learning classes which I actually showed great interest before this. I also refused to do the homework that mum prepared for me.

That’s the problem of being too content to TV show. Stop it!!!!!!!!

Less TV time now. Just cut down a little. May be 1 or 2 hours a day instead of almost the whole day, ok honey? It’s all for your own good.

And, please be more hard working. Don’t make it so big like your simple few lines writing, 1 or 2 sentences making or some fill in the blanks grammar practices are as tough as the course work for bs degree. :(


My Wild Wild West Adventure of the day

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 30, 2010


Did you saw the leader string that she put inside her cowboy hat? Let’s have a closer look.

The first thing on the left is the leather string that I am taking about. She called it “Silly Snake”. Then, the silly snake stay inside the hat like what we seen in the first picture on top. Another funny story made up by my little cheeky. In fact, it’s actually a broken part of the hat. Hahahahaha……

By the way, she is playing happily in the garden with her “Happy Horse” and “Silly Snake”, pretending to be a cow girl since one and a half hour ago while the sun is still hot. LOL! Girl, I think it’s safer to apply tanning lotions for tanning beds if you wish to look tan. Playing under the hot sun is definitely not a good idea. Hahahahahahaha…………

She made a cowgirl craft whose name was Elizabeth this morning. Then, this Elizabeth cowgirl actually found “gold nuggets”. Like what you seen in the picture above. Ha! And, she also get to ride on “happy horse” in the garden just now.

When a child playing pretend really got so much fun! Cute, aye? Thanks to today’s holiday program “The Wild Wild West Adventure”. 😛


I made Steam Cake and Spider Treats

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2010


You might thought I bought these cake and cookies from the bakery. As a matter of fact, I made the steam cake together with my friends in school yesterday. Also, teacher taught us to make “spider treats”. That’s the name of the biscuits.

We learn to spread jam or kaya, add stick cookies and chocolate chips to the cracker and decorate these crackers like spiders.

Thus, I am so proud to present it to my mummy and daddy. The steam cake for mum and the spider treats for dad. When I realized grandma sure ask for it, I quickly told her I will give her book as present. Hahahahaha……

Thanks to holiday program. It’s such fun! *Weee……*


I am going to Pyjamas Party

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 24, 2010

Mummy just took a quick shot for me once I got into the school this morning. Surprise aye? Wearing pyjamas to school? Well, even all the teachers is wearing pyjamas too. Cause it’s a pyjamas party! Hahahahaha…………

Thus, Elizabeth was required to wear her favourite pyjamas and bring along a pillow or sleeping bag, tooth brush and tooth paste. Wow! That’s heavy, mum. Don’t worry, baby! Teacher can always give you a helping hand. Most importantly,  it’s going to be so much fun. 😉

What a fun holiday program! Mummy wish I can join too. How about mummy and granny wear pyjamas while picking you up later? LOL! 😛


I won a Medal

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 22, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, I got something in my bag to show you. Taa… Daa… It’s a medal. I win! I win in the running competition!” 😉

Mummy:”Wow! That’s great! you got third place and who got 1st and 2nd place?”

Liz:” Sean Sean got first, Ivan got second, then I am third.” :)

Mummy:”Wow! You are the only girl who win the competition. My girl is so strong, aye?” 😛

Little Elizabeth enjoyed her first day holiday program at school so much this morning. She was so proud to show mummy her medal that she won in the running competition. Yes! It’s sure to be a great sports day for her. 😛

This year, I guess you really has grown up a little bit more. Asyou were looking forward for this interesting holiday program. You woke up with such an exciting mood this morning. And came back with surprise. It’s absolutely a great day. Not only for you but also for mum cause it’s Cyber Monday too. Hahahahahaha………

By the way, mummy just can’t wait for your description of being a pirates by tomorrow. 😉


How is my Concert Performance?

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2010

Archie loves apples. He thought they were sweet…… Wow! Loud and clear. What a sharp and sweet voice too. Good!

