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Granny No No No…

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 20, 2008

Granny just cut my hair few days ago.

“Oh, Granny! Are you sure you can do it?”

I guess Elizabeth must be so scared when granny trying to cut her hair. She seems know that scissors can cut. So, She stood quietly like freezing while granny placed the scissors by her hair.

Then, she signaled her granny “No No No” as usual using her little fingers after granny take the scissors off her head. I think she is trying to tell her granny not to cut her hair. hahahaha……. (That’s what granny told mummy)

Clever, aye? Mummy just don’t have to worry that she might struggle and get herself injured next time when mummy send her to the barber. However, mummy actually don’t agree on cutting her hair now as they are still very short. Daddy has the same opinion too.

So, granny cut Elizabeth’s hair without informing mummy. That’s naughty! Granny insisted little Elizabeth’s hair will look thicker by just cutting the hair a little bit shorter and make it like the bob style. So, What is the outcome? Is that true?

“Overall, if we cut the baby’s hair a little bit shorter or at least make the hair end at the same length, it will automatically look thicker.” True or Myth? True.

I have to admit that now her hair looks very neat. But, I just can’t shape it into so many styles like before, just like the one below. 😆

Oh! Suddenly my head feels cool. hahaha……

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