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She is vain

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 5, 2008

Elizabeth is so vain since baby. She loves to look into the mirror. While she look into the mirror, normally she will kiss herself — kiss her own image which appeared in the mirror. So cute! And, very lovely! :)

Nowadays, she even wants to apply cream on her face like mummy. So, sometimes she will touch her face assumed she is applying cream while she look into the mirror. She likes to comb her hair and try to put on mummy’s hair clip too.

This is how I wash my hair! 😛

She even loves to apply soap and rub her body on her own now. And, she enjoys bathing under the shower or in the bath tub. In this case, I guess soon she will appreciate bathroom vanity like mummy.

In fact, bathroom is always mummy’s favorite corner of the house. And, mummy like classical English designs so much. Best still if there is stained glass door or windows for the bathroom.

With such fantastic bathroom vanity, mummy believed both Elizabeth and I will enjoy ourselves in the bathroom for hours! 😛

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