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Free Language Development Analysis

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 12, 2007

This is something I found in the Baby Centre about a week ago. And, I Found it interesting and being very useful to me and might be really useful for any of you that has little ones around too. Thus, I decided to blog on it — LENA SYSTEM. However, this analysis is only applicable for your 0 to 3 years old.

I actually went through the LENA developmental Snapshot. And, report was given for free. What an attractive deal, isn’t it? It’s like a check list on your child’s language abilities. So, if you are very concern and dying to find out, if your child’s language abilities are advanced? For instance, does my 7-month-old communicate at the skill level of a 10-month old? ( For Elizabeth, the answer is No! But, still feels good as she is at the same level with the actual developmental age, meaning her language skill is perfectly normal.)

But, I am a bit “Kiasu” also. So, What I do is, I did talk to her more, trying harder and harder, just to make sure she won’t left out and might be more advanced ! hehe…… Why need to talk more? This simply because,

“The data revealed that the most important aspect of children’s language experience is its amount.”

— Dr. Todd Risley

And also, Some studies have proved that, simply talking with your child is more powerful than any combination of flashcards, computer programs, television or DVDs. But the quantity of words your child hears every day from birth to age 3 is critical. If you manage to speak 30,142 words per day to your baby before he or she turns to 3, this is what happen……. His or her IQ can scores really high, at least up to 110 and above. Generally, the greater the amount of language experience, the higher the IQ. Surprise? Excited? Check this out for more details.

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