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Clingy and Naughty

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2008

Elizabeth is getting utmost clingy and naughty since this week onwards. She will bite or scratch anyone of us when she is moody. And, it hurts. Everyone in the family is complaining, accept daddy. She likes to bully mummy, but seldom attack her dad. :roll:

Besides, Elizabeth will watch mummy closely in the house. I think this is to make sure mummy did not went out without her. And, she always want mummy to carry her. Something like all day long.

However, mummy is so busy. Mummy have to keep writing, work online, go marketing, go massage, go shopping, go hair wash, and so on. Things get worst when the Internet connection is so weak. And, it’s always weak.

There are so many phone calls too. Mummy has to pick up the calls. They might be important business phone calls as our house is our office too. But, who is going to bath and feed Elizabeth? *Slap forehead*

Oh! Mummy really wish I have the VoIP Phone Systems ,which has very complete features for business use and it’s highly user friendly too. May be that’s the solution to save more time for baby Elizabeth. 😛

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