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Not today please

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 29, 2010

I don’t know how she got fever again. Could it be the tiny garlic toasts that I bought from the 100 yen shop?I just gave her some as a treat taking together with mushroom soup. And she loves it. So I kind of surrendered to her bagging and let her take a little bit more. But still it’s quite little.

Liz:”Fever, go away! Go way! Fever, go away!”

That’s what she told herself about half an hour ago before she close her eyes and fell into sweet dreams. Poor thing! She must be really disappointed. As how come she get fever the day before her concert again like last year. *Sob Sob*

Performing on the stage is what this little girl always long for since the first time she saw people performing on the stage. Kind of like an inborn thing. So sorry, girl! Mummy thought I am doing a great job as I already blocked you from taking KFC or McD recently. I even stopped this swim maniac from swimming for the whole week. :(

See… If you are talking about hot tub, mummy can still use the hot tub cover to hide it from the kids. But if it’s a swimming pool, I don’t think there is pool cover, right? :roll: 

Obviously, little Elizabeth just don’t mind to scarify all the fun just for her concert day. But still……

Mummy feels so bad. Guarding angel, please help little Elizabeth to wake up being healthy again in the next morning. So that she can fully enjoy the whole performance and Halloween party time. Also, dear Guarding Angel, please bless her with health for any of her important dates from now on.  :)


I don’t want to purge in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 13, 2010

I was such a good girl last week. Immediately brushed my teeth after I finished my milk early in the morning. I even said good morning to my teacher once I reached school. Somehow, I keep crying and don’t want to go to school this Monday morning.

Mum:”Why suddenly don’t want to go to school? What happen?”

Liz:” It’s because of the purge thing. I don’t want to purge in school.” :(

In fact, little Elizabeth don’t even like to “pooh” in school. Poor thing! It’s been 2 days she never drink milk at all. And, if you saw her body now, you sure think she must have found the best weight loss product in town. LOL!

Little Elizabeth had diarrhoea since she came back from the Birthday party on Sunday night. And, she purged 3 times in school on Monday. Very upset! Luckily the condition improved and she only purge once in school on Tuesday after she took “smecta”.

Yesterday, she even took “Char Seow Rice” for dinner. She insisted and enjoyed the meal so much. Luckily no purging after that. Only soft stool came out. So, she started taking milk again this morning. Mummy prays hard that she is not purging any more. But, mum still got to solve your coughing problem. Gosh!


It’s Coxsackie again

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 21, 2010

Today is the 3rd day of being sick.

On the 19th, which is Monday, My principle suddenly called at about 9pm. Then, mum said:”Oh Liz, tomorrow onwards till next Wednesday you got no school for 10 days. As some of your friends fall sick.”

Liz:”Hooray! Grandma, grandma, I got no school for 10 days, you know. 😉 ”

Gosh! :roll: What’s so excited? Sounds like you really hate schooling. LOL!

Anyway, I got fever 3 hours later since we received the call from my principle. That night, the fever was quite high. The next day, mum said my throat has read spots. Obviously, it’s the same as my other friends. It’s Coxsackie again. And, I just don’t feel like eating anymore even though I keep telling mummy my throat is not pain.  :(

Luckily, I can still drink quite a lot of water. Somehow, I am quite irritated and I was crying sometimes.

Mummy:”Oh baby, anything that you want? You want to lay down and rest? Or do you want water?

Liz:”No. I love you. And, I want you.” *Sob Sob*

Yeah… I just want daddy and mummy to keep staying beside me, carry me and take care of me.  :(


Sore throat getting worse

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 12, 2010

Today, I am just not in the mood. I woke up so slowly and don’t feel like brushing my teeth at all. May be because I am having sore throat. My voice turned a little bit hoarse since 4 to 5 days ago. Condition under control. But, it started to get worse today. :(

Luckily no fever or cough yet. Not seems having runny nose either. Hopefully, it’s not flu again. Still, mummy started to worry as I just drink quarter bottle of milk and not taking breakfast at all. Could it be allergy or intolerance to some food intake?

I am crazy over cherries now. Could it be the cherries? Or could it be the citric acid in the new toothpaste? As I am someone who will surely cough if I took oranges. :(


I don’t want Cold Liver Oil

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 25, 2010



Initially, mummy soaked 1 teaspoon of it on a small piece of bread, then topped with a thick coat of berries jam on it. But, I still said :”No!”. I guess mummy was forced to say something.

Mummy:”It’s good for your health. It will keep you away from coughing.”

