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This is My Christmas

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 26, 2008

So, this is the 3D puzzle — the Christmas gift from “Santa Clause”. Ha! But, It’s still unfix. Elizabeth is not interested at all. LOL! May be she likes something more hi tech like PS3. Hehe……

So what she did in Christmas?

Yeah… She had a wonderful Christmas dancing and singing along with Barbie, enjoyed the lighting and Christmas tree decoration at home with a Christmas cake which allow her to blow the candle like what she did in her birthday.

Not bad, aye? And, good news! Little Elizabeth had once again recovered from fever and flu.  :)


Merry Christmas

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 24, 2008

It’s Christmas Eve. We are not Christian. But, mummy loves Christmas. Hehe……

We thought of celabrate it like we used to be. We supposed to booked a hotel room and straight away stay there after having Christmas Dinner at it’s restaurant. Plan has been fully cancel since we knew little Elizabeth was fever this morning.

Still about 38 to 38.5 Degree. “Hot!  Big Hot!” That’s what she told mummy. Hohoho…… Mummy knows! Very hot. It’s just like every Christmas we have in Malaysia. 😛

Let’s play our 3D puzzle that mummy specially prepared for you in this special Christmas Eve, my baby. It’s the story of  “The Match Girl”. At least Something about Christmas. May be we can still have our Christmas Dinner tomorrow night. You will get well soon. Don’t worry.

Then, we will plan for a cold, white Christmas next year. No more hot, hot! Ok? Love you, Baby!

And, Merry Christmas! 😉


I am “Donna”

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 23, 2008

This is one of her famous dance performance which she learned from Donna in the movie — “Mama Mia”. Lovely, aye? Mommy like it too!

May be this is little Elizabeth’s adventures. Obviously she is fearless. Somehow, mommy is fearful. What if accidence happens? (She did knocked her head on the wall once) It can be serious, but definitely not something the Chicago injury lawyer can help or will help.

So, this is one of the so called growing up process? Getting more cheeky and fearless? Gosh! It’s getting tougher. I mean our job as parents in taking care of a 2 years old. But look at how much she enjoyed it. After all, it is a great performance. Shall I stop her? Oh… Confusing!


Oh No!

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 17, 2008

Mommy definitely has some back dated news to post. However, the latest update about little Elizabeth is… She has got flu. Poor Girl!

So, “kakak” had to carry her every now and then for the whole last night. Then, Mommy gave her Piriton this morning. It seems to be mommy’s turn to comfort her tonight,unless the Piriton works so well. Ha!

Just now, little Elizabeth said: “Oh, No!” when the mucous was flowing out from her nose. It’s quite an experience as this is only the second time she got runny nose since birth. However, she is still busy dancing, singing and playing. 😛


My Birthday Cake

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 12, 2008

Last year, we have 3D birthday cake and beautiful cupcakes. For a change, we ordered some fruit tarts this year instead of cupcakes.

Also, we prepared curry chicken, salad, fried mee hoon and mee, poh piah, fried mayonnaise crabsticks, french fries, jellys and many BBQ stuffs including minced lamb shoulders, chicken wings, satays, fish and plain prawns, sausages, chicken meat balls, and corns. Of course, there will always be some “red eggs”. That’s Chinese tradition! 😛

These food were ready about 2 hours before the party starts……

However, no cocktail. Only soft drink.All and all, thanks to “Ah Hwa Keh Mah”. She was always the one who prepared all the food for mummy’s birthday in the olden days. And now, it’s all for Elizabeth! 😛

Just imagine 18 types of food for only about 17 people. I guess you know what’s up. Yeah… lots of left over. LOL! Thus, daddy said there will be no more home BBQ party next year. As there is too much work for mummy, too much left over.

And, sorry for keeping you so long. Taa… Daa… Here’s the lovely Teddy Bear birthday cake!

It’s a 2D this year. But with the cutie pink dress, It really look so lovely! So… daddy made a great choice and thanks to Ritz pastry too. 😛


My Birthday Presents

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 11, 2008

I thought she will only appreciates the big and lovely teddy bear cake. That’s it! 😛

However, just sing the birthday song now. She will run straight to the Christmas tree and grab some presents placed under the tree. That’s how she relates birthday song with birthday presents, cute aye? Hahahaha……

At the birthday party, this little birthday girl just can’t wait to open all the presents while we were still singing birthday song for her.  So, she were busy opening all the beautiful boxes before she cuts her lovely teddy bear cake. LOL!

Mmm… quite a nice shirt! (of course! Life Baby Leh!) Thanks “Gu Gu” (uncle Bill). 😛


Wow! Fish! Thank you, mummy! Among all the presents that you gave me. This is the best! 😉 (Mummy actually bought 5 presents. There are puzzles, flash cards and ABCs magnets. Hehe…)


Oh! This is lovely! May be there is more! 😉  Thanks to 3 big “Koko” — uncle Bill’s friends. (By the way, this princess lunch box is her favorite among all the presents)


She also get some Ang Pau from the elderly. And, geomatry game from her grand auntie, dresses from her grandma’s friend and her “kuku” (daddy’s sis). 😛


I got Punished

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 6, 2008

My fever is only around 38 degree yesterday. Save mom from lots of worries, I knew. Thus, she even went to the market to buy vegetables. And, spend time in settling the auto insurance quotes. Then, drive straight away to the post office to claim the goverment reimbursement for petrol.

