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That’s close

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 25, 2008

Mummy now prefer to bring little Elizabeth out as mummy feels that’s when I have less problems from Elizabeth. Elizabeth can easily cause “accidents” while she is in the house. May be toddlers are naughtier at all their familiar places.

I really wish to prove myself wrong. However, it’s very true. Elizabeth has break a bottle of mummy’s sparkling juice this morning. Mummy were so upset. Not because of the sparkling juice of course.

Mummy is so nervous as I am afraid little Elizabeth might get hurt by the pieces of breaking glasses. Luckily, she is safe. But, poor “kakak” have to clean and mop the floor which was covered with this sweet sparkling juice.

This accident happened as Elizabeth pulled this big glass bottle (which is full of yummy sparkling juice) out from the wine rack which is exactly at the corner of our build-in kitchen cabinet. Elizabeth just pulled, the whole thing drop on the floor and break immediately.

That’s close, isn’t it? God bless us as Lizzy was safe. On the other hand, mummy has learned a lesson. Since there is toddler in the house, there should be no more glass items at places where Elizabeth can reach. :)

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