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I like snowing

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2011

Mum feels so sorry that I blog less. Sorry, honey! I will try to catch up again. But I just won’t miss this.

You are so cute, so sweet and extremely lovely! I can never forget how much you love snowing and this icy cold environment. You were jumping for joy when you first stepped in. You also slide twice on the ice slide while wearing dress with bare legs. Yoo…Hoo!

Again, mum was so sorry that I let you wear dress in such a cold environment. You were shivering!

Mum:”Let’s go out, Liz. You are shivering badly.”

Liz:”No, mum! I am ok. I don’t want to go. This is so cool! I am ok.”

Mum and dad quickly ran out to the entrance to buy more accessories for you to cover your hands and neck. Still, it’s too cold for you without pants. So we were forced to leave earlier. So sorry!

I know you were upset. You absolutely wish to stay longer. I promised we will visit places during winter time later on. How about Korea? That’s the nearest that I can thought of. But I think dad can hardly say yes. He might prefer Switzerland I guess. :)


Disney on Ice 2011

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2011

Won’t you think you still look like a baby in this picture? So lovely!

Since you are still having your sweet dream, why not mummy continues writing. Hehe……

Well, we actually visited KL specially for Disney on Ice!

Initially, mummy thought Tinker Bell will be your favourite. But surprisingly, you cheered most for The Lion King. :)

As a matter of fact, Mickey is still your favourite. As you surely shout out loud for Mickey whenever it appeared in the ring. You even requested to get down and meet Mickey up close and personal at the end of the show. So daddy quickly carry you down. Unfortunately, Mickey had stepped back to the back stage once we reached the front the stage.  :(

Liz:”Why Mickey never wait for me?” (Oh No… You look so disappointed!)  *Sob Sob*

By the way, you were sitting on daddy’s lab from the beginning till the end of the show while mummy was busy video taping and snapping pictures by the side. See… Daddy spent half a thousand for the tickets, few hundreds for a nice hotel stay and drive all the way down to KL just to please his little princess.

What daddy was holding in his hand… That’s my tinker bell’s mug. Nice aye? 😉

Besides, daddy also spent quite a lot for your new Tinker Bell’s Mug, Ariel’s magic wand and The flower bloom hat before we enter the show. So please at least buy a personalized gift like those Personal Creations men’s gifts for him for every father’s day when you earn your own money, ok? Hahahaha…………

Lastly, it was such a wonderful moment for all 3 of us. Mummy and daddy love the Full Tinker Bell’s show. It was so colourful! Thus, it worth all the spending. And I know what’s next. For sure it will be Disneyland for you to meet all your favourite cartoon characters. 😉


I am Back from KL

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2011

We supposed to be at music class now. But, you were soundly asleep instead. May be you are too tired after our 2 days 1 night holiday trip to Kuala Lumpur. After all, travelling can be quite tiring for little one like you.  :)

Again, you enjoyed kiddie rides and the blow up playground at The Curve the most.

But, this time you also enjoyed yourself so much rolling around the mall by riding on your scooter. Frankly, mum enjoyed myself so much while watching you scoot around. That was so cool! Ha! 😛

Finally, you got your scooter. Thanks to granny for the scooter. You were so excited when you first get it. Somehow, you never ride on the scooter any more since yesterday. Hopefully, you are not losing interest on it in just a few days time. LOL!


No Children allowed

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 15, 2010

This is an outdated post. It was on the 24th Dec last year. Lazy mummy just realized that I missed this.

What a graceful Hindi dance! This really showed how much you enjoy staying in hotels. Even it’s just the Concord Hotel.

And, you were inviting daddy to dance with you on the dance floor in the lounge of the Concord Hotel right before the count down once you heard the dance music. Somehow, no children allowed. Once you hear that, “wa………, your tears immediately flowing out like someone forget to turn of the pipe. It was truly loud too. Then, you get the party pack for free. Good trick, aye? Hahahahaha……

Eventually, you were sitting at the divider and managed to enjoy the music and the happening atmosphere of the lounge by  and watching from the outside.

And, thanks god that you can still dance right in front of the Concord ballroom which in directly at the lobby too, when you feel like shaking with the music. 😛

Mummy promised that I will try my best to arrange a better Christmas this year, ok? Er…… How about staying at the luxury cancun hotels, and enjoy the Mexican dance? That’s something new. Sounds truly interesting, aye? 😉


It’s snowing!

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 5, 2010

Look at that! Everybody was so excited. Just like loose diamonds is falling form the sky. Hahahaha……

It’s the snow! It’s truly fun to experience “snow” in KL — Pavilion. You are truly lucky, baby. As you get to experience snowing only at the age of 3.

But, why there is no snow on the floor? Weird! How am I going to make snow ball when there is no snow on the floor? Oh! So sorry, baby! These are just “bubbles snow”. Hahahaha……

Don’t worry, you still got foam snow on the floor.And, beautiful reindeers moving the slay around. :)

Hooray! And, I like the tall starlight Christmas tree along the street too! So nice! 😛

You love fountains. And, this is exceptionally gorgeous to you. Mummy loves it too. And, you enjoyed the caroling in Star Hill Gallery so much!

