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Ear Wax Remover

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth paed recommend me the ” Cerumol” after he checked both Elizabeth’s ears. They are both full of ear wax. Since, mummy can hardly remove the ear wax for Elizabeth, mummy certainly appreciate the help of this ear wax remover.

It seems this is the most common (almost the one and only one) ear wax remover that best used to remove the kids hardening and accumulating ear wax. Elizabeth just tried once. According to her paed, Mummy is supposed to put 2 times a day, each time 4 drops for a period of 5 days to fully remove the ear wax stuck in her ears.

Ear wax is not supposed to be accumulated in the ear of our baby as it will eventually block the ear and caused hearing problem. As usual, when something is blocking the air way of our ears, we just can’t hear clearly anymore.


Not Cold Banana

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2008

Mummy’s 17 months old loves banana. She can eat more than 1 banana at a time. That’s fine as long as she won’t have hard stools. Surprisingly, she refused to eat the banana that just took out from the fridge! I thought you like ice, baby? 😯 hahaha……

Anyway, according to the medical encyclopedia, banana is one of the recommended diet for children recovering from gastrointestinal problems, particularly diarrhea. Basically, Banana, Rice cereal, Applesauce, Toast are called the BRAT diet that commonly recommended by physicians and nurses for binding food and make the stool harder.

Besides, the high potassium in bananas is good for replacing the lost potassium in our body after vomiting or diarrhea.


Special MILO

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Elizabeth is sleeping soundly now. As she is sick, it will be helpful if she sleep more. Bare in mind that sleep is always the best medicine for flu. As we sleep, our body get a chance to heal itself.

Besides, mummy is feeding Elizabeth with warm water within these 2 days. Somehow, warm water can speed up the recovery of flu. Anyway, she just took her Piriton. I think that’s the cause of her sound sleep. 😉

It took mummy almost half of the day to think of how to feed her Piriton. She hates medicines. She will spit it up immediately whenever she was forced to take medicines. As a result, mummy make her a little bit of delicious Milo. However, that’s not the ordinary Milo. There is 3 ml of Piriton in it.

Somehow, she finished the Milo. You really like chocolate drinks, don’t you Lizzy? 😉


Mummy should buy flowers

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Elizabeth likes flowers. Like mother like daughter. Mummy, granny and baby Elizabeth all like flowers. Basically, most of the ladies like flowers too. Flowers are girls best friend. 😛

Thus, mummy planned to buy some flowers home while I went out for marketing this morning. As Elizabeth likes to have flowers in the house. Since she is sick, the flowers might cheer her up.

In fact, flowers have healing powers. Researches show that just by looking at flowers will change our mood. We feel happier with flowers around. Thus, flowers can be a healthy gift for patients. Besides, flowers like lavender, chamomile and blue lotus even contain healing properties.

Anyway, mummy was so careless. Mummy straight away drive home after marketing. I totally forgot about the flowers. :(


She needs medication

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Elizabeth is still sick. As mummy saw her condition getting serious this morning, mummy quickly call her pediatrician. Then, mummy went to the hospital to collect the Piriton from the pediatrician at about 11am.

It’s always Piriton whenever she has flu. Mummy always try to let her recover on her own as it’s best to let our kids take less medicines. However, mummy just can’t see her suffer.

Finally, it left mummy no choice but to go straight to the doctor.


I am tired, I need chair

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 16, 2008

I am quite tired today. No mood to laugh either. May be it’s because of the drops from my nose. That’s irritating! What to do? Just keep rubbing my nose. Gets off you sticky thing! :(

I keep sneezing too. That’s not fun at all! :(

Luckily I have the new rocking chair. At least I can lay down to watch TV in this tiring day. That’s better! Thanks, dad! :(

P/S: Sorry that the photos were so dark. As mummy forget to on flash light after turning it off to capture some food. 


She is sick

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 16, 2008

Yesterday, mummy was worried about Elizabeth’s swollen forehead. And, Ia m so glad to see that the blue black has totally gone. Looks like the rice is so powerful. 😛

When mummy thought it’s going to be a fine new day for Elizabeth, unfortunately she get sick. Poor girl! Mummy is still watching her. It has only the sign of flu at the moment. Nothing serious. Since medication is not advisable for light flu, I think I will just let it be first.

