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What I did last weekend

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 29, 2008

It’s raining now! I guess we just have to cancel the plan of visiting the bookshop. Are you disappointed, baby? How about just wait and see how’s the weather later?

Anyway, mummy can assure you that daddy will surely take us out tomorrow. Where do you want to go? Haagen Daz? You really loves Haagen Daz ice cream, don’t you? The one and only one ice cream that you will ask for more. That’s expensive taste! LOL!

Oh! So delicious! Mummy loves Haagen Daz too. But, that was last week program. No more ice cream this week. How about washing cars together with daddy and mummy? That’s your favorite too. But, are you truly like cars and car parts like daddy?

“Soap, bubbles and water! That’s precious, Mi!”

Alright. Just make sure you don’t put the bubbles in your mouth, deal? 😛


Enjoy before I get sick

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 24, 2008

Run! Run! Run! Cheez… Nice post? Hahaha……

Lizzy missed her music class again this morning. She was sick since late last night. Poor girl! Not again! Somehow I am glad she did enjoy herself at Park Royal Hotel. We had buffet dinner there. Nice environment! Wide and big space! That’s Liz’s favorite!

Somehow, she was not quite eating. She just loves to run around on the big field right in front of the restaurant. Mummy and daddy was invited to join the running. We took turns. It’s quite torturing to run about when we were so full. But, for our precious little Liz, anything is fine. 😛

Now mummy just wish that she could get well soon. God bless Liz!


Toddler Traveling Kit

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 23, 2008

These things are given by daddy’s company to him sort of as the outing kit, when he attended the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. There is hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid, sunblock, anti pruritic cream, plaster and rain coat.

So, mummy will keep the sunblock and the rain coat as it is too big for Liz. Too bad as there is no Proactiv acne cream. As mummy need it now cause one acne has just bump up on my face now. :(

Anyway, all the rest are yours, baby. In fact, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid and anti pruritic cream are all very useful for toddler like Liz. Even sunblock is useful. But mummy afraid that this Neutrogena sunblock is not suitable for toddlers. And, kids always prefer carton plaster.

Thus, if mummy just add in a sunblock for kids, then they actually made up a great toddler traveling kit. In my opinion, baby rain coat is optional. 😛


My “Fu Wa”

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 22, 2008

Finally, daddy is home. Liz was waving hard and smiling sweet once she saw daddy walking out from the arrival hall in the airport on Wednesday. And, daddy carried her straight away when he came to little Lizzy.

Then, he passed a big box to Liz in the car which was already holding in his hand since he came down from the plain. Liz said: “Wow!”, when she first looked at the box.

Wow… Daddy get you 5 beautiful dolls! 😛

These five are absolutely very famous now. And, these five Olympic “Fu Wa” — lucky doll has become Liz new friends now. Anyway, they are not just toys, they are fantastic collection. And, Liz always loves soft toys. Thus, these dolls really make her smile. You are lucky, baby! Cause your daddy knows you well. :)


See you later, Daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 20, 2008

Baby, where is daddy? This girl seems did not look for daddy for the past few days. I wondered what’s her reaction once she sees her daddy in the airport later tonight. Anyway, daddy is coming home, baby. Mummy is so happy! 😛

Elizabeth seems want to follow daddy when I told her daddy is going to take airplane to Beijing the other day in the airport. She likes airplanes. Obviously, she really wants to be on board too. I guess it’s time to take her abroad. Our first destination should be Bangkok as Elizabeth can meet Justin and Isabelle there.

Next, we can plan for other interesting trips such as Disneyland in Paris, Gold Cost in Australia or Brazil vacation packages. From one country to another, travel as many countries as we could together. That’s mummy’s dream. It’s also daddy’s life inspiration. I am sure it’s something in Elizabeth wish lists too. 😛

By the way, see you on 11pm, daddy! 😉


Babytub has more fun

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2008

Elizabeth has no problem going to bathe now. Her old baby bathtub came to save the best for last. Praised “Kakak”. My maid was the one who thought of the idea of letting baby Elizabeth to bathe in her old baby bathtub again.

Elizabeth is always chicky. Thus, she feels fun to squeeze herself in the small bathtub now. It’s her that chose to switch from using bathtub to a pail. Soon, she get bored with the pail and prefer to jump into the big bathtub.

Now, she gets excited with the old small baby bathtub again. Whatever! As long as you stop crying. It’s good to see her smiling and being playful again every time she bathe.

But, mummy got a new problem now. Can you please come up! You have soak yourself long enough in the tub. Get up, girl! Now!Hahahaha…….


Thanks to Sustagen

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2008

Like mother like daughter. Elizabeth loves shopping. And, mummy likes to bring her to the shopping mall too. It is a fantastic learning environment. I can teach her all the things that we came across in the mall.

Besides, on and off there will be special activities for kids in the shopping mall too. Some are highly educational. The “Sustagen” 100% Nutrionland which has been set up in Queensbay Mall on the 9th and 10th August is a good example. There are all together 5 games.

