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My Tiny Umbrella

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 15, 2008

Now is raining season, so Elizabeth need an umbrella too!

“Ok. Ok. Mummy will give you an umbrella. But, don’t carry it outside of the house, especially when it’s raining.”


See… Now you know why. It’s a handmade fabric umbrella. It’s tiny, cute and beautiful, isn’t it? But, if you bring it out into the rain, you will surely get wet. hahaha……

Mummy knows Elizabeth likes umbrella since young. so, mummy bought this back all the way from Hong Kong. Mummy thought that I can still make it a decorative items at home, after Elizabeth don’t play with it anymore. :)

Anyway, Elizabeth loves it.

She will carry it, kiss it, turn it around and also……

“Why must you do this, Elizabeth? Don’t you understand that this umbrella will be spoiled if you keep stepping on it?”  😯

Stop it…….

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