Mummy thought Elizabeth was quite strong. When mummy or daddy were sick, she is always safe. But not this time. Kakak is the one who passed the virus to her. In short, mummy got to be always careful and watch out for those who are sick. LOL!


Smaller Bump

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

Mummy is glad that the bump on Elizabeth’s forehead is improving. The “bungalow” is now turning to “terrace”. hahaha……

Mummy actually keep on wrapping some hot rice in her handkerchief to left it on and lift it up from the “big bungalow” since last night. In this case, the heat from the rice actually encourages blood circulation. Thus, relief the blood clogged. And, quickly heal the bump.

We can choose to use boiled egg instead of rice. 😛


Use Ionizer

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 8, 2008

Weather is really hot these days. Elizabeth just can’t stand the heat. Her hair will be set on the wet look all day long if there is no air conditioning. I think it’s best to use ionizer instead of air con for our kids in this hot weather.

Ionizer has health properties. It can keep the air clean and fresh. But not drying like air conditioning. It is especially helpful in reducing the harmful effects of the heat produced by the electronic appliances at home such as computers and TVs. Negetive ions from the ionizer can neutralize these postive ions.

We need to keep our kids away from positive ions. As positive ions might be the cause of many sicknesses. A truck with Dodge Truck Radiator, certainly manage to keep its engine cool. On the other hand, the ionizer is used to keep our baby cool and healthy.

In short, our baby need ionizer to survive healthier in this polluted world.


Be careful with candy

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

Mummy has mentioned about Elizabeth taking Ribena pastilles a few times here. However, mummy istrying my best to avoid it actually. As mummy find Ribena pastilles is like rubber when we chew it in our mouth. Mummy is afraid that indigestible.

May be mummy should check on her “Pooh Pooh” next time when she took Ribena pastilles. As we can clearly see anything which is indigestible appear in the baby’s “Pooh Pooh” as a whole.

On the other hand, mummy really don’t like the coating of sugar on each and every piece of the Ribena pastilles. That is quite unhealthy. In fact, research in the US has shown that eating too much of candy or anything which is sweet can cause our baby to be super active.


I hate block nose

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 15, 2008


Elizabeth was sick yesterday. She caught flu. Thus, very moody and looked grumpy all the time, even when she is watching TV.

Luckily there is still some medicine left in the fridge. So, mummy quickly feed her during the evening as she seems can’t stand the irritable block nose anymore. As a result, she starts running and playing happily since this morning. :)

However, mummy was really tired because of busy taking care of her during the night. But, at least she is willing to sleep on mummy’s bed. On the other hand, her “kakak” was terribly tired.

Baby Elizabeth was sleeping with her granny the night before last night because mummy was sick too. And, “kakak” was the one who carry her until the morning. Naughty Elizabeth refuse to sleep on her granny’s bed and keep crying if she was left on the bed. So, poor “kakak” was tortured! LOL!

By the way, It is advisable for all the mummy to keep the remaining medicine for the common sickness in the fridge. Just in case our baby is sick again in the near future, we just don’t need to rush to the doctor. (Of course, we have to make sure the medication that we kept in the fridge is still in good condition before we feed our baby.)

So, remember to spare some basic medicine especially paracetamol at home for your kids. It is just as important as the medicare insurance. :)


It’s Coxsackie

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 19, 2007

This time is not common fever. It’s Coxsackie ( hand, foot and mouth disease). I finally brought Lizzy to the hospital as her fever gone real high during Monday midnight. At that time, it’s 40 degree. I was nervous. I call my mum up and swap my girl together with her for about one hour after feed her with paracetamol.

Then, straight away to GMC tomorrow morning. However, before I get her to the hospital. I found out that my mum vomit for 2 times since early morning. OMG! Not another one. First was my girl, then her dad. And, here comes my mum! What am I going to do? 😥

I am quite panic actually. Luckily daddy decided to take one day off to stay with me and accompany me to the hospital. Anyway, my girl was not hospitalized. And, she seems to have better appetite after the injection of antibiotics. But, she still have to go for the 3rd injection tomorrow to finish the treatment. I am upset with her throat ulcer. But, she has been very sensible for the past few days. Not much crying. And, she still swallow all the medicines even though she showed a little bit of tantrum.