1) Carbo-Climb: Find the food that are rich in carbohydrate, climb up the stairs and stick them on the board at the right place, then slide down for fun as you complete the mission.

2) Farm Tunnel: Crawl through the tunnel and pick the fruits and vegetables as fast as you can.

3) Nutrient Pool: Go into the ball pool and find the food (fish) that are rich in protein.

4) Bone to Pick: Build up the skeleton and learn about the bones that support your body.

5) My Five Senses: Spin the wheel and correctly match sight, soun, taste, smell and touch.

Oh! Shopping seems to be a great choice. In this case, we as parents just don’t have to crack our head on where to bring our kids during weekends. Somehow, never bring the kids to anywhere near ToyRUs or Toy City, if you already working so hard with your budgeting software recently because of inflation. LOL!

Anyway, Elizabeth only play No. 1 to No. 4 on the 10th of August. She is too short for No. 5. Innitially, mummy was worried that these games might be too difficult for her. But, she seems enjoy, especially the Nutrient Pool.

Mummy and daddy are really proud of you, baby! You are the youngest among all, yet you are doing quite well. 😛


I love Cap

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2008

Before daddy leave to Beijing, he wanted to buy cap for Elizabeth as a gift when he is back. Mummy stopped him. As it’s hard to estimate the right size for Liz. Somehow, we are looking for a nice cap to suit Liz now.

Liz started to like cap. She always wear daddy’s cap recently. She will even post nicely when the cap is on her head. That’s cute and cool! 😛

Like daddy like daughter. I am sure Elizabeth loves cap because she sees daddy always wearing it.  Mummy wears cap too, just not very often. Obviously, we are family! 😉


My Saturday without Daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 16, 2008

Daddy is in Beijing. I seen him walked into the departure hall in the airport yesterday. I cried as mummy told me daddy is going to take airplane. I want to go too! :(

Anyway, I am happily playing bubbles at home now. I enjoyed the Campbell chicken soup so much. That’s my first time taking chicken soup as lunch at home. Mummy said children don’t take Akavar even though they are chubby. But, children absolutely need vegetables. Lots of vegetables indeed.

Thus, my chicken soup is full of chopped carrots, corns, and some other green leaf vegetables. But, mummy has no camera to shoot any photo of mine or the soup. May be next time. As the camera is in Beijing too. LOL!

Normally, I don’t eat vegetables.I just don’t mind this time. As the chicken soup is still yummy! 😉

Do you miss daddy, baby? As it seems you never look for daddy. May be tonight? I am sure daddy miss you so much. On the other hand, mummy miss your daddy so much! 😛


I don’t want to Bathe

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 15, 2008

Baby, sorry ya… I know I have neglected your blog recently. Mummy is just too busy. Busy with what? Busy bathing for you. You always cry whenever mummy or “kakak” want to bathe you recently.

Mummy did put all your toys in the bathtub. And, it’s always warm water. Mummy even bathe together with you. Sing for you. But, you just keep crying. Why? Did you seen the eczema  on your legs?

It might be caused by uncleanliness of your body cause you never bathe properly these days. Either you bathe without soap or the soap can never be properly flash off. Can you tell me what can I do to make you bathe happily next time? :(


Learn through Observation

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 8, 2008

We have stopped visiting the bookshop ever since little Elizabeth was sick. It’s been 2 weeks. If tomorrow we still do not go to the bookshop, then mummy might have to get her some Amazon books for kids.

But, she loves to go out. Thus, mummy will try to get the time to bring Liz to the bookshop tomorrow. It should be the first time we visit MPH ever since we got this study plan. 😛

Anyway, I wish I can find more Observation Series for 2 years old, which is something like the graphic tools that I show you below. I bought it from Popular Bookstore.

It’s like a calender, inside there are many level of small pictures in pieces for the kids to flip through.

Topic ( showed at the top left by graphic) : Find the same object

Topic: Find the animal as what the draft on top showed

Topic: Look for one of the things in the pictures on the top

There are also same graphics for big and small comparison, find out the skin texture of various fruits, search for one part of the complete puzzles, look for the body parts which the kids in the picture point to and a few more other topics.

According to what I know this is an ideal learning tool for kids brain development. It should be helpful to strengthen their memory too.


Just put me on the floor

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 7, 2008

Look at her. She has grown up a lot, didn’t she? No longer a baby. Yeah… She is 20 months now. Anyway, Baby Elizabeth is sleeping on the floor now. Mummy actually packed one of her play pan which placed in the living hall up few days ago.

According to her height, obviously she will soon outgrown the play pan size. So, mummy might as well packed it up now. And, since this play pan just can’t be fold up anymore because of a jam in its mechanism, mummy will give it away to a friend who has just give birth to a lovely baby boy.

Mummy decided to let liz sleep on the floor as she actually feels more comfortable with it. I guess that’s because she is free from the “cage”. As there is no opening for this play pan that she has been using all the time. Without any opening, a play pan is just a cage. 😆

Anyway, mummy still keep the other play pan in the room as her bed as she quite like that one. She likes it so much because there is a “door” to let her get in and out from it freely. :)

But most of the nights, she prefers to sleep on mummy’s bed. LOL! That’s why mummy got no hurry in looking for her new bed even though she has almost outgrown her current bed. hehe…..