We even had a great stay at Shangri La Hotel. You said:” It’s so very nice!”  Hahahaha……

Well, this is just part of your wonderful Christmas eve. We will continue more on your experience of count down party at the Concord Hotel. That’s unforgettable! 😉


Real Penguin!

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 1, 2010

Mummy really enjoyed having a good rest since Christmas Eve. Not much blogging. But shopping again! Hahahaha……

Now I am back. Let’s refresh our memory in the Zoo Negara.

Finally you get to see the real penguin. And, you named the one and only one penguin in the zoo — Pingu. Haha…… You even heard the tiger and lion roared. You said:” It’s load and scary.” Hehe……

You were so excited while feeding the deers too. You especially favor the baby deers.

And, you were pretending to be a baby buffalo with horns too. LOL!

So cute! 😛

So many big fish in the huge aquarium too. I guess you enjoyed yourself so much except the toilet. As there are no Kohler faucets or toilet bowls. Worst still, it’s so wet on the floor. Again, you end up let go on your pants instead of the toilet bowl exactly like what it used to happen in the wet toilet of the Melaka Safari World. 😯

It’s ok. Mummy understand now. No more wet wet toilet for Elizabeth. Forget about this. But, remember all the beautiful animals in the Zoo Negara, ok? 😉


Monkey Island

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 26, 2009

One of  little Elizabeth favorite spot in A Famosa Animal World Safari was the Monkey Island.

Oh! I am kind of tired. But, no problem. Cheez! Hahaha……

Where is the monkey, mummy? Well, this is the best post I can do now. *Yawn*

Alright! We are on the the boat now. I want to sit on myself.  Er…… no problem. But… Where are the safety vests? It just isn’t so safe as you are kind of sleepy. Hahahaha……

Mummy! Don’t go back yet. I need to feed the monkey. Oh! As you wish, my princess!

LOL! Why so grumpy? Poor girl. Don’t be so upset, baby. Try again, ok?

Yeah… We did it! 😉


A Great Family Time

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 25, 2009




Looking back at all these pictures. We did have fun at the A Famosa. The food is not as good as those in Penang. The hotel was quite unhygienic. Lots of work to do as the maid is not around. Somehow, we did have a great family time. 😛

It’s so good to have each other and having great times together. Life becomes so wonderful with such happy family life. Thanks God! Next, mummy and daddy will take you to enjoy an oversea family vacation, ok?  Love to see you jumping for joy, speak and laugh even louder too. (Yeah… this playful little Elizabeth will speak so loud, keep laughing, keep hopping, and walk with big steps like a dinosaur when she was so excited. LOL!)   😉


I am a Cowgirl now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 24, 2009


Mummy and daddy sure prefer the Riviera maya family vacation. Somehow, baby Elizabeth definitely enjoy herself so much at the A Famosa Animal World Safari.

Be it the real pony or the fake one, she simply love them all. However, it’s quite obvious that she actually feels more excited when she was riding on the fake pony. May be she felt more secure. Hehe…..

By the way, she finally get a cowboy hat. That’s what she requested once mummy told her we are leaving to cowboy town tomorrow on last Friday. And, she kept reminding mummy that she has to ride on a horse after she got this hat. And, wore it all day long when we were in the Animal World.

Daddy:” Let daddy take it out for you,ok? You are sweating.”

Liz:”No! It’s  mine!”

Daddy:”I know it’s yours. But, your head is sweating. It’s too hot. Take it out, ok?


Yee…! Ha! My lovely cowgirl. Hahahaha……


Quickly Go Home

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 23, 2009

We finally came back to our home sweet home last night. And, this little girl was grumbling about 1 hour before we reached home.

Liz:” Quickly go home.”

Mummy:”Oh… If you want to sleep again, you can lie down and sleep on mummy’s thigh.


Mummy:”Oh… Is it too boring?”

Liz:”Hmm…” (means Ya.)

Mummy:”Oh… Poor girl. Alright. Alright. We are going to reach home soon, ok?

But when we were on our way to the A Famosa, she was kind of excited.

How about that? Overall, she is a great traveler. She loves traveling and doesn’t complain much about the long distance. No crying at all too. Somehow, mummy was the one who feel like crying instead. Cause little Elizabeth don’t really like to go to public toilet. End up, she always wee wee on the pants. Each day once. LOL! Mummy hates washing the stinky socks, shoes and pants.

Hwo about the panties with pooh pooh all over it? Throw it away of course. In fact, mummy throwed away 2  of them. One of it was on our way to the A Famosa. Another one was in the hotel dustbin. Lousy mummy and lousy potty training, aye? Hahahaha……

Wear Diapers then. Yeah… That’s what we did when we are on our journey home as little Elizabeth finally agree to wear diaper instead of panties. Thanks God! LOL!


Here we come Turtle Beach

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 3, 2009

We had a plan to visit the Tropical Fruit Farm. So, we were there around 11am. At the entrance, mummy started showing little Elizabeth the cempedak and durian tree. Then, before we step down to purchase the ticket….

Mummy: “There are more fruits and trees inside, you want to see? ”

Liz:”No. Go home!”

Then, little Liz just turned around and laid down on mummy’s shoulder. Straight away she fell asleep.  Alright! Let’s go home and have a good nap. Hahaha……

Obviously, fruit farm is not her cup of tea. How about round Island on a boat. So later when she wake up…..

Mummy:” Go Beach? See turtle?”

Liz:” Mm!”

Good! Here we come Turtle Island and Monkey beach!

“Yoo! Hoo!” She just keep shouting and screaming against the strong wind for fun. Loud and clear! 😉

 This life jacket is so irritating, Mummy! (After all, it’s her first time on the boat. Ha!)

 Need a little bit more careful walking on this wavy surface. But, I like it! Hehe……

Don’t make noise! Shh….. I am waiting for the monkey to come out.

Oh… you are so cute, little fish! Can I touch you? :)

Anyway, we only saw a few baby turtles in the so called Turtle Island. And, there is no time for Monkey Beach. As we spend all the time fishing on the boat right after Turtle Island. First time fishing on the deep sea, we had so much fun! Fantastic outing! And, this is what we get.

We fried it! We eat it! *Slurp* Exceptional fresh and yummy! Thus, we finished about 30 small fish within minutes.Then, we took fish and chips, also chicken chops as dinner again. Ops… That’s fattening! Well! What a wonderful Saturday! Extra ordinary family time! Who cares about dieting. There is always weight loss product. Hahaha……


Toddler Traveling Kit

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 23, 2008

These things are given by daddy’s company to him sort of as the outing kit, when he attended the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. There is hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid, sunblock, anti pruritic cream, plaster and rain coat.

So, mummy will keep the sunblock and the rain coat as it is too big for Liz. Too bad as there is no Proactiv acne cream. As mummy need it now cause one acne has just bump up on my face now. :(

Anyway, all the rest are yours, baby. In fact, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid and anti pruritic cream are all very useful for toddler like Liz. Even sunblock is useful. But mummy afraid that this Neutrogena sunblock is not suitable for toddlers. And, kids always prefer carton plaster.

Thus, if mummy just add in a sunblock for kids, then they actually made up a great toddler traveling kit. In my opinion, baby rain coat is optional. 😛


Travel More

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2008

Tonight, daddy is going to come back late. As daddy has a mini gathering with his college mates. Another boring Friday for mummy. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow is anther beautiful Saturday.

Daddy promised he will take Elizabeth to Taiping Zoo (provided he can wake up earlier tomorrow). In fact, mummy and daddy always try our best to take Elizabeth out every weekends.

Little baby always curious about the outside world. Thus, Elizabeth will be extremely happy when we bring her out. And, I feel it is good to let our kids have enough exposure. That’s how they learn through actual experiences. :)

In fact, we really enjoy the first long distance trip to KL. Thus, mummy is looking forward for the Taiping Zoo trip too. And, It’s best if we can get cheap vacation deals to travel overseas as Elizabeth has no chance to ride a plane yet. That’s another precious experience for baby Elizabeth, isn’t it? :)


Travel with candy

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 25, 2008

Elizabeth actually cried a lot when we are on our way home from KL. As mummy forget that Elizabeth hates to be in the car after the sunset. She just don’t like to be in the car for long during the night. Thus, daddy should depart home in the afternoon. As long as we manage to reach home before the sunset, I think Elizabeth will still be cheerful. 😛

Anyway, we did stop our car at the highway to buy some Ribena pastilles and Raisin for my little princess to stop her from crying. It works. She stop crying, but start eating until she fell asleep. That’s nice, isn’t it? :)

I guess adults are crazy over bodybuilding supplements. But, kids always drooling for candy or lolly pops. So, remember to spare some of your kids favorite junk while traveling far. It might come in handy as kids always fancy over food. 😉


When is the next trip

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 24, 2008

Elizabeth certainly knows how to appreciate traveling now. After this first experiment, I am sure that Elizabeth likes to travel. In fact, she enjoyed traveling so much, just like daddy and mummy. :)

She was jumping for joy each time she bumped into new things along the whole trip. For example, she even clapped her hands when she was enjoying the “non local food”.

Thus, mummy will bring her along to All Inclusive Mexico Vacations once daddy has the time. As mummy has confidence Elizabeth will enjoy the white sand beaches even more than the malls, just like daddy and mummy.

I think mummy prefers the Azul Beach Hotel Resort as it has many family-friendly amenities, including some extras like strollers, cribs, baby milk heaters, beach games, coloring books, refrigerators for milk and medicines, and even kid-sized bathrobes. Mummy believes that’s the place where my little Elizabeth will be treated like a real princess. 😛