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No more running on the Sofa

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

This morning, Elizabeth fell down from the sofa again. That time mummy is still dreaming. She was with the maid just like very morning. However, mummy quickly jump out of the bed and run to open the door once I heard a big, loud “bang”.

Mummy reached Elizabeth within seconds. Anyway, once I heard the “bang”, mummy certainly know it’s too late. Anyway, even though she cried out loud but there is no serious injury at all. Not even a blue black bump. That’s miracle!

Somehow, mummy is brainstorming the ways of preventing her to fall from the sofa again as this is the 2nd time she fell from it. But, there is no solution in my mind. I thought she will be afraid after the first fall, but how come she is not? 😯

In fact, Elizabeth still running happily on the sofa, instead of walking or sitting on it, after the first fall. That’s very dangerous! Thus, don’t expect children to learn their lessons. We parents have to be protective in many ways. I think all mummy can do is to make sure she has no chance to run on the sofa again.

“No more climbing up to the sofa, my girl!”

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