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Wear shoes

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 28, 2008

Yesterday, Elizabeth asked mummy to bring her to the garden. But, mummy is quite reluctant as that was around 4pm. The sun is still shining. So hot! But, Elizabeth insisted.

So, mummy quickly think of an idea. Mummy thought I can trick her by asking her to wear shoes first, as my little girl still don’t know how to wear shoes with her own 2 hands. However, she understand what I mean perfectly. Once she saw I am not helping her, she starts trying on her own.

Oh, Poor baby! Mummy feels so sorry. Finally, mummy surrendered. But, the maid is the one who accompanied her under the hot sun! hahaha…….

Obviously, soon Elizabeth will know how to wear shoes. That’s a good news. If she ultimately learn how to wear thigh high boots, that’s even a bigger news, isn’t it? hahaha……

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