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I hate chairs

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Little Elizabeth likes to climb up the chairs now. She will climb up the chair which mummy placed in front of mummy’s computer once mummy is away. As she was curious about the computer.

Besides, she will climb up the mini chair which mummy placed it in front of the telephone table. As she wants to talk through the phone or made a call! 😛

She even enjoy running on the sofa in the TV room. That’s why she fell badly from this sofa twice. In this case, she will run run run till the end of the sofa and fell over straight away. It’s very dangerous as she might get her neck twisted or get a big bump on her head.

In fact, mummy should custom made a sofa that can fully take up all the space between the 2 walls. There should not be holes between the sofa and the wall. That would be safer and surely can prevents Elizabeth from falling from the sofa or bump at the wall.

On the other hand, mummy should stop buying any chair with knobs. Especially like those in the house now that have knobs on top of both sides. As Elizabeth playing with her uncle on the bed yesterday, She accidentally bang on the knob of the chair. Immediately, one of her eyes get scratched and was swollen. Today, that side of her eyes is still swollen. :(

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