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Change bed

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2008

Elizabeth has grown up a lot. She is getting heavier and taller. She is now 10.2kg. Mummy cannot held her for long now. It’s tough. She is too heavy for mummy. Looks like mummy has to go to gym. 😛

Sometimes, Elizabeth likes to go under the table or chair. As she grow taller, she will always knock herself when she goes under the these things. Poor girl! May be mummy should start setting up the safety features at the corners of the tables, chair and cupboards.

However, mummy is more concern about her bed. She is still sleeping in the play pan. The standard size play pan is like a box. And, it’s getting smaller now. Soon, Elizabeth will out grown this small bed.

It’s time for mummy to change this small bed to a bigger one. Elizabeth will feel more comfortable if she can sleep in a bigger bed. After all, mummy just need to buy a bigger mattress. It’s best for her to sleep on the floor. That’s very safe. As she can never fall from the bed.


I think memory foam mattress is the best. It’s soft and manage to support our body according to our body curve. I am sure it can protects my baby’s spine and gives her a good night sleep. Besides, it’s hypo-allergic. That’s best for babies or toddlers. May be mummy should consider the memory foam pillow too.

  1. anggie Said,

    Heh… how r u how r u how r u ??? So long never visit all ur blog … i m slowly come back to Blogging after i being not well.. i m getting much better. Thanks for ur regards on YM too … i’m hardly online to chat now.
    Lizzy, 10.2kg ?? same as Jeremy lei ……. but my boy still sleep in his baby coat , not yet changing his bed, cos hor…… i need the coat to lock and close him up la…. so noti and active , i m not yet fully OK to carry him due to my hand pain.
    Plan to change his bed only after he turn TWO … hehehe.

    Good idea! Should change when she really can’t fit anymore. I just spend so much on her chair ler. This weekend going to buy bicycle for her too. Really felt the pinch! Same weight, may be same height too. So change bed at the same time loh! Am I right, Jeremy? hahaha……

    You take care, my dear… :)

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