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Just draw

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 11, 2008

Elizabeth loves pen these days. She can hold a pen nicely. Once the pen is on her hand, he will start drawing. Thus, mummy taught her to draw on papers or books. Otherwise, she will draw on other things.

I got a pen and paper now. Where should I settle down to write? :roll:

Don’t disturb me, mummy! I am busy writing! LOL!

Standing too long. A bit tired! Er… May be I can rest against the pole and keep writing. Oh! That’s so comfortable. Keep working. Don’t stop! Just like mummy and daddy! 😛

Luckily, she still don’t know how to operate this “mechanical pen”. And, mummy never show her too. So, everything in the house is still save. She still draw nothing on the paper. And, she can neither draw anything on mummy’s bed.

Oh! Poor girl! Forgive me, darling! But, it’s better to be this way. There are still many things you need to learn. Just forget about pen operation first, ok? 😉

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