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In the car

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 13, 2008

I can hardly sit still in the car. I will demand to sit in the front seat with mummy and I will try my best to drive together with daddy too. Somehow, I will stay with “kakak” or granny at the back seats if I can’t go to the front.

In this case, I will take down the sunshades. It blocks my vision. I enjoy the views outside the car. There are so many things to see! hahaha…

Now, I learn to open the window. It’s easy cause I just pressed on one of the button on the armrest, then it will scroll down automatically. However, daddy never allow me to do that.

Oh, Dad! Please… Once the window is open, I can feel the air or touch the rain with both of my hands out, touch the ventshades, leave my head out and have a clearer look of everything out there.

“No way! Just sit down and stop touching all the buttons including those that control the sound system!” *Daddy Shouting with the both eyes rolling up* :roll:

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