But, she insisted that I need swapping when she was back. I cried! I shouted! I kicked and struggled! Immediately, I got punished from being tantrum. Mom put me at one corner in the room. Then, just keep swapping wihtout concerning my terrible temper.

Innitially, I cried louder. And, keep shouting for “kakak”. Slowly, I cried softer. Finally, I stopped. And, I surrendered to the swapping. :(

The good news is… I have no more fever now. And, I am going to Tesco later. Let’s shopping! Hehe…

Mommy will never beat Elizabeth. As I think that’s torturing and hurtful. But, she definitely needs some minor punishment like this, setting her up at a corner and just let her cry. At least she can learn that she had did something wrong.

Daddy! Please don’t get mad with mommy, ok? LOL!


Say Cheez

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 5, 2008


I know I am hot. But, not really suffering. May be mom’s prayer has been answered. I am still having fun with toys, especially the camera. I think it’s a free gift from Ribena. And, mommy said she got it long ago. At least, it’s fairly new and interesting to me.  Say “Cheez” Hahaha……

Little Elizabeth finally got her own camera. Thanks to Ribena.

By the way, this is her new writing table. That’s her birthday gift from her be loved daddy. Even though this small table and the 2 tiny recline chairs are quite expensive, But, the chair is really stable and it is made of high quality plastic.

Most importantly, she really appreciates it. Especially those chairs which she always long for. Worth it!


What a Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2008

“Hot! Hot! Very Hot!” That’s what she told me after she touched her forehead this morning.

“Then, you got to take medicine. So sorry, baby!” Mommy has no choice but to force the birthday girl swallow 3.5 ml of paracetamol again and again. Mommy really feels so sorry to see her get sick on her birthday. :(

Luckily, the fever seems not as high as what it used to be. At least she sweats after taking the paracetamol. Then, the temperature just went back to normal after taking paracetamol and 30 minutes of continuous swapping. Not this time! Mommy prays hard for her temperature will not go too high tonight. After all, she’s the birthday girl. Mommy really don’t want her to suffer from fever. Not on her birthday. :(

It started yesterday. And, hopefully it ends by tomorrow.  Oh…What a birthday! Don’t worry! Daddy will be back soon to play with you. Mommy really got to depend on daddy to cheer you up. He is simply good at it. Just as good as his knowledge of the various life insurance rates. Ha!

And, happy birthday my darling! Cheers! As there is still a wonderful party waiting for you to enjoy your special moment. Let’s be wishful for the 8th. 😛


I found a Gunny Sack

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2008

Daddy is watching WWE. It’s midnight. I am still awake. Am I getting excited as my special day is already begin. But, I don’t really enjoy the show. Luckily, I have something to play with. Now… Guess whose pants is this? 😉

Someone I like so much. His friends are also my friends. And, I always knocked outside his room and shouted:”Gu Gu!”, until he opens the door. Hahaha…….

So? That’s uncle Bill’s pants. Big like a Gunny Sack to me. I like it! Let’s Hop! And hop! And hop! Hahahaha…….

See! There is always something nice to play with in the house. Everything can be a toy. 😛


Some Home Education

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 2, 2008

Little Elizabeth has learned a lot from the learning VCDs and books. Somehow, real life experience is still the best education, especially about food and beverages. She will have to recognized the taste, the shape, the color, the smell, the texture by touch it, see it, taste it, hold it, feel it and so on.

Now, she knows what is hot and what is cold. At least, she sees and feels how the ice can turn to water too. Mommy even let her taste some spicy food and her mouth will immediately be wide opened once she feels spicy. And, her face will be wrinkling if there is something sour in her mouth. That’s cute! 😉

Mommy and daddy also bring you to the temple, school, shopping mall, beach, insects farm, animal park, concert, restaurant, playground, bank…… Well! She knows she has to pay for things she wants to buy. And, she will wait for the receipt to come out from the autopay machine each time we were paying our parking.

May be soon she might even know how to use the credit card and understand what is the bank of america balance transfer. Good luck, daddy! Hahaha……


Dress for my Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 1, 2008

Last Friday, we were stuck in the super duper traffic jam at the car park of Gama Supermarket. I told you… We were going to shop for little dresses. So, we really did! 😛

Mommy bought 5 dresses in total cause there was great bargain. At least 30% discount. A lot of 50% discounts too. Mommy is going to keep 4 of them for CNY. But, 1 of it will be kept for the 8th. Yeah… New dress for her birthday party! 😉

Mommy loves it so much! This sweet shinny baby blue material plus the dainty design were extraordinary! Hahaha……

And,  mommy had ordered the birthday cake. Daddy was the one who picked the deisgn though. we shall see how pleasing is daddy’s choice to our little princess then. Hahaha……