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My favourite books

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 23, 2008

These are my 2 favorite books. I won’t get bored flipping them many times. And, I can actually point to most the things from the books now when mummy asked verbally. 😉

I can recognize baby, banana, bread, teddy bear, ball,dog cat, horse, duck, tiger, elephant, giraffe, sunglasses, rubber ring, hat, toothbrush, flowers, and Barney from these 2 books. ( The “First 100 words” is very useful. )

In fact, these 2 books were bought long ago. And, recently mummy actually bought other books for Elizabeth, But, she don’t seems interested. Somehow, mummy will keep buying books for her. Not that mummy wants her to become a book worm. But, it’s good for Elizabeth to like books and learn how to read.

So, may be mummy need to download some online coupon codes to buy some other new books for little Lizzy again. Hopefully she will like it this time. Mummy like free coupons as they really help mummy to save a lot! 😉

  1. Christina Said,


    Actually my daughter is also a fan of Barney. Just wonder where can I buy the Hooray puppies and kittens book – Barney?

    Oh! I bought it in MPH bookstore. 😛
    And, a warm warm welcome to “I am Elizabeth”.

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