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More Bojari Rice Please

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 25, 2008

Elizabeth is the adventurous type in terms of food tasting. She is very much willing to try most of the food that mummy, daddy or anyone in the family offers her. However, it’s easy to know which is her favorite.

She will always ask for more if that’s something she like. And if she walks away or don’t even bothered to ask for a second feed, that’s shows it is not her cup of tea.

All the time mummy thought Elizabeth likes plain rice. There is no doubt she likes rice. However, mummy just found out that she even favors more on the “Bojari Rice“. This is rice cooked with all kinds of spices.

Once I realized she loves it, I specially ordered only “Bojari Rice” for her. And, mummy was shock but happy to see her finished 3/4 of it. I guess from now on, mummy is keen on trying to cook this type of “scented” rice for my little princess.

As mummy believed rice that is full of spices are always more nutritious compared with plain white rice. 😛

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