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Mummy buy me new Flash Cards

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2007

Auntie, Auntie, this is my new flash card. They are so colorful compared to the old one. Mum bought it in MPH, Gurney Plaza, Penang. They are from Future Ace Publishing, RM 15.90 each ( about $5 USD). Mum said it’s quite cheap for its great quality. Mummy also said that she want me to learn about things around me, ABC and 123 first, so I only have 2 sets now.  They are actually 6 sets including animals and A to Z; addition and subtraction; at school, colors and shapes; party toys and games.

By the way, mummy promised to play and read with me more for the next 12 days. Waw… less blogging, more child care taking? Ha! you know why? Because my “kakak” ( Indonesian maid) will not be around during this 12 days. So, mummy has no choice but to fully take care of me. 😛

No matter what, I am so so so happy! Mummy can always be beside me now! Hooray! 😉

  1. anggie Said,

    heh… nice flast card … MPH ar? must go and check this out la …. look nice and colourful, sure kids like ….
    wei…. nice domain u have here … i own u “something” …. wait ar …. :)

    No problem. Patiently waiting…Thanks ya… :)

  2. fannie Said,

    Wow…changed a new site! BTW, flash cards are useful tools for initial learning IMHO :)

    Nope. The old site remain for other topics. This is my new mothering corner. I have a health and beauty corner too. 😀
    BTW, What is IMHO? me sometimes very out one! :(

  3. fannie Said,

    IMHO= In My Humble Opinion…keke

    I have been to ur beauty blog too 😉 just never leave my traces there :p

    Hey! Thanks for supporting my beauty blog. thanks you so much! *muaks* *blashing*

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