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Vain baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2008

Little Elizabeth is getting very vain now. Girls are girls. She started asking for mummy’s face cream to apply on her face about 2 weeks ago. LOL! So what mummy is going to do? The various cream is certainly not for baby. Mummy just can’t apply them on Elizabeth face!

So, mummy pretended getting some cream from the container and showing her quite some distance away. Obviously, Elizabeth can’t see clearly. Thus, she assumed there was cream on mummy’s hand. Finally, all mummy got to do is just tap her fingers on Elizabeth’s face and keep telling her :”Oh, mummy apply the cream for you!”

That’s how mummy’s girl got trick! In fact, she really stand still and raise up her head to let me do the job. That’s very cute and amusing, isn’t it? Anyway, since she is so vain, mummy suddenly got an idea that may be Elizabeth can become a beautician and doing great with spa jobs too just like her granny.

At that time, mummy should be the happiest. As mummy will be pampered by getting free professional facials or spa services all the time.

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