Liz:”No. I don’t want.” (Absolutely! You just don’t care weather milk is the best protein powders. You drink lots of milk because it taste great! :(  )

Mummy:”Alright. So, no chocolates, sweets or lollipops from now on. It’s your choice!” *Grin* (Ha! So even if you don’t take this healthy oil, at least mummy has good reason to stop you from taking all these junks. 😉 )

Mummy just leave me no choice but to swallowed the Cod Liver Oil bread in no time. Mummy did it!  :(

Then, I find that it does not taste as bad either. Thus, I have no problem drinking 2 teaspoons of this Cod Liver Oil everyday now. And, I smiled every time mummy said:” Good girl!” after I drink it. :)

By the way, Seven Seas is really good. I have cough for more than a month. And still coughing after I have took Arius for about 5 days plus a few days of Singular and Fluimucil. Then, I stopped coughing the next day after taking 2 teaspoons of Cod Liver Oil at night.Fantastic! I think we’ve found the magic oil. Hehe……


Deep cut on my toe

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 2, 2010

I want to step up the stool and wash my hands on the basin right after I finished drinking medicine. Suddenly, I slipped while trying to kicked the stool to the front of the basin. Waaaaaa…… Kak Sue quickly carry me up and said:”Mam, blood!”

This cut on my toe was so deep. But, look at that “Buds” rescue lotion that mummy applied on the wound. It was very helpful. I don’t feel much pain. So, I am relieved and my tears just stopped flowing down from my cheeks. Then, I sleep. I slept soundly.

When I woke up this morning, I can even walk. I want to be brave. So, I am also very calm while my pead sanitized and applied the antiseptic cream for me just now in the clinic. Luckily no stitching. In fact, I need it. It is just too late. So, my pead said we can only leave it as an open wound and let it heal itself now. And, look!

It’s healing quite well. Thanks God! No more blood, so clean and drying up. Hooray! I am jumping, tip toeing, and walking like usual again. ” I am a very sad bear, my sore toe. I can’t put my boot on, my sore toe.How it got so big and red, no one seems to know. That’s why I’m a sad bear. Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Oh! Dear. Stop singing this song, baby. I know it’s your favorite. But, what a scary coincidence. Mummy was so upset about the sad bear song and the stupid plastic stool. So that’s what happened on this Cyber Monday. Huh? What’s that? Only mum knows. But, this is absolutely an unforgettable Monday night.


I got cold sore

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 27, 2010

When you get so moody and crying a lot, mummy get so frustrated and mad. But, when I see you doing lots of things by yourself, I feel so proud of you. And, most of the time when you trying to be cheeky, you surely brighten up my day.

Somehow, when I see you getting cold sore like now, I feel so bad. Especially when you said it’s painful. Hopefully, the cold sore will dry up and heal within few days after we applied this.

Somehow, mummy really got to seriously watch out how “kak Sue” wipes your mouth and clean your handkerchiefs now. As she might be hurting the wound or not keeping your handkerchiefs clean. I know I can’t trust her much. As I saw her pressing your mouth, pressuring you to open your mouth fast. As she loose patient on feeding you slowly.That’s terrible! 😯

May be we need better wireless security systems. Setting up hidden cameras all around the house.

Anyway, stop peeling the wound, baby. Otherwise, it will get worse too. :(



Posted by Everyday Healy on January 19, 2010

In a day, I still have very slight fever every now and then. But, mummy is so kind. She never force me to take the fever medicine. Finally, mummy agrees that it’s ok. Cause I am a good girl. I drink a lot of “yum seng” (means cheers in Cantonose) drink which can make me strong as hulk. (That’s what you said. Assuming hulk should be the strongest man in the world. Hahahaha……)

This is the “yum seng” drink that I mentioned. Come on! Raise your cup high and cheers, mummy! It’s Cool! 😛

In fact, I can’t let go the day before yesterday. Mummy get so worried. Not because I might need hemorrhoids treatment due to constipation. She is afraid that my body temperature will shoot up as usual once I am constipated while sick.:(

But, after drinking lots of this tasty detoxifying instant mix Hedyotis Diffusa formula, I almost let go all the waste in my body. Immediately I feel so much better and little bit hungry too. Hehe……

Mummy said it is also very helpful in controlling my fever condition. Thus, my body temperature is only 0.5 degrees higher than others now. Somehow, I still need to take the medication for flu. Waaa…… I want to cry already!

I struggle, shout and cry out loud. Eventually, I agree to drink it cause I get a very good offer. Mum will bring me to the playground later. Hahahahaha……


I am working hard on it

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 16, 2010

Saturday is never been boring. It’s always fill with lots of fun cause it’s school holiday. And little Elizabeth can wake up late. 😉

So, the first thing she do after brushing her teeth was this.