Elizabeth… Turn! Try to get the timing right. Turn! Hahahahahaha……

Sharp action. Really like a cat. And you seems having great fun too. Wonderful performance. 😛

Mummy supposed to post this up earlier. See how cute my little princess was! Oh! Mummy loves your performance, darling! 😛

Poor girl got bitten by one of her friend named Ryan while there were changing at the back stage with deep teeth mark on her hand before they stood on the stage to perform the Macarena dance. Yet, poor little princess got to dance all alone for the whole dance as her partner was late.  Somehow, you did it so well. You are the best, darling! 😉

Anyway, mummy was so glad that everything in the concert turned out great.


I enjoy participating in my School Science Fair

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 23, 2010

Mummy:”Today is Saturday. You don’t have to go to school.”

Liz:”Hooray!” 😛

That’s her usual response when she realized that she don’t have to go to school. Ha!

But sometimes, it’s kind of boring at home too when mum and dad can’t really figure out where to go on the wonderful Saturday. How mum wish there are lots of educational activities like this being organized during weekends.

Anyway, this is something memorable as it’s the first time you join your school science fair in August together with mummy and daddy. And, you were so happy when mum and dad are both around to join you in school activities. Thus, you happily participate in most of the activities too. 😛

Sorry for the late posting. At least mum did not miss it, right? :)


I was happier since I took lunch in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2010

Ever since little Elizabeth started to take lunch at school, she is so much happier while learning at school. Then, she started to excel in almost every subject. That’s what I found out from her teacher and principle. It’s true. Just compare the two worksheets pile and we can clearly see the difference.

The thinner pile is actually the work she did for the first 6 months in this year. It’s just about 20 over worksheets. But, she did about 80 over worksheets for the last 3 months. In calculation, her working speed increased about 8x faster recently if compared with the work from January to June. That’s amazing isn’t it? 😉

Suddenly, mummy realized that socializing is very important for my one and only one. I guess she becomes so much happier now as she gets to spend time eating, chit chatting and playing with her friends for 30 minutes more in school. This golden 30 minutes really make a vast difference, especially when she is not allow to talk and play in class any more since the beginning of the year once she started year 4 nursery.  😛


I learn Mandarin everyday

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2010

Mummy isn’t always blogging recently. As mummy is busy catching up with some new home education plans for my little princess. Wow! Sounds so serious aye? Ha! But, this could be a great timing to input more into my girl’s brain. As this little cheeky is such a good girl recently. Have a look!


Isn’t she so lovely? See… she even feel like making up and requested “kakak” to tie her hair this morning. Now, mummy is so console that my little princess started to enjoy schooling. She will have great mood almost every morning. And, mummy got no rejection from her any more when I asked her to do some worksheets, flashing cards for her, or playing some IQ games together after school, as long as she has some cartoon time or computer games time in a day.  😉

I don’t know how long will this last.  But, I know she will “digest” anything that I squeeze in now easily. As children learn best when they are in a good mood. So, mummy came out with educational activities to teach her read, write or train her fine motor skills, concentration and patient everyday.

In fact, mummy is working hard in every way to make sure little Elizabeth can pick up Mandarin language now. So that she won’t have problem in Primary one. LOL!


Drawing: Birthday Party

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 28, 2010

This is my second piece of drawing from the art class. It’s a birthday party. Look…… This birthday boy is Nathan Toh — my best friend in school now. So, it’s his birthday. In front of him is his birthday cake. Green birthday cake. I like it! Haha! Then, got presents, lollipop  and party stripes all around. 😉


I join New Art Class

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2010


How about this? The theme is “Lantern Festival”. Like it? My mum and dad loves it so much. Aunties that came to my house just now said I am talented once they saw it. It’s my first drawing that I brought home from my new art class at school since yesterday. :)

I joined the art class that organized by my school since the beginning of September. I told mum, teacher show many examples on the board and I draw on my own based on the examples showed. Mum said it’s great cause at least it came out from my own two little hands. And, dad insisted this must be kept in the blog for memory. 😉

Anyway, I don’t really enjoy art class. I still prefer to draw on my own in the house. Mum would think I am too lazy to paint such a big piece of work like what happened in my previous art class or I am simply too tired as I will straight away fell asleep once I hop into the car after the art class.

