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I fall again

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Can you imagine I jump over the the hand rest of the sofa and straight away fall to the ground in the upside down position? That’s sounds truly, serious isn’t it?

That’s something truly scary to mummy, I guess. Of course, I am upset too. There is a red spot immediately appear on my forehead. Thus, I cried out loud. Just for a while.

I am so brave, didn’t I? Nope! I miss out something. Mummy manage to catch my leg before I fall. But, her hands finally slip away. So I did fall, but just not as bad as you imagine cause I fall slowly. And, the redness disappear after a few hours. No serious injury at all.

So just as what you think, I am truly lucky this time. But, I think it’s wise for mummy to prepare some home medical supplies at home. As I truly enjoy jumping, hoping from one end to the other, climbing and running! 😛

No jumping around, please baby! :roll:

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