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Open the door

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

What will your kids do when you close the door? Will he or she made a request to open it again? My Elizabeth certainly will, especially when daddy or mummy shut the door and leave her outside the room. She will cry out loud and keep on bang the door, if we don’t open the door and let her in immediately.

“Please stay outside with the maid for a while, girl!Mummy wants to bathe…” 😆

As she learn to open the door on her own, she always flip the door in and out. That’s dangerous as she might hurt her fingers or tows accidentally. Now, she became smarter. She knows that she must push the dummy door lever to get the door open if the door was initially close up tight.

Somehow, she plays with the dummy door lever very often now, even when the door is widely open. :roll:

In this case, mummy should change some of the old dummy door levers at home to a new and better one. As their gold plated is coming out.

Mummy don’t want the “color” to stick on my girl’s hand as she rub on it. That might be toxic. So, I must make sure it will not eventually goes into her mouth. In this case, mummy is sure that I can trust Schlage.

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