But, I have yet to tell mum why.


We go to a nicer dance class, ok?

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 7, 2010

This is what happened during my trail  for kids dance class at Light Street last Sunday. I just can’t wait to be there when we hop into the car. I was the first one to stand at the dance floor and start dancing. Again, I am the youngest. :)

Mum said I follow so well. Teacher think I am great too. Unfortunately, I get so upset after about half of the lesson when I can’t move my shoulder out as the “Jie Jie” and “Ko Ko” beside me. I tried again as teacher came to assist me. Somehow, I move my shoulder up again instead of moving out.  :(

I keep on rubbing my eyes and nearly cried out after that. I told mum, I don’t want to come to this dance class anymore. We go to a nicer dance class, ok? What an excuse! :roll:

Practice makes perfect, baby. There is nothing to be shame of when you made mistake. Just make sure you don’t give up easily. I hope one day you will understand this and make it your life principle. :)


My ballet dance in music class

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2010

I look great aye? It’s not ballet class. It’s actually my keyboard lesson. But, I can only play my keyboard for about 30 minutes. And, my music teacher was so kind. She will let us sing with notes. Then, play rhythm sticks, maracas or dance along with different types of interesting music at the end of the class for about 15 minutes. That’s fun aye? 😉

Last month, I always sleep around 5pm. Thus, hardly wake up and became really moody while attending my music class at 6.30pm. But, I sleep earlier (mostly before 3pm) in the afternoon now. Thus, I enjoyed my music class a lot again since last week. I am glad that soon I will be start playing with the Encore and Beat Book 2. 😉


I did 4 Paper Works in School Today

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 29, 2010

We did not celebrate father’s day as Elizabeth got Coxsackie 3 weeks ago. Thus, she just start schooling again since yesterday. Poor dad! But, if we were to buy daddy any present, the electric cigarettes would be the best gift to save his health and protects our health too, especially for little Elizabeth. Hahahahaha…… (I am serious!) Hahahahahaha…….

Anyway, she recovered within a week. Not bad at all. Mummy just want her to regain her good health before she start mixing with friends in school again. Also to protect the little ones in her school from getting Coxsackie.

Then, Mummy got this since yesterday. It’s her paper work in school from January to May. It reminds me of her teacher’s comment during the parents meeting since May, “she don’t like paper works. She prefers activities. We are still working on it to get her likes her paper works.” :(

Luckily, teacher showed me her works in June this morning. It seems she has improved a lot.  😉

Mummy was even more consoled this afternoon when I was told by her teacher that she has done 4 paperworks this morning. Surprise! Surprise! What a vast improvement! Also, I realized she seems enjoyed the coloring, games, puzzles and other home activities more too since yesterday. *Sigh*

God blessed! Keep it up, baby!  Mummy is so proud of you! 😛


My cat, Dog and Guinea pig

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 6, 2010

Yesterday, I was a good girl. Mummy was so excited to see me start drawing animals for the first time instead of just faces all the time.

I don’t like art class. I don’t really enjoy coloring. But, I like to draw. Somehow, I don’t know how. So, mummy gave me a thick file which shows step by step on how to draw a thing out.

Liz:”But mummy, can you draw for me or not?”

Mummy:”You can do it, baby. Be confidant. It’s so simple.”

So, I was kind of forced to draw myself. And…


How about that? I did it! I can draw a cat!


And, I manage to trace a dog and a guinea pig too. Mummy was really excited. :)


It’s a project for Visiting Butterfly Farm

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 24, 2010


That’s what she carried home with pride on Thursday after school.