Liz:”Mummy I buy ice cream for you, ok?”

Mummy:”No thanks. I am on diet. Eat too much ice cream can makes me grow fat. No way!”

Liz:”I want to grow fat.” 😯 (Yeah… As long as you can eat ice cream, right?) :roll:

So why are you working so hard on this machine? I am working hard on it recently cause mummy is working so hard on it too. Hahahaha……

Anyway, this Fabelos not only provides quick weight loss, but also prefect for regular exercise. Keep it up, baby! Exercise in every morning is definitely a good lifestyle. :)


You sleep until 9.30am

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 12, 2009


See… you were happily “cooking” this morning. Yes! You were not in school. As you had fever last night. So you need more rest. You sleep until 9.30am. Health is always more important. It’s kind of upset to see you keep coughing for more than 3 weeks. :(

Thus, mummy had decided that I must make you take medicine consistently at least for 1 or 2 days since this morning. As mummy don’t want any complication happen on you. At least you have to stop coughing. Yet, I want you to attend your Christmas party happily and enjoyed your own performance in this coming Sunday. :)

God bless my little princess, please……


Keep Coughing

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2009

Little Elizabeth got slight fever on Saturday night. Looks like it’s indigestion. As the heat subsided immediately after she vomited.  Poor girl! She really got phobia in taking medicine. Nowadays, as long as mummy pump some medicine into her mouth, she will vomit within 5 minutes. :(

What am I going to do? At the moment, mummy just keep explain to her that if a person get very sick, he might die without the help of medicine. Hopefully she can understand that medicine is good for her and might is helpful in easing her suffering from illness. Still thinking for better idea. LOL!

Also, little Elizabeth has been coughing for weeks. It’s getting serious too. Mummy can hear the sound of blocking phlegm in her throat now as she was breathing while asleep. But, you don’t want medicine. Not even honey. Yet, you always choose to sleep late at night.

Today, mummy actually boiled some almond water and add it in your milk. As the alternative way believed that Almond can strengthen our lungs. Hope it works this time.


No need to wake up earlier anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 5, 2009

Final decision, little Elizabeth will be staying at home until next week. In fact, mummy is still considering weather should stop her from schooling for the whole August. As her flu is quite serious this time.

Also, we just see her pediatrician just now. Mummy is advised to keep little Elizabeth at home as far as possible, especially the next 2 weeks. Wait till her immunity is strengthen. And, we are advised to inject the Influenza vaccine for little Elizabeth once she recovered.

Sorry, dear! It’s all mummy’s fault. Mummy was reminded to give you another injection since the precious Influenza vaccine due on July. But, mummy thought as you grow older, you might not need to depend on the vaccine anymore. So sorry! Mummy is absolutely wrong this time. Mummy felt so guilty every time  I see you crying as you were forced to take medicine. :(

H1N1 is almost everywhere now. And, children and the elderly are at high risk. Thus,her peadiatrition actually think it’s best to keep small children at home rather than going to school.

She seems very happy though. No need to go to school. No need to wake up earlier anymore. Can sleep longer hours until 9 to 10 am every morning. 😛


I want to show daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 27, 2009

Now, 39 degree. Hot! Very hot! And, vomited this morning. When she vomited, she said:” I want to show daddy.” (Because mummy is still sleeping. LOL!) Poor girl!

One after another, first it’s daddy. Now, it’s little Elizabeth. And, it’s always like that. By the way, she already took the medicine. Mummy will cook jelly for her later. May be more oranges for her too. And, longer TV time. So that it appeared to be a lucky day to her.  :)

In fact, she is playing happily. Very good girl. And, it’s so pitiful to see her crying out loud while mummy is trying to feed her the medicine. Sorry, baby! :(


Surgery Risk before 4

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2009

The surgery to correct her triggered thumb was fixed at 28th. Mummy and daddy had decided last Friday as what was suggested by the doctor. A once and for all treatment. Then, there was a news regarding “Multiple surgery risk in the young” publishing in The Star newspaper last Sunday.

It said that: “Studies on animals have shown that anesthetics can alter neurological development.  Thus, study was made for children too. And the study found an association, not an absolute cause and effect relationship, between anesthesia and learning abilities.”

“The likelihood of having a learning disability increased as the number of surgeries involving anesthesia increased, although no added risk was found for those who had been given anesthesia just once before turning 4. Those exposed to anesthesia three or more times were about 2 1/2 times as likely to have a learning disability as those who never and anesthesia as a young child.”