Her paediatrician stress that if her condition improves tomorrow, then she will be out of danger. So, let’s pray for the best. And, here is my mum’s condition.


Fever again

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 17, 2007

I am having fever since Saturday night. May it related to my fall or simply because I am teething. Thus, my body temperature raise. Anyway, mummy become so worried. But, I am getting really irritated with the process of testing temperature, taking medicine and swapping. Thus, I cried a lot today.

Mummy was thinking she is going to send me to the pead tomorrow to make a thorough check as my temperature is quite high this time . However, I seems get better now. So, hopefully mummy can get a good sleep tonight. And, I just don’t have to visit my pead by tomorrow. No more medicine for me please! And, I certainly don’t want to be hospitalized.

However, daddy’s flu is getting serious. He even dare not go near me tonight. Oh! Poor daddy, his flu started last night. And, hopefully he will get well tomorrow. So that we can play together again.  :)


Her 1st Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2007


3 days ago little Lizzy was sick. She got fever. However, I didn’t bring her to the doctor this time because I still have paracetamol  with me. For 3 days, I just watch her carefully. And, I did gave her paracetamol during the second day when her fever is about 39 degree. After 3 feeds, she finally recover the next morning. 

Time flies. Today is already my girl’s 1st Birthday. And, if you asked me how do I feel?  I felt like she has grown up a lot. Now that she is stronger. I am glad that finally her body system can quickly recover from her sickness. Also, I am proud that She can calls “Mama” now. And, she practical learn up those have been taught almost immediately. Even if we don’t teach her, she will still catch up all  the vocabulary through her own observation.

  • She is still in bubbling stage.
  • But, she already understand that if she wants to walk, she has to wear shoes.
  • She likes to walk in the garden.
  • She can remember where all the things kept.
  • She will open the cupboard on her own and take out the shoes to let us wear for her, every time she wants to walk in the garden.
  •  She still wake up every night for her milk.
  • Each time, she only take about 4 Oz pf milk. However, she prefer chocolate flavor now. Thus, instead of only Babynat, now I will add 1 scope of Dumex 1+ chocolate milk for her.
  •  If she wants milk and she was given with the wrong thing, says water, she will say “milk milk”.
  • Still no meat for her,  but lots of fish and vegetables.
  •  She will eat rice with soup sometimes, instead of only porridge.
  • She  has about 6 teeth now.
  • She is still taking jar fruits because she likes it so much.
  • She can walk very well.
  • She will say ” mai mai mai” means don’t want in Hokkien, if she rejects something.
  • She learn how to dance.  ( Just by waving her hands and turn round and round)
  • She likes to play with computers. (I think she just want to join us all as everyone in the house always on computer, including mummy, daddy, her uncle and her grandma. )
  •  Still very clingy to mummy.
  • Baby shows that she likes including Barney, Brainy baby, Bee Smart Baby and Baby Einstein. ( Baby Einstein is her favorite among all the other 3.)
  • She likes to play Peekaboo. And, she looks really cute when she is trying to bend her body a bit and so that she can look out for us while she is still half hiding behind the door.
  • She likes umbrella.
  • She like soft toys too including Patrick ( the dog), Teddy bears and Winnie the Pooh is her all time favorite.  ( In fact, she will hug her Pooh every now and then).
  • She can recognizes and relates things quite well. For example, if you ask her where is the Christmas tree, she will point to the ring that are using the same “grass” and red and gold deco too. Obviously, she understands that they look alike and both are meant for Christmas too. 😛
  • She can point out car, apple, toothbrush, comb, bear, dog, lion, swimming costume, banana, fish, bird, giraffe, elephant, shoe, flower, fan, snail, and so on.
  • She is quite concern with her things now. For example, if I show her something in the supermarket and mention that I’ve bought for her, she will ask me to take it once the cashier has packed it in the plastic bag.
  • Still very friendly.
  • Things that scare her and will make her cry:  someone with mustache, dogs’ bark, car horn, my dog.

