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At the playground

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 16, 2008


Elizabeth enjoys playing at the playground nowadays. But, mummy doesn’t really agree with that. After all, baby Elizabeth is still too young. She certainly don’t know how to queue.At the same time, she can’t handle the slides. Usually, she will climb up the slides from the opposite direction instead of sliding down form high up. It’s either mummy, daddy or the maid that is going to hold her and watch her closely while she is at the playground.

On the other hand, kiddie rides is far more than dangerous than slides and swings in the playground. Especially those that will fly up high to the extend that the parents can’t even reach the kid when they raise their up their hands. 😯

Parents might argue that these games should be safe as the manufacturers should be very careful. They should be aware that if any accident happen, they might get lawsuit. For example, the victim can ask help from Scranton personal injury lawyer to suit the producers, once there is any injury cause by the kiddie rides.

However, we as parents should be mindful on our kids’ safety. In many cases, parents are the person to be blame for the kids’ accidents. In the first place, we should not let our kids involve in any of the activity that might risk their lives.

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