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Crawl more

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 26, 2008

I have learn from my friend that baby who crawl on the floor a lot before he or she started to walk, learn to speak earlier. I think it’s true as my little princess just started to learn to speak a few single words, even though she is already 15 months old.

Elizabeth seldom crawl as we used to carry her, instead of letting her crawling on the floor. And, she started walking exactly when she reached 11 months old. That’s quite early, isn’t it? Once she was walking, she stop crawling completely.

So, better let your baby crawl more to make sure he or she can speak fluently in a faster manner. I wish Elizabeth can speak in sentences now. Is that means I have to tease her to crawl on the floor again more often from now?

Anyway, mummy should be patient as every toddler learn at their own pace. I just can’t expect my girl to pronounce Vacaciones Hoteles correctly, don’t I? After all, she is only 15 months old. :)

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