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Tiger, monkey, dog and horse

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 20, 2008

Elizabeth like animals. And, she has learned to search for tigers everywhere on the road. That’s strange, isn’t it? Thanks to the banner of Tiger Beers. There are everywhere along the road, especially for places like Penang which is full of hawker centers.

Tiger Beer actually places its banner at almost every hawker stalls that are selling its beer. And, Elizabeth has finally realized it on one fine day. 😆

Elizabeth likes giraffes, dogs and monkeys too. That’s why mummy suggested to bring her to the Zoo Negara in KL. But, she will certainly look for horses while she is at the beach. She even wants to go near the horse as she saw people riding it.

In fact, mummy is willing to let her learn horse riding when she is big enough. May be 8 to 9 more years later? Or may be mummy can start the course first as there is a “school” for horse riding lesson near by our house now. Mummy like horse riding as ladies look so cool when they are riding on a horse. Female rider looks unique, smart and stylish while they put on the equestrian clothing. 😉

  1. GHorn Said,

    Hi, there!
    first time to ur blog.
    i was actually searching for horse riding lesson and ends up in this post. :-)

    Ya, i agree, female riders looks smart and stylish on the horse and in that clothing 😀

    so, where r u from? any idea where to gp for a lesson in Penang?

    Hi, there. Welcome to “I am Elizabeth”. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you more often here. :)
    Regarding the horse riding lesson, I saw the banner by the entrance of Tanjung Club in Tanjung Bunga promoting this lesson. It’s something like RM40 per lesson. Tanjung Club is located at the Tanjung Bunga main road. Somewhere opposite the Caltex petrol station. And, it’s directly beside the new super condo — The Cove. If you have any question, let me know. 😛

  2. GHorn Said,

    Thanks for the info. :-)
    So u started ur horse riding lesson d?

    Not yet, If you are interested. May be we can start together! At least have accompany.😛

  3. GHorn Said,

    i wish i can join u but i’m from mainland la. too far to travel to Tg Bungah.
    but if there’s a chance, wud love to meet up w u for some other occasion! or see u riding :-)

  4. derek Said,

    hi i wish to learn more about horse riding..
    so u have only weekend seessisons and all done by 2 weekends?

  5. derek Said,

    i live in bm btw.. but i can travel

    I think there is some misunderstanding here. I hope you know that I am not conducting horse riding course. I am only interested to join the horse riding course which is conducted in one of the club house near my house. Btw, I am not sure of the exact schedule. As I am yet to make emquiry. I just saw the banner. Hahahaha……

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