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Making Chocolate

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2010

This is kind of a fun toy. Mummy bought it from Spain since the beginning of the year. But, This is only the second time I play with it. The first time was dark chocolate. Yum! Yum! This time was white chocolate especially to share with daddy. But, dad said it’s too sweet. :(  (Yeah… This cooking white chocolate just taste like sugar candy. Next time must buy some other brands. LOL!)

Mummy will cut half a big piece of cooking chocolate into pieces and I will put all of them into this pot.

Step 1 — I will turn the switch on, to heat up the pot.  Then, we will leave it aside for  1 to 2 hours for all the chocolate in it to melt.

Step 2 — I will scoop it into many of the little moulds with shapes like star, heart, candy, bunny, bear and so on.

Step 3 — I must put them in the bridge till they get harden. Then I just twist the mould a little bit and all the chocolates with nice shape will drop out from the mould.

Fun aye? 😉


I am very cold

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 29, 2010

As you can see, my little princess was still quite shy in front of the camera. Mummy loves your voice, honey. It’s cute! I must record your singing more often so that I still get to listen to such sweet baby voice after you’ve grown up.  😉

And, I will always remember my little vain pot loves this pullover with hood so much. In fact, you got quite a few long sleeves shirts. And sometimes early in the morning, you like to wear sweaters to school too.

Mummy:”Don’t you think it’s going to be hot?”

Liz:”No! I am very cold!” *Frawn*

Alright! I know! They just never seems too hot for you as long as they make you look pretty. Hahahahaha……


Drawing: Birthday Party

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 28, 2010

This is my second piece of drawing from the art class. It’s a birthday party. Look…… This birthday boy is Nathan Toh — my best friend in school now. So, it’s his birthday. In front of him is his birthday cake. Green birthday cake. I like it! Haha! Then, got presents, lollipop  and party stripes all around. 😉


My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 27, 2010

Liz:”Mum, I want to go camping.” Immediately I told mum while we were reading about camping from a story book. But, forest is too scary. Luckily, mum said we can build tent and camp in the garden. I like this idea. :)

And, you know I love cooking too. That’s my favourite pass time. I did it almost everyday. So, can we cook with fire while camping, mum? 😉

Er… That’s not appropriate in the garden, my dear. But nowadays, we have wood stove. Mummy really don’t mind to get one as food cook on fire woods always taste more yummy! 😛

Anyway, I suggested that we can make cake tomorrow about 20 minutes later. And, I was jumping for joy when mum said she will buy flour and make cake together with me tomorrow. 😉

My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas. LOL! May be we can simply make pancake for breakfast first before you go to school tomorrow. How about that, baby? Happy? Satisfied? 😛


Funny Scarecrow

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 20, 2010

When I was at the event of International Story Telling Day on Saturday, I came across something interesting that truly eye catching.

How about that? Mum said this is recycle art. And, I love them all. They are funny “scarecrow”! Hahahahahaha……….

I remembered I made a hat using newspaper together with mum before. Somehow, I can’t stand the sticky glue any more after I have stocked layers and layers of newspaper. So I gave up before the hat work done. :(

Please be more patient next time, honey! We shall try again, ok? :)


I got Pimples

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 19, 2010

One fine night when little Elizabeth hop onto the bed and getting ready to read, suddenly she said:”Mummy I got pimples.”

Once my head was up, I saw her upset face. And she just keep touching both side of her cheeks.

Mummy:”Are you sure? Let me check first, ok?” (I know is impossible. :) )

Once I touched it, ah Ha! I feel like laugh out loud. It’s rashes! Hahahahaha……. But, I just smiled and said:”Don’t worry, honey. It’s just rashes. Mummy will apply soothing cream for you now and it will be gone by tomorrow morning, ok?” :)

Liz:”No! It’s pimples!” * Speak lauder and sternly with a cute frown. Hahahahaha……

Mummy:”Alright! Alright! I will get you the best acne treatment. Satisfied?”

Liz:”Mm!” 😛

But, it’s still the same old Buds Rescue Lotion that you are using that the time, my dear. Never mind. Whatever it is. As long as you are happy. Hahahahahahaha………….


I enjoy the story so much

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2010

I like to follow all the actions and sing along with her.”The turnip was stuck, the turnip was stuck, the turnip was stuck……Oh, Yes! Oh, No! Oh, Yes! Oh, No! ” I am still singing this while I am in my bathtub just now after I came home from this International Story Telling Event held at Youth Park this morning. It was fun!

But, the weather was too hot. So I told mummy I want to come back earlier. Hehe……

This is another story teller from England. In fact, I was first in this tent with Auntie Michelle. As it’s too crowded so mum can only pass be to Auntie Michelle who is sitting at the front row so that I can enjoy the story. Nice story too. But, I like the turnip story best. 😉

So we came back around 2pm. Unfortunately, I am not feeling well now. Fever again! 😯

Obviously I can’t stand the boiling heat at Youth park just now. But, I don’t want to be sick! :(


My latest dance choreography

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 17, 2010

That’s my latest choreography. I get daddy to on the radio for me, so that I can dance along with the hit and pop music. Mum said it’s great. At home, I am always the best. That’s why I always dance at home. Almost everyday. 😉

And, I love to create my own dance. :)

Mum is glad that I love to dance too. As it is a great pass time which it’s a great exercise for a healthier body and help me to develop my motor skill.

Undeniably, it is also one of the best fat burner for women or men and kids. That’s why mum will also dance together with me sometimes. That makes an enjoyable bonding time for us. 😛


I will work hard when you die

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 16, 2010

Mummy will always give little Elizabeth some English grammar, Chinese writing and Maths calculation paper work to do at home recently. Hoping she will get use with homework and won’t feel pressure when she is in Primary 1 later. As her current montesorri kindy has no homework at all.

On the 15th……

Mummy:”Liz, why you so lazy recently? You don’t want to do paper work at home at all.”

Liz:”Never mind lah. I will work hard with daddy when you die.” :)

Mummy:”What?” 😯

Liz:”Or I will work hard myself when daddy and you die. For sure I will.” 😉

Mummy:”Good. You really got to work hard when mummy and daddy is not around. But you still have to work hard to strengthen your capability while mummy and daddy is still around and managed to teach you.”

What an excuse! But, it’s something unexpected and unforgettable as well! LOL!

Out of curiosity, mummy has one more question, “Aren’t you feel scared when mummy and daddy die?”

Liz:”No I am not scared!”

Mummy:”Wow! Brave girl!”

But, when mummy and daddy fall sick today and getting more serious at this late hours, she cried. Hahahahahaha………


I like Hello Kitty and Barbie

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 15, 2010

I don’t like to wear pants in the house. The weather is too hot. I don’t mind wearing panties and best with cotton cami top. But, mum said those triangle underwear is too exposed. So, she kept buying me these.

Previously was 1 Barbie, 2 Dora. But, I don’t like Dora any more. Once I saw this new batch, I was jumping for joy as I loves Hello Kitty. Barbie is lovely too. 😛

This short pants style of cotton lingerie are my favourite house wear now. They are cute, nice, comfortable and still sexy. (Mum said they are durable too) Yeah… I love to be sexy. 😛

I will show you my sexy look one day. But, dad get very frustrated as I showcase the sexy posture that I learned from the Hindi’s MTV. Hahahahaha……


I join New Art Class

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2010


How about this? The theme is “Lantern Festival”. Like it? My mum and dad loves it so much. Aunties that came to my house just now said I am talented once they saw it. It’s my first drawing that I brought home from my new art class at school since yesterday. :)

I joined the art class that organized by my school since the beginning of September. I told mum, teacher show many examples on the board and I draw on my own based on the examples showed. Mum said it’s great cause at least it came out from my own two little hands. And, dad insisted this must be kept in the blog for memory. 😉

Anyway, I don’t really enjoy art class. I still prefer to draw on my own in the house. Mum would think I am too lazy to paint such a big piece of work like what happened in my previous art class or I am simply too tired as I will straight away fell asleep once I hop into the car after the art class.

But, I have yet to tell mum why.


I like my Cinderella’s Story 3D puzzle

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 8, 2010


Look! My new castle nice aye? it’s build from a 3D puzzle that mum bough long ago. Can you see it? There is even carriage, horses, the 2 stepsisters and the stepmother. And, the prince charming is wearing the glass slippers for Cinderella.

This puzzle tells a wonderful stories too. It’s the story of Cinderella. My favourite fairy tales. Mum and granny like this puzzle so much too. 😉

However in mummy’s opinion, modern Cinderella should ride on the elegant Ferrari. Hahahahaha……

Moreover, you always tell mum you want to become a “fixer” recently. May be you will enjoy put all the Ferrari parts together and make it into a nice Ferrari if mum bought you a model car set.

But, may be not now. As this beautiful 3D puzzle is all done by Kak Sue. You just enjoy starring at it. Ha! Obviously, you are not a good “architect”. Will you be a good fixer then?  

By the way, thanks to Kak Sue.


We go to a nicer dance class, ok?

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 7, 2010

This is what happened during my trail  for kids dance class at Light Street last Sunday. I just can’t wait to be there when we hop into the car. I was the first one to stand at the dance floor and start dancing. Again, I am the youngest. :)

Mum said I follow so well. Teacher think I am great too. Unfortunately, I get so upset after about half of the lesson when I can’t move my shoulder out as the “Jie Jie” and “Ko Ko” beside me. I tried again as teacher came to assist me. Somehow, I move my shoulder up again instead of moving out.  :(

I keep on rubbing my eyes and nearly cried out after that. I told mum, I don’t want to come to this dance class anymore. We go to a nicer dance class, ok? What an excuse! :roll:

Practice makes perfect, baby. There is nothing to be shame of when you made mistake. Just make sure you don’t give up easily. I hope one day you will understand this and make it your life principle. :)


I am on Parade

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 3, 2010

I went to the Hindu temple which granny and mum prayed there for years last Saturday. It’s a yearly occasion where the devotees have to walk along with a few nice chariots that pushed by nicely decorated cows. It’s like a mini parade.

It’s really something new and enjoyable as this is the first time I wear Indian costume (Only the skirt as the bareback top is too loose). It’s also the first time I sat on the chariot together with other kids throughout the parade. The big cow is just right in front of me. I even saw it “wee wee” and “pooh pooh” on the road. Ha! Interesting!

So, mummy started shooting for remembrance. But, her Olympus was not with her. She was forced to use her Nokia. Kind of dark and blur. Still look blurred after a few shots. :roll:

Luckily, photobucket came to the rescue with its edit function. Well, please don’t forget to bring your Olympus out anymore, mum. May be you should even consider buying the Canon camera. I mean the EOS. That’s cool! I can definitely look nicer in the picture. Hahahahahahaha……


I like Rainbow

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 2, 2010

I am crazy over rainbow now. I love anything with a rainbow in it. Thus, mum bought this new tumbler for me.

I like it so much just because of the rainbow in it. Ha!

And, I like colouring so much recently. I can create my own rainbow with the many colours. I need a white paper, mum. 😉

Nice aye? Not only that. I will also colour the pictures in the colouring books with rainbow colours. So, there are rainbow faces, rainbow shirts, rainbow shoes and body. Interesting! Hahahahahaha…….


Merdeka! I love Malaysia

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 1, 2010

I am glad Kak Sue drew these words for me. It’s “Merdeka! I love Malaysia”. Hehe…… So what’s up on Merdeka Day?

We had a wonderful dinner at this place again last night.

The chicken tender and the fries are always  my favourite. Mmm…… Yummy! 😛

By the way, I made my own chocolate too. But, I can only show you next time as this is just the first trail so mum never took any picture. LOL!Er…… Let’s see if there is more…… Yes! There is more.

I love these 2 new story books so much! I just keep on bagging mum to read for me. And, I am proud that I can also read by myself now. 😉

Liz:”Mummy, how many stories are there in these books?”

Mummy:”Only one story for each book. They are long story.”

Liz:”But, I also like a lot of stories in one book.”

Mummy:”Oh! So you don’t like these 2 books from Usborne?” 😯

Liz:”No. I like them so much.” :)

Yeah… At least you never complain their words are too small like Peter and Jane. LOL! Anyway, books are always better than toys for the moment, right little book worm? Hahahahahaha……

Somehow, I guess daddy just don’t mind to forgo a Phillippe Patek or IWC, just to buy you all the books that you wanted for a life time instead. As we really enjoyed your reading with such a sweet baby voice. Never thought that my baby will love books so much and start reading so well at such a young age. That’s a wonderful surprise! 😉