That’s it for no, I think. Happy Birthday, my girl. Mum and dad loves you, my dear… And, you are doing well. Mummy is so proud of you. 😉

Her simple birthday party will be held on this coming Saturday. 😛


Paed explain on diarrhea with blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 31, 2007


If baby having diarrhea with blood can due to many reasons:

1)    Lack of vitamin K. (I think this should be the reason Elizabeth got diarrhea, she took     vitamin K immediately in the hospital after the paed diagnosed. About 2 ml, didn’t observe carefully while the nurse feed her.) If this is the cause, baby will get well once they have enough intake of vitamin K.

We just don’t have to worry and trying hard to squeeze in all the food which rich in vitamin K to the baby’s stomach. As what the paed explained, a few ml of vitamin K intake is exactly what the baby need to quite a long period.

2)    Intususception. This is a rare disorder which a part of the intestine, usually the small intestine, telescopes into the intestine ahead of it. If this is the case, operation is needed. However, the results of the operation are usually excellent.

There are other symptoms that we should watch out to roughly figure out weather he or she pass a motion of blood-stained mucus, like red jelly is caused by this problem.

If it’s intususception, a previously healthy baby may suddenly scream violently for a few minutes. This screaming may recurs every few minutes. Then, the baby will turn pale and limp. Also, may vomit or pass a motion of blood-stained mucus. Thus, they may scream at the same time they have diarrhea.

3)    Commonly, Diarrhea is caused by food poisoning.

4)    Our baby might have intestine infection at the time they have diarrhea. So beware of this problem. Check they baby temperature often. If he or she has fever, that might be the sign of intestine infection. 

Hope this this post is informative. :)


Food poisoning and Diarrhea

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2007

This is what happened last Saturday. I had a bad weekend. I can’t go shopping as I might crate a mess to mummy once I poop again. Yeah… I poop 5 times in a day on last Saturday. Thus, the only place I hang out to is hospital. So sad that I only spend my wonderful weekend in that hateful GMC with all the nurses and doctors. And, worst still mummy keep feeding me some orange like but salty drink once I am back from there. Must be medicine, I guess. See… that’s why I hate hospital. :sad:

Anyway, I have no diarrhea anymore the next day. Is just that mum still don’t take me out for dinner because doctor said my sickness should be cause by food poisoning. to simplified it, I ate something dirty. And, I get really irritated these few days as mummy had cut down my milk supply. I only had one bottle ( 5 oz) of milk per day for almost 3 days, only porridge and cereals is allowed. Mummy…… when can I have more milk? :sad:

Oh! Poor little Elizabeth. The reason why you have to stop drinking too much of milk is because too much of oily stuffs will persist your diarrhea. So, to make sure you can recover in the fastest manner, you got to stop drinking milk. (That’s oily, very oily indeed).

Anyway, you can continue your normal milk intake this evening if there is no sign of diarrhea in another few hours later. You are free! “Hooray!Love you, mum!” 😛

See… why mum was so worried until she has to bring my poop to the hospital to show my paediatrician? Simple. My condition is quite critical. My diarrhea got blood. My paed even ask my to snap a pic to show him. I’ll show you, k? LOL! What a professional paed! 😛

Mummy will further explain what is so dangerous about diarrhea with blood tomorrow, k? Chao!


Fruits is good for flu

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2007

Lizzy was having flu few days back. Runny nose. She just recovered a bout 2 weeks ago… Not again! I am so worried as she keep getting flu nowadays. But, I don’t feel like bringing her to the doctor. No more medication. That’s nothing much but drugs. I am going let her recovered on her own this time if she has no fever.

So, during a 2nd day, I don’t just sit down and wait but do nothing. I actually thought of giving her some orange as I recalled my MIL always mentioned to me that “fruits is good for flu” especially those with high Vitamin C. So, orange juice without sugar and ice at first. She don’t really like it anyway. She just took about 10 tea spoon I think.

So next, apple on the next day. This time I gave her the flesh and the juice together. I scoop them. Oh… She loves it! Then, papaya again at the same day. As usual, she loves papaya like nothing. She can finish half of those small size papaya which we call  “Hawaiian papaya” here.

