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Shower, rain drops, fountain and pool

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 30, 2008

Elizabeth enjoyed bathing together with mummy nowadays. I think it’s easier for mummy too. As mummy doesn’t have to change my shirt as usual when get wet. Also, Elizabeth feel fun. Now she is dancing with mummy in the bathroom again.

Mummy likes to sing for Elizabeth while we were in the bathroom. Mummy loves to see her dancing and laughing. Mummy also enjoyed seeing her walked into the shower. Elizabeth is so brave! As she saw mummy bath under the shower, she was curious. So, she just went under it like mummy.

“But, don’t open your eyes and look up, girl!”

I think Elizabeth is curious to see the water pour down from the shower head, just like raining. Thus, she will always raise her head high up with her eyes widely opened. That certainly hurts her eyes! :(

Elizabeth really likes water. She likes to swim in the pool, play with the water in the pale, rain drops, and her pee too! :roll:

Now she is even curious with the outdoor fountains as she sees them. Mummy likes fountains too. They are beautiful, luxury and soothing! In mummy’s opinion, custom build wall fountains are unique interior decoration.

And, fountains are especially helpful when the weather is hot! Even a small table top fountain can make a difference and help to cool down the surroundings.

This is special, attractive and cute! I am sure Elizabeth will likes it. 😛

  1. rani Said,

    What a day of water, water, water hah!

    Oh! Ya. But, not only a day. It’s everyday! How about that? hahaha…..

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