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Fell 3 times in a day

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Yesterday, Elizabeth fell 3 times in a day. That was scary, isn’t it? Mummy was heart breaking. When mummy informed daddy after he came back from work, daddy responded:

” You, ar…” with a sexy tone. Hahaha…… ( I mean very low and sharp tone)

I think daddy was trying so hard to swallowed a few words back.

” You are terrible! Don’t you take good care of our girl? You just don’t, or else she won’t fell 3 times in a day!” I guess this should be what exactly in daddy’s mind. But, he was being so kind to swallow them all up, trying not to hurt mummy.  Thanks, dear! 😛

Mummy was guilty. But, mummy was really busy yesterday. Will you forgive mummy, darling?

Anyway, she first fell while mummy was sleeping. So, may be from now on, mummy have to wake up earlier. Then, Elizabeth next fell while she was playing with her uncle Bill. Is that means mummy just can’t trust uncle Bill anymore?

Finally, she fell again while mummy was out to the temple. In this case, I guess mummy should bring her along everywhere mummy goes. LOL!

All of all, falling is common among running toddlers. 😛

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