Then, when she woke up in the 3rd day morning, the flu is gone completely. Waw… it works. ( her last flu took her about 7 to 8 days to recover, this is fast!) Fruits are amazing! Just  eat more fruits, Lizzy.More fruits…. 😀


Mummy hardly sleep as she was sick

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2007

Elizabeth actually fell sick again these few days. And, is not easy to take care of a sick 9 months old as she will suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. And, she is not up for milk but for the sake of uncomfortable or due to separation anxiety. Yeah… once they realized that they are actually a separated beings from their mum, they are really sticky to mummy, especially breastfeed baby. And, of course situation get worst when they are uncomfortable while having flu.

These few nights, Lizzy will suddenly stand up from her play pan and signal us to carry her or she will just cry and insist that she wants us to carry. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story yet. Sometimes, she will not back to sleep even though you already hold her in your arms or let her fall on your shoulder. She might wants to roll on mummy’s bed and play with daddy. Also, this might last for more than an hour. Scary isn’t it? But, when our precious one get sick, all we ask for is to see her back to healthy again. That’s all. We just won’t mind to sacrefies a few nights of our sleeps.

In fact, mummy hardly sleep too when Lizzy was having fever not long ago cause we all know that high temperature might cause brain damage. So whenever our baby have fever, we might stay up all night long to swap our baby to lower the temperature or keep tracking the temperature every now and then just to make sure it does not gone up too high.

Frankly, it is terribly tired to take care of a sick baby. But, I think the one who is sick always suffered the most. And worst for a baby as they can’t tell. That’s what make the mummy so worry. The worries is always greater than the tiredness. :(


Something on Cold

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 27, 2007

This is already Elizabeth’s 9 months 3rd week. I have sign up for baby center since she was very young. I think that’s when she was about 3 months old. And, I find it’s weekly free newsletter very useful. I never miss any of it so far. This week I have refer to it’s “common cold” section as I want to learn more about this topic ever since Elizabeth got her first cold. I have learn that a cold may last up to 10 days. Frankly, I never expect that long. Also, baby normally learn how to blow their nose after 4 years old. I thought it could be earlier in this case. hahaha….

There is really so much things to learn, isn’t it? Just being curious, what did you do when your baby is congested? Do you use suction bulb? My mum thought me of using my mouth to suck her mucus out. And, I did it. And, yes! her mucus could be easily cleared this way, but we — the sucker ( hahahaha….. LOL! Why I used this word? Sounds so rude isn’t it? hahaha…. ) could be easily infected if we don’t clean our mouth properly. :) (LOL! Those salty “cendol” …… I won’t have do it if she is not my one and only darling in this beautiful world. haha…)


Her First Fever

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 30, 2007

Finally, Elizabeth is back from hospital. Mummy and Daddy jumping for joy!JUMP! JUMP!JUMP! JUMP &JUMP &JUMP!Celebration………Oh, Yeah!

Anyway, I will always remember this Merdeka for one important reason— this is the day my darling Elizabeth discharge from GMC for a very high fever. That’s all. No other reason!

Anyway, this is a very tiring experience. I got to take care of her day and night for 3 consequence nights. However, I am lucky to have my mum and my maid to help during the day time. The worst thing is I can’t really sleep well as I really worried about her condition. What’s her condition actually? Mmm… According to her pead… Her high fever is due to urinary Infection. And….. my MIL suggest that I should let her drink barley for one or two days every month. The problem is she don’t like Barley. Still my MIL said I can mix it with her milk, most probably she will accept it then. Yes! She is right! Elizabeth just love it immediately it’s mix with her formula milk. Bravo!

However, She was not eating for the first 2 days. And… to put the medicine in her mouth was rediculously tough! Also… She will surely cried out loud once she saw her doctor and the nurses come near her… Poor girl! (doctor and nurse so naughty… they force girl girl to eat medicine and pop the needle in girl girl hand hor… Mummy bit them! Bit them hard hard! hahaha…)Wanna know how upset mummy is? Just look at this…… I’m sure you will get what I feel by looking at her hand…….

However, look at this this active lil one……

Don’t you feel pain for your hand, baby? Na… it’s nothing! Shu…… quiet! I am watching TV!

Ops…, I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow I still have to go back to GMC early in the morning for last check up. See ya!