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Daddy, I miss you

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 3, 2008

For the past whole week, Elizabeth started to miss her daddy when daddy goes to work. She
can even picked up the phone every now and then and start talking for so long. Mummy still can’t understand her language yet.

But, mummy can hear she called “Papa”.

Muaks… You are so cute, baby! Mummy wish I could understand what do you mean. It should be more fun and amusing! 😛

Elizabeth also keep asking mummy to carry her outside. And, if she does not see daddy’s car, her face will immediately turned grumpy. Then, she will point to the place where daddy always park the car there. And, twist and turn her hands to signal “No”.

Poor, girl! Daddy is coming home, k?

Obviously, little Elizabeth has grown up a lot. She is learning how to make a call now. And, she already knows that she should hand up the phone once the conversation finished. Bravo! 😛

  1. LZmommy Said,

    So cute! She ‘talks’ a lot! :)

    She is definitely a daddy’s girl…

    Not only daddy, she is basically mummy, granny, great granny, in fact, everyone in the family’s darling. 😛

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