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I want the bear

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 21, 2008

Mummy thought after we came back from KL, mummy will print out some of Elizabeth’s nice and cute photos. And, it’s shameful to tell that mummy had never print out any of Elizabeth photos since she was born. There were thousands of photos, but all just kept in the CDs. Terrible, aye? hehe……

Mummy promises I will print out some of them to display in the album this time. In fact, mummy misses all Lizzy’s baby looks. So, mummy wants to own this photo album as mummy can enjoy flipping it every night before I sleep.

Mummy planed to place the printed out photos in a cute and sweet album, which in purple cheques and a pink bear in the middle.

But, look what has little Lizzy done?

I think she likes the bear so much. So, she decided to tear it out. How dare you? :roll:

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