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“Pai Pai”

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2008

Last Saturday, mummy, daddy and Elizabeth were praying at The Goddess of Mercy Temple ( Kuan Yin Teng) Penang. This is one of the most famous historical buildings in Penang.

And, mummy seems never brought her there. This should be the first time little Elizabeth visited this highly auspicious temple. As she already learn how to pray with both palms close together — “Pai Pai”, she will “Pai Pai” whenever she was asked to do so. Good girl! May God bless you! :)


Mummy likes the idea of daddy that take the initiative to free the birds together with little Lizzy. Buddhism believes “Thou shall not kill”, and it’s good karma to free the animals instead of killing them. Thus, there is a stall outside the “Kuan Yin Teng” selling birds in the cage to promote this idea.

I don’t quite agree with the seller. They are not supposed to make this a business. However, it’s good to show Elizabeth that we should free the birds instead of killing or catching them. 😛

We have fun there. 😉

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