Mummy:”Wow! Very nice flower! Did you do it all by yourself or teacher do it for you?”

Liz:”I do it myself. But teacher help me when I don’t know how to do.”

Mummy:”Oh! Good job.”

Liz:”Mummy, it’s caterpillar. It’s caterpillar from the Butterfly Farm.”

Mummy:”So this is a project after visiting the Butterfly Farm?”


Cute girl! Very honest! And, quite particular aye? 😉


Do Re Do Do Do

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 16, 2010

Wow! Mummy has been busy or lazy? It’s been almost a week mummy stop blogging for you, baby. Sorry! :(

Actually, there were so many things to write. First even though you don’t have music lesson this week, but we manage to practice at “Poh Poh” house. 😉

How about that? Frankly, mummy was very happy. As for the first 2 months, it’s kind of tough for little Elizabeth to play with the keys by using the appropriate fingers. Thus, you seems upset. But look at you now, baby. It’s really touch to see you play until Fa now.

Yeah… Practice really makes perfect. You are not only playing Do Re Do now. But also, Do Re Me, Me Re Do and Do Re Me Fa. And, you seems confident now. I guess you are glad you made it too.  😛

Real……ly good job. Keep it up, baby!


My one and only Fire Cracker

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 23, 2010


First, I showed gandma and mummy in the car right after school.

Liz:”See… This is my fire cracker! Boom! Boom! Hahahaha……”

Mummy:”Wow!You made youself? It’s so nice! Bravo!”

Then, I quickly show daddy this fire cracker that I made myself in school this morning once he came back from work. That’s my favourite fire cracker! 😉

Liz:”But, why got no fire and sound one?”

Mummy:”Er… This is not the real fire cracker, it is only for decorative purposes, ok?”

Liz:”Mummy! It’s melting!”

Mummy:”That’s not melting, baby. It’s cramble! But don’t worry. You can make a new one,right?”

Liz:”Ya. I will make a new one.” 😛


Got Lion Dance in School

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 12, 2010

I get so excited last night. I just can’t wait to see the lion dance. So, I sleep so late. Thus, I am a bit moody this morning. Somehow, I am smiling happily again as I dressed like a princess. Mummy was driving the carriage. And,here we go, princess Elizabeth! Hahahahaha……

Hooray! It’s our Chinese New Year party at  school. I insist to bring my camera along to “Cheez” for my friends. I even bring some fried “Nga Ku” to share with my friends. We will be singing “Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni”. There will be lion dance performance and so many other activities. It’s such fun!


I like Right Brain class

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 16, 2010

You have 2 favorite lesson. One is Kinder Beat music lesson. And, you are also looking forward for Friday to attend this.



This is not a playground. It’s part of your right brain lesson. These tools are the sensory diet for little ones like you. In short, playing with these special tools are actually diets that work well for attitudes and emotional balance. As children will gain emotional balance through certain workouts. And, balance emotion will automatically change us for better behavior.

After some sensory play, we will continue with other activities. All that will eventually leads you to learn through your powerful right brain. And, you love it. Once mummy said:”How about we stop the right brain class?” Immediately you will say:” No! I want to go.”  Of course, all those techniques are just like playing. Thus, you had so much fun.  :)

On the other hand, at least mummy get to understand exactly where your talents lie on and what’s the best learning methods that suit you through all the play tests in the class.


I am happy cause I get to see my friends

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 4, 2010

It’s your first day back to school.


Liz:”Mummy, I am so tired…… So tired……. I don’t want to brush teeth…… I want daddy…… ” *Sobbing*

Mummy:” Ok. I asked daddy wake up and brush teeth with you, ok?”

Still crying, but it seems that you can’t find a better excuse this time. Thanks to daddy’s kind cooperation. Hehe……

So, you brush your teeth slowly. Then, mummy clean your face, change for you and give you your milk. After about 10 minutes of drinking milk. You just let kakak tie your hair, apply mosquito repellent and here we go!