Dance along the foutain

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

We went out for breakfast and morning walk last Saturday, Elizabeth were so excited. She always loves Gurney Drives. As we walk through Evergreen Laurel Hotel, there is a nice fountain in front of it. And, this is what happened…

Oh! My favorite fountain! It’s high. What a great stage. Shall I dance?

Come on everybody! Let’s move your body! 😉

And… Shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum…


Oh… No… no… no. No more shooting my pictures. That’s enough, mummy! 😯

Lovely! Great styles! Thus, mummy even placed the 2nd picture on top as my desktop background. May be daddy want it to be in his laptop too? You are so hot, baby! Mummy and daddy are so proud of you. Just keep dancing. Hahaha……


I want “wee wee”

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

These few days, Elizabeth started to come to mummy whenever she feels like “wee wee”. That’s a good news, isn’t it? Looks like she finally learned that she should “wee wee” in the toilet.

Mostly as mummy going to bathe together with her, she will surely “wee wee” in the toilet once mummy take out her clothes. Clever, aye? Simply lovely! 😛

But, the bad news is mummy don’t really understand what she means most of the time. She just signal me to go somewhere, but she still don’t know how to say “wee wee” yet. As a result, she will mostly ask me to let her down again. So that she can “wee wee” on the floor when she can’t hold it anymore.

Poor baby! Let’s practice how to say “wee wee” again. Slowly and Steadily. Mummy is confidant that you will voice it out in no time. Keep it up, darling! You did well! 😛


I live in the computer era

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2008

Elizabeth is always interested in computers. That’s good as we are all living in the computer era now. As long as she is interested in it, it’s quite certain that she will be good at it. That’s an advantage. 😛

She likes to read her blogs too. As she will always smile when she saw her own pictures on the screen. Sometimes, she even laughing joyfully. That’s cute! She likes all the other pictures in the newspapers too. Hopefully, she will keep her interest and manage to develop the good habit of reading newspaper everyday when she grow up. 😛

Mummy is not surprise if she even like to download latest musics, check out the world news, local politics issues, online boutiques, diet pill reviews or other health info all through the net later when she knows how to fully utilized the computer.

And, mummy is quite certain that she also loves computer games. But, that’s a bad news! LOL!


I am Coughing

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2008

This is the first time Elizabeth has cough. It’s always paracetamol when she got fever. Then, Piriton will be use for runny nose. How about cough then?

Dr. Sim Prescribed the “Rhinathiol” for her. Hopefully it can help to clear her flam.

Besides, mummy starts giving her “Lou Han Guo” with rock sugar cooling tea which keeps our lungs healthy. In this case, it can also clear the flam in her lungs. Anyway, I think she got such throat infection because of the haze. And, It’s mummy’s fault too as I still let her took ice cream yesterday. By right, she should drink more warm water to speed up recovery. Taking ice will certainly let the situation get worse. So sorry, baby! :(

Anyway, mummy always feel alternative medicines is more effective in terms of curing “cough”.


Let’s Color

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 2, 2008

Today, there was no special outing for little Elizabeth. That’s because she was still sick. Since Thursday, she got secondary throat infection after she recovered from Coxsackie. Thus, poor Liz is still taking medicine now! :(

And, Mummy stop taking her to the bookshop this week. Tomorrow, she is not going to attend music circle too. But, it’s ok. Mummy can arrange other activities for her at home. Mummy, daddy and Elizabeth actually enjoyed watching movies together at home this afternoon.

Tomorrow, may be we can play “bubble gun” in the garden, or do some coloring at home. Mummy enjoyed coloring pictures together with Elizabeth. We started this activity about a month ago. As mummy realized more hands on activity is good for babies’ brain development.

This is Liz’s work. I think she did a great job for her age. As she can hold her pencil properly and keep changing colors.

Sometimes, she can even focus on the object quite well like how she centered all the colors on the dinosaur above. And, mummy will always help her to fill up the pictures with nice and proper coloring bit by bit after she finished coloring. Just as what I did to the dinosaur head. Nice, isn’t it? 😛

Mummy feels is good to show her how to color nicely. Hopefully more good examples and more practices will help to slowly improves her coloring skills. Mummy believes soon she can even make beautiful cards like the Quinceanera invitations for mummy and daddy. We should never underestimate a child’s intelligence. 😉


Brain Food

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 1, 2008

I read from the educational book that I bought weeks ago that berries are one of the most important food for our kids brain development. When I said berries, I mean strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and so on. If you are Chinese, may be you are used to Mulberries — “Kei Chi”. That’s berry too! 😛

And, Spinach is also fantastic brain food. Other brain food including banana, egg, apple, and walnut. Anyway, I am going to buy blue berries for little Elizabeth to try as bluberries contains high amount of AHTHOCYANINS — a very powerful antioxidants.