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I want mummy and daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 29, 2008

Mummy feels so bad that baby Elizabeth still sleep in her play pan. Since new born until now, her play pan is also her bed. In fact, she only sleep in the play pan, she seldom play in it.

Now that she has grown taller, I think in a few months time her bed is certainly too small for her. However, she prefer to sleep with mummy and daddy. Baby always want to sleep with daddy and mummy. So instead of changing a bigger bed for her, may be it’s a better idea if mummy take away the platform bed and place the king size mattress on the floor. Then, add another new mattress beside to extend the existing space so that it fits 3 of us well.

But, mummy will miss the platform bed so much! Mummy loves beautiful platform beds. Mummy don’t want to sleep on the floor. :(

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