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Don’t forget your cigarretes

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 13, 2008

Elizabeth learn so fast these days. She is kind of quick sometimes. Show her once, she might not perform immediately. But, it’s in her mind. Usually, she will give mummy, daddy or granny a big surprise. She will do it when we are not expecting it. 😛

After all, you will never expect your 1 year old girl to bring your pack of cigarettes together with the lighter for you when you are about to walk out of the main door, don’t you? That’s what Elizabeth did to daddy. 😯

Daddy is a smoker. And, he is trying so hard to avoid smoking in front of our little princess. But still, she knows that daddy will bring along his cigarettes and lighter everywhere he goes.

In this case, mummy is worried that she might learn how to smoke in the future. May be it’s time for daddy to consider drug rehabilitation!

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