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Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2008

Tonight, daddy is going to come back late. As daddy has a mini gathering with his college mates. Another boring Friday for mummy. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow is anther beautiful Saturday.

Daddy promised he will take Elizabeth to Taiping Zoo (provided he can wake up earlier tomorrow). In fact, mummy and daddy always try our best to take Elizabeth out every weekends.

Little baby always curious about the outside world. Thus, Elizabeth will be extremely happy when we bring her out. And, I feel it is good to let our kids have enough exposure. That’s how they learn through actual experiences. :)

In fact, we really enjoy the first long distance trip to KL. Thus, mummy is looking forward for the Taiping Zoo trip too. And, It’s best if we can get cheap vacation deals to travel overseas as Elizabeth has no chance to ride a plane yet. That’s another precious experience for baby Elizabeth, isn’t it? :)

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