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I got a Baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2008

Mummy is kind of proud that Baby Elizabeth has been very friendly and loving most of the time. She definitely like to make friends. At the same time, I guess she has grown up. Thus, she has learn to be kind and loving to little babies. Of course, if you ask mummy how and when she started to learn all these good practices, mummy can only answer: “Don’t know!”:shock:

Anyway, as a parent mummy certainly knows that Elizabeth actually need more toys or books if she has been bored lately. So, other than planning for little Lizzy to attend Musikgarten, mummy has bought her some interesting toys today.

Hi, Baby… Why don’t you look at me?

Alright! I will crawl together with you!

Look at how much my little princess enjoy playing with “her baby”. 😛

Hopefully I get to show you tomorrow on how little Elizabeth hold closely and lean on her baby as I didn’t have a chance to snap the scene just now. And, I really got to make a record on it as it’s so cute!

At present, she is already sleeping soundly. Zzzz…. Obviously, she had “play hard”! 😛

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