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Me and my new car

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2007

Look at the photos above. Elizabeth seems getting more and more excited with her new little car. :)

This toy car was bought by her grandparents (my PIL) for shoppingmum’s kids to play in their house. This is basically one of the spare toy for their grandchildren in their house. Then, I brought it home last 2 weeks as Elizabeth like it so much. And also, no one actually play with it there, so MIL suggested that we to bring it home for her.

However, once It’s in the house. She is not excited with it anymore. Worst still she seems getting bored with it! She will just pushing it around and will not sit on it. Strange!  She is not the type of baby who get bored with toys easily. She still like her walker so much. But why not this car? *puzzled*

  1. sweet jasmine Said,

    toddlers at this age like to explore new things……i think she is not really bored with the toy car but needed some attention and company for her to show off her new toy……just like adults…..got a new car….but nobody cares…what fun is there?

    Ooo… But I always praise her whenever she is on that car, still…. nvm. Try again! May be in a more creative way. 😛

  2. Kay Said,

    Maybe she might get different reaction when playing with it outside… other then the home surrounding…

    Hey! That’s a great idea! Shall try…. thanks for your suggestion anyway and a warm warm welcome to “I am Elizabeth”. :)

  3. slavemom Said,

    Maybe this car cannot go vy fast. But in the walker, she can zoom here, zoom there. More fun mah. :)

    I know which walker you are talking about. But, the problem is… mummy did not buy any of that type of walker for her. Cannot, as my house has too many slop. Most area different level. She might fall if she cruise around with that walker. :)

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