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I don’t miss you

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 2, 2008

Daddy is still in Port Dickson. And, every time daddy call back he will surely asked: ” What is Lizzy doing now?” But,  how come my little princess never ask :” Where’s daddy?” hehe…

Of course I know she can’t talk yet. But, mummy knows her well. As usual she will look into the study room whenever she miss her daddy. This is because daddy is always in the study room whenever he is at home.

However, it’s kind of strange that she just never did for these 2 days. It’s quite impossible that this little girl just forget about daddy all of the sudden. I suspect that may be she really understand what mummy and daddy told her.

“Girl, Daddy will be away for 2 days. He will only be back at Sunday night. ”

LOL! This is even ridiculous, isn’t it?  hahaha……

Anyway, mummy is so glad that she did not cry for daddy. At least that save up lots of mummy’s energy and time keep singing, dancing and making silly faces to make the crying little girl stop crying and start smiling. 😛

Somehow, I have learn that soon she will be old and clever enough to cry for daddy and mummy whenever she is away from us. LOL! Is that means mummy and daddy is going to lost our “Me” time soon? 😥

Poor daddy, you must have miss little Elizabeth so much! But, mummy miss daddy like crazy! hahaha……

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