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I like shower now

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2008

Elizabeth used to love bathing in a pale. Mummy enjoyed watching her splashing the water, twisting in the pale and laugh out loud while going up and down in this small pale that normally people used to soak clothings.

But now, she prefer shower. So, no more bathing in the pale. It sounds easier as mummy just have to on the shower, then bathe her straight away. In fact, it’s tough. Little Elizabeth likes to move around playing with taps or bottles in the bathroom just like any other kids. The floor was so wet while mummy was showering her. Obviously, she might fall any time.

So, mummy feels so tense as I bathe her. I don’t want her to fall anymore. I got to watch her closely. And, mummy no longer can bathe her on my own. I need my maid to be around helping me to hold her.

Oh! I miss the time that we can play and have fun together while Elizabeth is bathing. May be placing the slip proof mats on the bathroom’s floor is the best solution. :)

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