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We both like chandelier

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Mummy really thought of placing a beautiful chandelier in the middle of our house. As these few days mummy just can’t stop recalling back how Elizabeth responded when she first saw an eye catching chandelier at the lobby of The Impiana Hotel, KL.

She said: “Wow”. What she saw was a very big lighting. But, that’s not something truly stunning as there were not much crystals on this big chandelier. Mummy likes chandeliers so much as they are grand and glittering, especially those will lots of crystals.

This is a fantastic Crystal Chandelier. Each of the 9 lights will shine with the most impact through their transparent appeal frosted cut glass shades adorned with 100% STRASS® Swarovski® crystals. I am sure if Elizabeth see it, she will stretch her eyes big and say, “Wow…Wow…Wow…”. 😆

It’s unique. It’s dainty. It’s shimmering! It’s not just a chandelier, but a piece of beautiful art! Oh! Mummy really likes it so much. May be it’s time for mummy to buy one to place it at home. As even little Lizzy knows how to appreciate it now. :)

“So what do you think about it, baby?” 😛

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