So, daddy and mummy changed their mind. No more surgery. Just carry on the massage. And, so far little Elizabeth has become quite cooperative as mummy warn her that she will have to let the doctor cut her thumb, if she refused to let mummy massage her thumb. 😉


Oh No!

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 17, 2008

Mommy definitely has some back dated news to post. However, the latest update about little Elizabeth is… She has got flu. Poor Girl!

So, “kakak” had to carry her every now and then for the whole last night. Then, Mommy gave her Piriton this morning. It seems to be mommy’s turn to comfort her tonight,unless the Piriton works so well. Ha!

Just now, little Elizabeth said: “Oh, No!” when the mucous was flowing out from her nose. It’s quite an experience as this is only the second time she got runny nose since birth. However, she is still busy dancing, singing and playing. 😛


What happened to the milk?

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 24, 2008

One of my friend called yesterday. I told her my girl was sick for the past few days. She immediately asked me: “Will it be the milk?” Of course not!

But until now, 53, 000 infants in China have become sick after drinking formula laced with a chemical used in plastics called “Melamine”, which can also make milk appear to be full of protein. That’s Alarming! Terrifying the mothers in the whole world indeed.

Our health Ministry also started to ban the dairy products which contain Melamine. Quite a number of the dairy products available in the Malaysian market were tested and the first out of 3 in the list which is safe to consume is already in the Star newspaper today.

But, Bonmil — the organic formula milk which Elizabeth is taking now is not in the first list. Somehow, I already called its nutrition hotline. And, they confirmed that the DHA, SA or AA is imported from The United States and the skim milk is from New Zealand. it has nothing to do with China dairy products manufacturers. *sigh* Is it good enough? Or shall I call 03-88833655 for further information from our health ministry?

And, thanks God that Vitagen is safe. I think Yakult should be alright as well. I know they are your favorite! Mummy has no reason to take them away from you, don’t worry, baby! 😛

I really feels so sorry for those babies who was admitted or died because of poisoned by the milk formulation with Melamine in it. Those manufacturers in China were so dare to make such a move. Totally irresponsible! Murderers! :(


Keep drinking

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 22, 2008

This past Saturday and Sunday was a long weekend. Why? Cause Elizabeth was sick again! Mummy was so upset. As usual, we will hope that the bad things will past us by real soon. The bad news is… Her fever is still quite high! 😥

She was having very high fever and shivering terribly yesterday midnight. Luckily, mummy still have 1 spare Diclofenac Sodium which mummy used to push into her rectum to stop her fever.

Thanks God. It works. This morning, mummy quickly sent her to her paediatrician. Dr. Sim said it’s throat ulcer. That’s why she stop drinking water. And, the high fever is supposed to cause by bacteria infection. Obviously, little Elizabeth need antibiotic injection. She cried while injected. Poor girl! As there is another injection tomorrow. :(

Well, at least she starts drinking water again today.


That’s right! Keep drinking… Just concentrate more on the TV. Mummy and granny will keep playing with you too. So that you can forgot about your sore throat and drink more water. That’s all mummy asked for. Love you, baby!

And, don’t worry. You will be back to normal and full of strength again in no time.  :)



Posted by Everyday Healy on September 5, 2008

Since July, little Liz always get sick. Frankly, that’s uneasy for mummy. So, mummy finally decided to let her take some health supplements. I am still wondering what’s best for Liz. Somehow, I started with VIDAYLIN MINIBEAR. As Liz dislike Appeton and Seven Seas.

Liz loves bears. So, each day one bear.  But, the mini bear gummies is actually for those above 2 years old. It’s true that Elizabeth just can’t swallow it as a whole. So, how about cutting it into 4 little pieces? That’s just nice. 😛

Little Elizabeth like it so much! Yum yum! In fact, mummy chose it for 2 major reasons. Firstly, it is imported from Germany. Mummy simply trust the technology and quality in Germany more than those produced locally.

Secondly, it’s yummy taste guaranteed. I think taste is very important for toddlers. Be it good or bad, kids only eat the delicious one. By the way, these gummies includes the goodness of spinach, carrot, tomato, beetroot and artichoke. And, Liz is taking the one which is only enriched with vitamin C, not multivitamins.

She started taking it about 2 weeks ago. Since then, she will mostly “poop” more than twice each day.  Sometimes, 3 times. LOL! And, only fine discharge. Absolutely no diarrhea. :)


I am Coughing

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2008

This is the first time Elizabeth has cough. It’s always paracetamol when she got fever. Then, Piriton will be use for runny nose. How about cough then?

Dr. Sim Prescribed the “Rhinathiol” for her. Hopefully it can help to clear her flam.