We were chatting happily with mummy in the car. While we reached your school, you just get down yourself and wave bye bye to mummy. Bravia! My girl has grown up. No more crying. I guess you already understand the idea of going to school. Also, mummy can see that you actually miss all your friends. :)

Enjoy your new day of school, baby! 😉

Well, the story has not ended yet. After school, little Elizabeth keep crying for hours, showing your tantrum as mummy forced you to bathe immediately you came home. Nothing seems right after you came out from the bathroom until mummy played a cartoon of your choice — Lion King. :(


Art Class 8 :Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 31, 2009

Did you had a great Christmas? I did! So do daddy and mummy. Well, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year! And, I have something to share with my friends and family. :)

Nice? That’s my own painting. In fact, there are lots of spaces with no white paints on the big round snowman. As it’s too time consuming. My hand and fingers were so tired. So I just leave it. Hahahahaha…… But, I paste all the shapes given patiently to make a nice Christmas card. How’s the Christmas tree on the card, nice aye? By the way, it’s for all of you, my friends and family. 😉

Anyway, for the moment this will be my last piece of art work from my art class. Hooray! Cherish 2010! Mummy finally agreed that I can do painting at home at  anytime I like. Hahahahaha……

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May us all have a great year of 2010. 😛


School Christmas Party (Part 1)

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 24, 2009

Mummy has yet to post your concert’s videos and pictures. Thanks to your school’s special organization of this Christmas party. We really had a great time eating and socializing together with the kids on the 15th November.  :)

So, how about some early Christmas songs which you sang loudly that day?

Opah, baby! In fact, everyone of you on the stage were so relax. Children can’t lie. Obviously, mummy had send you to the right school. A school that full of love and encouragement. And, you seem belongs to the stage. I still remember you were the loudest, when everyone of you took turn to stand alone and introduce yourself. Mummy really don’t mean to be snobbish. But you really made me feel so proud. :)

To be continue…


Art Class 7

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 13, 2009

 Liz:”I want to become hulk.”

Art teacher:”Huh? But, today we plan to make a Moo Moo cow, remember?”

Liz:”I want the green hulk.”

Art teacher:”Ok. We will draw a girl hulk holding the Moo Moo cow, ok?”


Art teacher:”Your hulk got wear shirt or not?”

Liz:”Wear bra.”

Art teacher:”Wow! (Start laughing) Alright. Girl need to wear bra. Where did you learn this from?”

Liz… Speechless.

Since you had enough rest, mummy actually sent you to art class on yesterday’s evening upon your agreement. Bit by bit, mummy can see that your coloring skill is improving. You should be proud of yourself. It just isn’t that hard, baby! Just as you have learned how to control the movement of the mouse and keep on click click click. Looks hard initially. But, it’s so simple. 😉

Let’s enjoy drawing, painting, dancing, singing and reading now. Even you like computer more, there will be time in the future that you can even catch up with any of the industrial computer program. But, too much computer at this age might make you future computer game maniac for sure. :(

No! No! No! Hahahaha……


Art Class 6

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 5, 2009

You were absent from school yesterday. I think you need some rest. And, you start taking medicine once you realized your flu was getting serious. Thank God! Thank God that you had recovered today.

Then, you went to school happily after a fun ride on your “Happy” horse. Thank you, Happy Horse. Now, we had came back from the art class. And look!

Nice paper cat waiting to eat the big fish that has jumped out from the pond. Really very creative and nice! But it’s again more of teacher’s work. You don’t even bother to hold the crayon nicely. Looks like you have totally lost your interest for art class. Yet, mummy heard this after we had get up in the car: “I want to paint at home.”

Alright! I got it! Most probably we will stop the art class soon as mummy feels you need more rest too.

Just…Mummy feel so sorry for your teacher. She is a nice teacher. Thus, we shall keep in touch. May be you might be more than willing to attend the art class again in a few months time. It’s possible as your interest just keep changing. Even your preference of color too. Hehe……