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Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2008

“Mummy… Can you please stop working in front of the computer?”

“Mummy, carry me!”

Oh! Little baby always need mummy. It’s normal to be clingy.  Poor girl!  :(

You don’t know my girl. She’s just being tricky. She will watch mummy from far. Once she sees mummy get up form the chair, she will come to the chair, climb up, start pressing the keyboard, touching the screen, moving the mouse, laughing and clapping hands proudly. That’s my naughty Elizabeth! :roll:

Elizabeth will always come to mummy while mummy is working in front of the computer. Simply because she loves to imitate mummy. She feels proud whenever she got the chance to “use” the computer like mummy. LOL!

  1. Jacelyn Said,

    my boy will pull me away from my laptop if he wants to be clingy to me.

    a linky love for u…

    LOL! All the same. Hard to escape!
    Shall check out the link love after I come back form my hair wash, ok? 😛

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