Besides, mummy starts giving her “Lou Han Guo” with rock sugar cooling tea which keeps our lungs healthy. In this case, it can also clear the flam in her lungs. Anyway, I think she got such throat infection because of the haze. And, It’s mummy’s fault too as I still let her took ice cream yesterday. By right, she should drink more warm water to speed up recovery. Taking ice will certainly let the situation get worse. So sorry, baby! :(

Anyway, mummy always feel alternative medicines is more effective in terms of curing “cough”.


Go away Chicken Pox

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 18, 2008

These few days, uncle Bill is sick. His face is full of blisters. Mummy says:” That’s chicken pox!” Luckily Elizabeth is protected by the chicken pox vaccine. Anyway, doctor confirmed with mummy that after the vaccination, baby will only get very little blisters if infected by VZV.

Mummy feel relieved as mummy is going to bring my girl to KL for a vacation on the 27th. No sickness until that, please! Somehow, it is quite worrying that baby being vaccinated is at risk of developing shingles later in life. As VZV (the chicken pox virus) can remain inactive in nerve cells near the spinal cord and reactivate later as shingles.

It seems like this is an unavoidable once in a lifetime experience. 😯

And, remember to get a booster shot for your kids at 4 to 6 years old for effective prevention after the first vacination during their 12 to 15 months old.


Barley is good for health

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 5, 2008

Mummy did boiled some Barley drinks for Elizabeth when she get fever 2 days ago. For your information, Barley drinks is good in cooling down our body and help to relieve fever. It is also helpful to the kids who suddenly feel the pain when “wee wee”, let go too little or can’t “wee wee” due to heaty body system.

Basically, most of the paed will take this condition as uterus infection. Just try Barley drinks in conjunction with all the other medications from the paed. After all, there is no clash. 😛

In fact, most of the elderly Chinese believed that we should give our baby Barley drinks once in a while to cool down their body system, especially for baby who is still drinking milk.


Cheap and Good

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 3, 2008

Yesterday, Elizabeth had slight fever. Luckily she is alright now. No medicine. Mummy just let her drink more water. And, keep monitoring her with the useful Liquid Crystal Forehead Reusable Thermometer.

I bought this to try after I break part of the old expensive infra red thermometer. In my opinion, this is so much better than the infra red digital thermometer. It is unbreakable and provides fast and accurate results too. It is also space saving in terms of storage and very cheap (About RM 8).

Regarding baby fever, medication is not necessary if it is not high fever ( > 39 degree). It is helpful if mummy keep swapping her body. But since it is only 37.5 degree, lazy mummy just ask baby Elizabeth to drink more water. LOL!


Let’s exercise together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

I guess if we can start exercise since toddler, our figure will certainly looks fit and in good shape. Our body should be healthier too. So, let’s start exercise, little princess! 😛

It looks like little Elizabeth is more on playing rather than exercising. hahaha…

We should trained our baby start exercise since young (may be around 18 months). May be they are not doing all the stretch properly. At least they stretch. And, we as parents can build their interest on sports if we get them involved since young.

Mummy really don’t want little Elizabeth to be like me. I am such an idiot in terms of sports. May be mummy might need legal steroids, if I want to build up my body now. LOL!

Mummy really have to set a good example from now. Luckily, there is still daddy. Elizabeth can actually watch basketball games and play balls with daddy. 😛


Carry me

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Elizabeth was sick since the last 2 nights. Mummy get so mad at her the night before last night. Daddy can’t stand her as well. She was crying non stop unless we carry her. We were so sleepy.

What’s wrong with you, baby? Why can’t you sleep on the bed? Please, baby! 😥

End up, mummy got to pass her to the maid around 4pm. That’s daddy’s limit. He just can’t stay up anymore. Daddy was the one who was carrying her that night. Mummy were too tired as mummy can’t sleep at all at the previous night. Not because daddy was not around. It’s because of the itchiness of the allergic reaction.

Mummy felt so sorry the next morning. Baby Lizzy was not naughty. She was sick. She had fever. Sleepy mummy become so careless. How come I don’t even suspect anything? :roll:


38.5 degree

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth is sick today. She has been injected with a booster yesterday. Now, she got fever. Will it be the injection which caused the fever? Or may be it some other reason? Anyway, her body temperature was 38.5 degree at about 6pm.

Now, it has gone down to normal body temperature after mummy gave her this.

This is the fever medicine prescribed by her paed. It is actually paracetamol. And, mummy will reserves some extra in the fridge all the time for emergency purpose. Hopefully, Elizabeth will have no more fever later tonight. Somehow, mummy will still watch her closely. :sad: