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I run, You walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2011

I was playing with mum just now. We had running competition. I was so glad as I was twice the winner. Somehow, I lost for the third round. But, I want to be the winner. So, I am thinking while we were walking to the starting point.

Liz:”Mum, how about I ran, you walk?”

Mum:”No… That’s cheating! I don’t want.”

Liz:”Alright! We both walk.”


So I won again cause I actually run a little bit. Ha! But, I lost again for the next round. No way!

Liz:”Mum, this time you run, I will cycle cause I like cycling.” :)

Mum:”This is not fair, baby. Both must do the same.”

Liz:”Ok. We walk then.”This time I was a bit slow. But, I will never give up. I quickly overtook mum by jumping to the finish line in the nick of time. Yeah! Yeah! I win! I win! Hahahahaha……

When I was a bit tired later on, I even move the starting point to the front a bit to cut short the distance, clever aye? :)

Mum was laughing the whole night and can’t stop telling dad how witty I am.

Hey, girl! That’s a form of creative thinking too. Quickly thinking can always help you to solve your problem or make you the winner. That’s good! Just make sure you don’t break the rules. Hahahahaha………


Cycling Everyday

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 27, 2011

That’s what I did without miss every day and night since a week ago till now.

Once I woke up…

Liz:”Mummy, can I cycle?”

Once I came back from school…

Liz:”Mummy, can I go cycle, please?”

Once I woke up from my afternoon nap or after I finished watching cartoons……

Liz:”Can I go cycle, please mummy?”

In fact, I always fell from the bicycle whenever I tried to cycle faster.

Mum:”It’s ok, baby. Anything is the same. The more you practice the better you are. So never give up.” :)

That’s why I kept cycling. I want to be good at it. As cycling is fun! Besides, it sure can shape up my thigh like the hgh pills too. 😉

By the way, all of us in the family thought that you look great on this rainbow colours sleeveless spaghetti tripe dress. That could be your own style in the future. 😛


I love Bebe Ballet

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 27, 2011

Lovely costume that makes you look exactly like a little angel! :)

Look at all these pictures above. I am sure you can see how much you have enjoyed your Bebe ballet lessons since November 2010. You have trial quite a number of other dancing class. you said Hip Hop was too difficult for now. And, you don’t want to join ballroom dancing either.

I think we have to thank to Miss Teoh, your ballet teacher. As mum had to admit that she is such an interesting teacher who knows exactly how to attract little ones attention by loud and clear voice and endless highly imaginative fairy tales or animal stories. Thus, Bebe Ballet is your favourite! 😛

Dancing is your happiness. Mum is very sure about that. In fact, you get to wake up earlier every Saturday morning without complain and always came out from the class with wonderful smile and endless stories to tell. That’s awesome!

Besides, mum realized you get smaller tummy, taller and nicer thighs and arms’ shape without taking diet pills. It all just happened rapidly after you start joining Bebe Ballet. Thus, Bebe Ballet is absolutely good for you.

Hope your interest for it will persist. :)


I like Baby Megamind

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 26, 2011

I am certainly not a lazy bone. At first I was sitting straight. Slowly, I kind of sliding down a bit. Then I was leaning by the arm rest before I reached this position. Ha!

I guess mum have to nag on me about the importance of sitting straight again. :)

By the way, that’s Friday night. I got a new VCD. It’s Megamind. I like the baby Mega mind so much. It’s so cute! Thus, I kept on repeating the beginning part. I just never get bored with it.Obviously, I spend almost the whole night watching Megamind. I got all the freedom cause it’s Friday night. 😛

But, I did do some work and read before I drop off. Good girl aye? 😉


Let’s build blocks

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 26, 2011

I was building blocks since last few days. Nowadays, I can build something and make story about it like this.

It’s a train station. I created a train after I build a tall train station. Then, I build another train for mum too. Our trains pass the tunnel of the train station very fast.

We even had a race. Sometimes mum won. Sometimes, I did. LOL! That’s so much fun! 😉

Alright! Build your wood or sponge building first before you are capable of building the real one, little architect.

Mum is so proud of you. 😛


Anything Accept Coffee Shop

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 25, 2011


Once upon a time, you were so comfortable eating at hawker stalls. Somehow, this mummy’s girl don’t bite lips and lie on the chair with bare feet in the hawker stall like this. So, mum thought it’s time for some advise. Thanks God. Since then, it never happen again. :)

But not long ago, when we were out on the road, you said:”Go anywhere you like except coffee shop (Hawker stalls)”.

Mum:” Why not?”

Liz:”Cause it’s boring and dirty.” (Mummy admitted that hawker stalls can be very dirty at times.) :)

Ask you what you want to eat — mostly Japanese food. You love nice restaurants. So, Mummy kept nagging about there are also delicious food at hawker stalls.

Finally, you has no problem eating at hawker stalls any more cause you started to love their food.

What a relieve! As we are living in Penang — the hawker food heaven, it’s hard to live without those yum yum hawker food. LOL!


Let’s go shopping

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2011

Nowadays, my little princess will invite me to go shopping right after she hop into my car as she finished her class at school. So, this little drama queen is also a shopping queen now.

And, she actually don’t mind daddy and mummy go to Japan and leave her with granny in the end of March. As this little shopping queen wants mummy to buy Hello Kitty Luggage, Hello Kitty cup and plate and Kimono from Japan for her. Wait a minute, she asked for drum also since yesterday. I guess that’s not the end of her shopping list yet. Ha!

Mum is actually quite worried sometimes. So, I kept on telling her buy one thing at a time. Luckily, she seems no problem with it.

Then, she told me her dream car is Ferrari. Wow! That’s ambitious. Mum has no opinion on it. Dream as big as you can. But buy yourself. Hahahahahaha………

Liz:”But I got no money.” Hahahahahahaha…………

Well, just study hard. Then, learn all the ways to make money and believe that you can make it.

Lastly, pray hard I guess. Hahahahahaha……….


I am absolutely a good nanny

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2011

Have I ever show you how I play with my tent?

I let all my puppies, rabbits and my baby stay in it. Then, I find them pillows for them to sleep.

Then, I covered them with blanket.

I will also feed them when they cry for food.

I enjoyed taking care of them. I am absolutely a good nanny. Ha! And, that was so much fun!